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Pretty Little Liars -- Mike Tells Aria The Truth

Updated on February 20, 2015

But is it really the truth?

Mike is still on the liars radar. They find a necklace saying, “I am with you.”

Hanna tells Caleb she's entered a beauty pageant and Caleb laughs. Caleb offers to ask his mother for money for her college tuition, but Hanna says she's going to do this on her own.

Johnny and Spencer see their vandalist art hanging in someone's window.

Andrew is still tutoring Aria. Aria asks Andrew to follow Mike when he goes to a gym. Then Mike comes in and threatens Aria because she was in her room and tells her if she ever does that again he'll make her regret it. Sounds like Anger Boy from season 2 is back. Guess he's not taking his meds.

All of Johnny's work is in an art gallery. Someone from Hollis saved them and sent them to the art gallery owner. That sounds kind of odd. Why would they save vandalism street art? This sounds more like something A would do.

The pageant coach Hanna hired to help her coaches Hanna on questions she might be asked. Only Hanna can't answer the Miss America question. That's what I call it when someone asks you why you want this job and you're supposed to reply that it's all to help world peace or some other noble reason. Hanna claims her talent is dancing, when asked what her talent will be. It's probably not considered a good talent that you're good at shoplifting and lying.

Emily meets Eric, Talia's husband. Eric thinks Talia is just experimenting and having a one-time thing with Emily, but that they'll be married for life. Apparently, he thinks that because that's what she's told him.

Andrew watches Mike in the woods.

Emily offers to help Hanna learn to dance. After what Eric said, Emily asks Ashley if it's okay to date someone even though she knows it isn't going to last.

Andrew tells Aria Mike put something in a tree. He says it was in the woods behind Mona's house. Andrew says he doesn't think Aria should be alone with Mike.

Spencer won't let Johnny have tools to break into the art gallery to steal back his art. She agrees to help when she learns the one piece of art she helped to paint got sold. She now gets where he's coming from.

Evil stepsister Kate has entered in the pageant she's in. So she's got Big Daddy Tom to pay all her college expenses and she wants another $20,000 to boot. How nice.

Spencer agrees to go along with Johnny to heist his art from the gallery. She even helps him pick the lock to the door. Spencer even bring the tools to steal the paintings. Unfortunately, Johnny sets off a burglar alarm.

Caleb tells Ashley that Evil Kate has entered the beauty contest.

Toby shows up playing cop. Johnny tries to protect Spencer from Toby saying she had nothing to do with stealing the art. Toby claims he's staying away from Spencer because she's still on Tanner's radar. Yeah, whatever. He arrests Johnny.

Aria goes into the woods to find what Mike hid in the tree.

The pageant coach comes to watch Hanna dance. Hanna starts thinking of Kate while she dances. It gets kind of bad. Cringe-worthy bad. The coach tells Hanna she's not pageant material. After Hanna leaves, the pageant coach says Emily has what it takes to win.

Talia shows up where Hanna and Emily were dancing. Emily says she's not going to be Talia's experiment. She doesn't like that Talia has been lying to everyone.

Aria finds a vial of blood hidden in the tree. Mike catches her and she drops it and runs from him after he says the blood belongs to Mona.

Ashley finds out that Kate isn't even in Pennsylvania so her name was forged. Emily offers to do the pageant for Hanna to win and give her the money.

Veronica gets Johnny out of jail and then kicks him out. He's too much of a bad influence on Spencer to keep around. Johnny kisses Spencer before he leaves.

Mike follows Aria home and offers to tell her what really happened. Mona was apparently keeping a stockpile of blood in her fridge. Mona says she'd been offered a chance to expose A. She says she's going to smear her blood all around her house and to make it look like Ali killed her. He says he doesn't believe Mona is safe. Mike thinks A killed Mona since she never showed up at the times they were supposed to meet.

Now the liars believe Ali isn't A because Ali wasn't in town when this happened.

Wasn't the whole reason Hanna was going to do the pageant was so she could do it on her own? So how is she doing it on her own if Emily does it for her? Why not just take the money from Caleb's mother. Or better yet, why doesn't Hanna ignore what the stupid pageant coach said and prove everyone wrong by entering and winning.

And the whole thing about Emily winning and giving Hanna the money is stupid. She doesn't have money for college, either. Because of her shoulder, she can't get in on a swimming scholarship. So it's silly to win just to give Hanna the money.

Even sillier is every time one of the liars claim that the only way they can get out of Rosewood is by going to some out-of-town college. I know these girls aren't the brightest bulbs in the package, but there are things called buses. If you buy a ticket on one, you can easily leave town on one. They go wherever you want them to go.

Finally, if the show really makes Mona alive after showing her dead body, it'll only be because some Mona fans whined to Marlene King on Twitter. That's why I have very little hope this show will have a good and satisfying ending. King is too willing to throw away story to appease some Twitter yahoo who whines to her and that's not a good thing for this show.


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