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Pretty Little Liars -- Mona Is A

Updated on March 3, 2012

Unless they pull off a shocking twist, I really think all the clues in the winter season are leading to Mona being revealed to A. The following is my reasons for believing that Mona is A:

Mona was skinny-dipping in the lake when Hanna was attacked:

When Lucas and Hanna were out on the lake in a rowboat, Mona and Noel were skinny-dipping in the lake. Someone appeared to turn the boat over Hanna was in. It was right after this incident that Mona and Noel broke-up. Or did they?

Mona and Hanna had a fight before Hanna had a nasty trick played on her in the girls' bathroom:

Mona was angry at Hanna for not listening to her pour her heart out about her break-up with Noel. Right after that while Hanna was in the stall, someone put a boat representing the boat Hanna had been in and flooded the girls' bathroom.

When Spencer was following a lead on A, Mona showed up:

She just happened to show up and was all upset over Noel and Spencer gave her a supporting talk that made Mona feel better.

At the end of the episode where Mona broke-up with Noel, A was seen cutting up photos of the Pills and their boyfriends and burning them:

Maybe it was just a coincidence but if Mona is A, it would make that scene make a lot of sense.

Could Jenna know that Mona is A?

Jenna was in the bathroom stall when Hanna told Mona she would take her out to cheer her up over her break-up with Noel and heard where Hanna planned to take Mona and at what time. Jenna just happened to be there when they arrived on a date with Noel. Otherwise why would Jenna care to stick it to Mona?

Mona hacked into the school computer files:

A few hours later someone stole Caleb's computer and put hacked files from the schools computer on his computer. Just a coincidence?

Mona claimed to be getting texts from A:

But she could have easily sent them to herself when she was with Hanna. Like Spencer said, I think it was, why would A text Mona? The Pills were part of Alison's mean girl clique and that seems to be why they and Alison were targeted by A. We only have Mona's word that she went to the store and admitted she stole the necklace and got community service, since no one has seen her actually performing community service. By claiming to have stood up to A she's gotten the Pills to trust her and they now consider her one of them.

A was seen spying on Ashley:

Hanna told the other Pills in front of Mona that Ashley was getting on to A. Yes, A is all knowing, but it's another coincidence of Mona being in the right place at the right time to be A. Mona even came up with a plan to get Ashley off the trail of A. So wouldn't A being spying on Ashley to see if her plan worked? Only to discover it hadn't.

At some point all these coincidences stop being coincidences and start becoming proof that Mona is indeed A.


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    • profile image

      Dagyer16 5 years ago

      Don't forget, there was spearamint gum along with A's two cells from Spencer's lake house hidden away and Mona chews gum. The episode when Mona kisses Caleb, she has Spearamint gum.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      So the girl in black is Ali or her twin they show her before they show erza

    • profile image

      iloveianhardingfitz 5 years ago

      i saw something last night that could point to aria being a look at this tumblr post it makes perfect sence.

      they said A would be at the ball dressed as the black swan and although there was a black swan w the costume that could have been a decoy. Arias dress could also represent the black swan( as shown in the tumblr post) also aria was wearing black gloves the whole night and mona has called her BIG A before. i mean there are still some holes in it like why would she risk her and mr fitz and all that. but if you think about it ezra never got in trouble because A fixed it. Aria has never been in physical danger or really had anything bad happen to her bc of A. And also when A sent arias dad the note aria never ended up going. I mean if that was me i wouldn't pick seeing holden fight over seeing my bf who i barely see... so maybe she knew that byron was going to be there all along.

    • profile image

      Aria 5 years ago

      Ahhh can't wait till season 3!!!!!

    • profile image

      catriona 5 years ago

      the black swan looks exactly like hannas mum? but i have no clue why shes there? maybe she was trying to figure out who A was?

      and who was the woman in the red dress, i noticed her straight away, and thought it was ali, or ali's twin?

      i think the REAL ali, gave mona that number to be popular, and it was actually something that meant that ali would make mona popular if she was doing her dirty work meaning the 'A'work.

      im really suspicious about toby and dr sullivan? if it was his mum he would say mum? and why would he try to get her back, if he didn't know what was going on? and why was he pretending not to love spencer? he MUST have known about the A stuff too!

      i don't think mona killed ali, but i don't think garrett or ian did either? their making it seem like a group killed 'ali' but i think it was just one person, MELISSA

      speaking of melissa, is she pregnant? if she is, is it ians or garretts?

      i don't think the body is mayas? im really not sure, however, emily never actually spoke to her on the phone, she always missed it? she only ever got texts. and we know that A(mona) can definitely 'fake text'. so did she kill maya, and pretend to talk to emily. or was it suspicious melissa standing in the crowd at the end?

      and lastly jenna, ISN'T BLIND! i mean we knew that from the previous episode, but why would she fake it? and was she talking to A? the black swan? or maybe lucas, because he was with her at the party?

      so many confusing twists, and i CANNOT wait until season 3, where its rumoured old characters are returning.

    • profile image

      princessA 5 years ago

      at the one of every episode they show someone learning french, and in the beginning of the finale mona said something in french. that gave it away for me!

