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Pretty Little Liars -- Melissa Confesses

Updated on August 26, 2014

And Spencer stresses...

Yes, we finally learned what Melissa whispered in Peter's ear, but things may not be as Melissa thinks they are and something Melissa says in her confession reveals a far greater deception than anything that's been revealed on this show to date.

But first, Hanna realizes Caleb is still hitting the sauce. She goes to Spencer asking for the number of her addiction counselor. But wait, Spencer has a better idea. Since she thinks Toby can do anything, she thinks Toby can make Caleb go clean and sober. She even declares that [I shudder even recalling it] Toby and Caleb are a bromance.

Can I say how much I loathe, despise and detest that word. It's like two men can be best friends without some idiots trying to make it somehow romantic. And I wouldn't even call Caleb and Toby friends, let alone best friends. To be honest, Toby doesn't seem to have any friends. Maybe Lucas might have been a better idea since Lucas and Caleb actually had a real friendship once upon a time.

Anyway the disaster in the making happens on a double date with Hanna and Caleb and Toby and Spencer. Never has there been a more ham-fisted attempt at an intervention. Toby couldn't have made a worst attempt at trying to get Caleb to get off booze if he'd been trying to. He basically blurts it out and Caleb gets his back up and leaves.

Spencer is a little distracted because she received a video from Melissa before Melissa left the country. In it, Melissa confesses to being the one who buried Bethany Young. She heard Ali and Spencer fighting then saw Spencer walking off dragging a shovel, while she saw who she thought was Ali lying next to an already dug grave. Wanting to protect Spencer, Melissa shoved her in the grave [without looking at her face] and buried her.

While Spencer plays the video confession multiple times, she misses the important part. Ali was alive and well before Bethany was buried. So Ali lied that she was buried alive. She lied about everything. She didn't drug the liars to find out if one of them was A, she drugged them so they wouldn't catch her at what she was really up to that night. Jessica never saw her hit on the head and Jessica never buried her alive. And if she lied about all that, she also probably lied about Mona tricking her into leaving town. Let's not forget Cece playing Ali up at Radley where Bethany was and then Bethany just happened to escape. It all adds up to Ali and Cece killing Bethany and planning to bury her when Melissa did their dirty work for them.

This week, Aria decides to spend time with her family and ends up going out with her father, Mike and Mona. Halfway through the movie they're watching Aria whispers something nasty in Mona's ear that Byron should hate her after what she's done. Mona flees to the bathroom and Aria finds her crying.

Mona reveals that Ali has stolen her army from her and that she sometimes thinks it would have been better if she had died when she fell off the cliff. She also warns Aria that Ali will be coming for her after she's done with Mona. The two girls seem to reach some sort of understanding.

Aria also gives Paige the stink eye. Paige is there with another girl. It seems she is starting to move on from Emily, which is a smart thing to do. I seriously wanted to pop Aria. Emily was a real dog to Paige, yet Paige isn't supposed to move on from Emily while Emily is sticking her tongue down her precious Ali's throat? Guess again, Aria.

Now that Emily has given Ali the boot she wants Paige again. She NOW realizes what a healthy relationship she had with Paige and regrets giving her the boot for Ali. She wants to meet with Paige to talk, but Paige kind of gives her the brush-off for her date.

Hanna is waiting for Caleb when he returns to the cabin to pack. Seems he's about to book it out of dodge. Hanna demands to know the truth of what happened in Ravenswood. He says they released something some reverend had [I guess supposedly the souls of the dead who died so a vet could live when he was supposed to die] and then they turned into a bunch of fireflies. See, I'm totally clueless as I had enough of the Ravenswood dreck and stopped watching after the Ravenswood mid-season finale. So I have no clue what Caleb is talking about.

Caleb says he's afraid to go to sleep because he's afraid Moronda will once again haunt his dreams and accuse him of letting her down. Seriously, he knew this chick like two seconds before he got drawn into her drama, so he didn't owe her a thing. Hanna and Caleb don't see a message on the Ouija board say, "Goodbye," supposedly from Moronda.

Caleb says he's learned there's another world and he's changed, and Hanna says she has to, but she's there for him. Caleb is finally able to go to sleep without the aid of booze. Meanwhile, outside the cabin there's a rustling in the bushes while a bunch of fireflies gather outside.

Toby came off her sketchy when he was questioned Spencer about Melissa. Like with Jenna, Toby seems to get his jollies making Spencer suspicious of her sister.

With FAtale Finale coming up, the movie seemed to be foreshadowing Mona will be the fatality. I actually wouldn't mind if it was her, because her storyline seems to have run its course. Unfortunately, we may never know the true story between Ali and Mona. If Ali wasn't buried alive then the flashback of her all dirty and disheveled was a lie, so we don't know what really happened that night.

Any way we'll find out the truth tonight. Who lives and who dies. Bring it on, Pretty Little Liars.


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