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Pretty Little Liars -- Miss Aria Your A Killer; Not Ezra's Wife

Updated on July 25, 2012

That had to be my favorite line of the night and when the two brain trusts, Hanna and Aria, didn't mention it to Spencer and Emily, I truly wanted to smack them both silly.

Spencer is still convinced that Garrett killed Allison, even though the bracelet has gotten the charges dropped against him and A texted her that he didn't do it. Later, Toby reminds her she also thought he murdered Allison and was convinced of it. Ditto for her thinking Jason did it. And wasn't she also convinced the killer was Ian? If you've been wrong THAT many times, maybe you could consider you might be wrong this time, too.

Meanwhile, Wilden drops by to pay a visit to Hanna. Ashley's out of town, so without her guardian around, he can't drag her down to police headquarters like he'd like. He says the blood type found on Ali's anklet is Hanna's blood type and he wants to test Hanna's blood to see if its hers. Hanna becomes convinced A put her blood on the anklet to frame her. She becomes even more convinced when she comes home to find a Ouiji board sitting in the kitchen. When she touched the placket she pricks her finger. Written on the bottom is a little note from A: See how easy it is for me to get your blood. Hanna reveals to Aria it was the item she'd put in Ali's coffin.

Then Hanna tells about her and Mona using the Ouiji board to try to contact the spirits. They asked about Allison and the Ouiji board spelled out "A L I V E" followed by a flash of lightning that showed Allison standing outside the window. What Hanna doesn't tell Aria is she went and told Mrs. DiLaurentis that Allison was alive. Then three days later Allison's body was found. To this day Mr. DiLaurentis still hasn't forgiven Hanna. She tells him she had nothing to do with stealing's Ali's body, but he seems to think she's more than capable of it.

Aria decides she's going to go and see Mona to find out what she knows. Lucky for Aria, A has hacked into the hospital's computer and changed Mona's status to allow her to have visitors. Mona tells A she isn't the one doing this. Hanna decides to sneak in to see Mona for herself when the nurses are changing shift, while Aria comes with her to be the look-out. Mona keeps asking in front of Aria if Hanna wants her to tell what she did, so Hanna finally tells Aria about telling Mrs. D that Ali was alive. While she was doing that, Mona took the opportunity to sneak out.

Instead of trying to escape, she leaves a breadcrumb trail for them to follow to the old closed children's ward. She leaves the pair of tweezers outside the door. When they find Mona she's brushing a doll's hair and speaking in riddles, like she's totally out of it. What Mona is really doing is sending Hanna secret messages with the code they developed of the first letter of each word being the message. Mona keeps saying, No One Saved Ali From Evil which means "Not Safe". She also says a strange line about Maya and Garrett, which directs the liars to May's password protected website. The last thing Mona says is, Miss Aria, You're A Killer; Not Ezra's Wife which means Maya Knew, something Aria and Hanna didn't pass on to Emily and Spencer.

Earlier at The Brew; Spencer, Aria and Emily were freaked out when they met a woman who looked and sounded like Ali. Her name is Cece and she knew Ali. She says when she met Ali she was like a broken doll. Spencer wonders if she made Ali what she became. Cece also says she had a relationship with Jason. When Spencer questions him about it he's very vague. Cece also seems to know a lot about the Pills as if Ali told her all about them. It's possible it was Cece who gave Ali the anklet. The question is why didn't Cece come to Ali's funeral?

Cece seems to home in on Emily more than anyone else. Nate asks Emily to help him look for a present for Jenna, who he has a date with, at the boutique Cece works at, which is located across from where Emily works. When Emily says she's not interested in Nate, Cece guesses she's the one that had a crush on Ali. Later, as Emily is heading home, she runs into Cece. Cece offers to put her number in Emily's phone, but instead hits Jenna's number and threatens her if she doesn't stay away from Nate. Unless Emily has a blocked ID on her phone, Jenna is most likely to think it was Emily that called her and threatened her. Later, Emily sees Nate sitting alone, being stood up by Jenna.

Jason gets wasted and crashes his car. Spencer is on the scene and she gets him to move over, as she drive him away, so the police won't catch him and arrest him. Unfortunately, she leaves her car behind. When she asks Toby to drive her back to her car, Wilden suddenly drops by to question Spencer about her car being found at the scene of the accident, but Toby gives her an alibi. After Wilden leaves, he's not happy about lying to the police; he's also not happy that Spencer lied to him to get him to take Hanna to that church party. If Spencer doesn't watch out, she's going to get dumped by Toby the same way Hanna got dumped by Caleb.

Finally, showing what a small world it is, Ella has a date with Ashley's Ted. Unfortunately, he eats his ice cream like Byron does. Ella tells Aria that Ted would have been her choice when she was younger, but not at this point in her life. During her date she meets the owner of The Brew, Zach, and they seem to hit it off.

Anyway, the big questions are: What did Maya know? Who was Mona saying it wasn't safe about? Was Mona speaking in code because Aria was present or did she know A had a tape recorder planted in one of the doll's heads? Did Mona lead the girls to the children's ward because that's what A told her to do? Finally, just what secrets does Maya's password protected web site hold?


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