      Mona wanted to be popular and "vivian darkbloom" gave her a phone number.

      i think Mona thought she was talking to ali but in reality it was her twin.

      that is why she joined the A team.

      because the real ali hated her twin for stealing her life.

      so that might be why "A" was seen tormenting "ali" in the halloween episode.

      and she didn't know who it was.

      and notice that when they show ali's room in the back there's a picture of her, jason, and another ali. so her twin.

      i agree, i think toby is Dr. Sullivens son.

      i noticed the girl in the red dress right away,she was really mysterious.

      i think the black swan was melissa, i paused it and it looked JUST like her! so i don't think she is pregnant but then again

      i read somewhere that marlene said that they were going to show melissa giving birth. so i'm not sure.

    • profile image

      lilly 5 years ago

      I think that the body they found in ali's old house was in fact Courtney alli's twin, and that it was the real ali that killed her. Also i believe that all the "haters" of Ali(courtney) make the 'A-Team' Lucas, Jenna, Mona ... The person at the end with the read coat i think was the real ali!!

    • profile image

      Ess0523 5 years ago

      What about Mellisa though? Didn't she have the ice cream flavor that Monas had the lipstick for? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!!! And did Garret really killl Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Ess0523 5 years ago

      I don't even Think Mona is in charge of the A team. There is someone that they are taking orders from! All of them. The team has to at least consist of Jenna, Mona, and Lucas!

    • profile image

      -- A 5 years ago

      To Jen..

      Yeah that could make sense that Alison is still alive and still around, but it wouldn't make sense for Mona to be helping her! The whole reason Mona was apart of A was because she hated Alison and that group of friends so taking orders from Alison - the one who was actually mean to her to screw up Alison's friends doesn't make sense.

    • profile image

      Emma 5 years ago

      yes, the girl in red was so suspicious!. I don´t know if Alison or her twin is A, but I really think that the A group leader is the owner of the phone number which Vivian gave to Mona.

    • profile image

      Dani 5 years ago

      But, what about the girl in the black swan dress? Who was that? also ali was there! With the huge black mask. And that time when spencer was sleeping on the couch and ali was talking to her? That had to of been the real ali! What is going on? I'm so confused.

    • profile image

      Mayaaaa 5 years ago

      I noticed the girl in the red too but I totally forgot about Allison's twin and I didn't put the two together! I found the fact that they subliminally focused on the girl in the red very strange and I thought that that was A but when Mona was revealed as A I forgot about the chick in the red dress!!!!! Gaaah. I cried at the end :c

    • profile image

      pll_lover 5 years ago

      yesss that girl in the red dresss!! what was that????

    • profile image

      Jen 5 years ago

      Did anyone notic that at the beginning when Hanna is talking Caleb and Mona that a girl dressed in a red dress holding a gold mask comes in and as she passes Mona she turns her mask so you can't see her face. I think it's Alison and she's been there all along!! I think Mona was talking orders from Alison!

    • profile image

      Angie 5 years ago

      I read all the books and Mona was a !! It was very disappointing to me but at lest it had a little twist to some people

    • profile image

      Amrita 5 years ago

      there is an A team, remember Mona was talking to someone in red at the end... someone in red? just like vivian's red coat? there's sooo many questions.. arch I can't wait until June , it's too far away!

      - also Mona said herself that she was doing what someone else told her to do.. and Jenna was talking to someone, she said they'll be at the ball.. was it Mona?

      Anyway.. so there is an A team, and Mona was given orders ... I'm disappointed though that it was Mona, only because they "lied" but hey I guess anything is possible with this show! I wonder if Ali does have a twin just like in the books? who knows.

    • profile image

      Ess0523 5 years ago

      But, I can't believe Officer Garret killed Allison... Oh wait OF COURSE I CAN!!!!!! LOL

    • profile image

      Ess0523 5 years ago

      I KNEW MONA WAS A!!!!! But there has to be an A team. It can't just be her! I think Lucas and Jenna are in the A team too. There has to be at least 3 people because of the halloween special!

    • profile image

      chuck 5 years ago

      mona is a after what happened today but i think that vivian darkbloom is courtney allsion's identical twin sister and that vivian killed ally.

    • profile image

      Asma 5 years ago

      Like WTF just happened in PLL season finale?! Mona is A...she was always my suspect but the producers throwed me off by saying A isn't the same from the books,i naturally thought of mona,guess they were talking about Ali's twin.hmm u never know with these ppl.but one thing's for sure A is not one person.



    • profile image

      MONA IS A 5 years ago

      Mona is a on the T.V. show as well as in the books. Spencer and A were in A's lair, room 2 at the Lost Woods Resort. Mona offers Spencer gum. Spencer says no then finds a gum wrapper. She asks for the gum. Mona goes out to her car to get the gum and comes back, fully dressed in black as A. Mona speeds down the highway with a knocked out Spencer. Spencer opens a video chat with her friends and they see that A is Mona. Spencer and Mona are fighting and Mona gets thrown off a cliff. MONA IS A!

    • profile image

      Mona had 2 phones? 5 years ago

      When hannah got her phone taken away did anyone fid it curious mona just happened to have another phone that she was being charged for? She said, "Your mom will never find out it gets charged to my credit card" What reason would she need 2 phones and why would she pay a monthly fee for a second one?

    • profile image

      She had an extra phone 5 years ago

      When hannah got her phone taken away did anyone fid it curious mona just happened to have another phone that she was being charged for? She said, "Your mom will never find out it gets charged to my credit card" What reason would she need 2 phones and why would she pay a monthly fee for a second one?

    • profile image

      Delia 5 years ago

      Mona is A.

    • profile image

      Hi 5 years ago

      Seems to obvious. I thought mona was A since the first time I saw her get bullied. IMO that's an obvious obvious for a mystery tv show