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Pretty Little Liars -- Not Shauna, Shana Or Whatever, Again!

Updated on January 25, 2014

Emily still in Ali's thrall?

For all of Emily's brave talk, she proved this week that Ali's still got her under her spell. And we had Shauna, Shana, Shanna or however you spell this chick's name once again showed into another pivotal story playing a pivotal role.

I'm going to call her Shauna since that's how they pronounce it on the show. Anyway she revealed to Emily she knew Ali was alive because she's been Ali's mole in Rosewood since Mona got put in Radley trying to figure out who was after her. She dated and probably had sex with Paige. She somehow became Jenna's bestie. My reaction to this, "For the love of God. Just who is this chick screwing so she gets shoved into big stories playing some big important role."

Anyway, she grew up next door to Ali's gran and she and Ali have been besties since childhood. Ali has been in contact with her and wants to meet with Emily. Seems Emily is the only liar she trusts. Of course, she had to tell Spencer this, and you knew what Spencer would do even before she did it. Sometimes Emily just doesn't think.

Watching Emily trying to choose just the right outfit to meet Ali was sad. Despite all her big words to Paige she hasn't learned anything. Ali still has her under her spell. If she really was no longer in Ali's thrall she wouldn't have needed to dress up like she was getting ready for a date to the senior prom.

Things don't go well once the two former paramours meets thanks to Spencer. Ali's just starting to talk to Emily when Spencer accidentally knocks something over in the background and Ali realizes Emily told someone about their meeting and that they're not alone. Guess she won't be trusting Ems again as she disappears. A furious Emily faces Spencer who claims Ali is playing games with them and trying to come between them. Seriously Emily, you should have known she'd do this the instant you told her. Spencer can't stand not being number one in anything and that includes with Ali. To hear you were number one girl with Ali was just more than she could handle.

Jake returns to town and Aria gives him it's the not you it's me speech. She later receives a present he bought her before she dumped him. When she goes to return it she hears something she doesn't want to hear. Like do you know Ezra as well as you think you do? In the interim Jake saw Ezra screaming at some blonde woman in a car and banging his hand on her car and he tells Aria. Aria confronts Ezra and he manages to skate over the problem. Meanwhile, as Jake is practicing kick boxing with his punching bag he comes away with a bloody foot and sees someone stuck shards of glass into the bag. Ezra, was that you?

Meanwhile Hanna is doing a new version of binge and purge. She's going through her extensive wardrobe and tossing any outfit she associates with Caleb. Later, when Travis drops by she tongues him. He actually turns out to be a good guy and tries to stop things from progressing but Hanna insists she knows what she's doing. Ashley's return, however, puts a stop to things and Travis makes a quick escape. It's kind of sad that Hanna's trying to throw herself at the next available guy to forget Caleb. Later, Ashley takes her to a plate breaking place to channel Hanna's emotions in a better way than hopping in the sack with the first available guy so she'll feel attractive and wanted.

We also got another episode of Toby's Dead Mommy Saga. Peter showed up at Toby's apartment wanting Toby to sign settlement papers and agree not to discuss the matter further and he got an eyeful of his teenage daughter in Toby's shirt and Toby in a towel. It didn't take a rocket science to figure out what was going on. Later, Spencer searched Peter's briefcase and learned Jessica D is on the board of Radley and calls Toby telling him not to sign the papers. But when she's late after following Emily and fouling up Emily and Ali's meeting a petulant Toby reveals he went ahead and signed the papers.

Finally, A was out and about and creeping through the halls of Rosewood High. He/she opened a locker, presumably Shauna's, found a picture of Shauna and Ali together as kids, tore it in half and set the Shauna part on fire. Is that a sign we're finally going to be rid of this character? Probably not, since this out of nowhere characters is someone they keep shoving into pivotal roles, I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up being revealed as Super A. According to Marlene King Super A is the chick who came to Wilden's funeral dressed in black. And I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't ultimately revealed to be Shauna.

I also can kind of get why Ali doesn't trust Spencer or Hanna. Hanna was never as fully Team Ali as the other girls were and after she got the first A text the first person Ali suspected of sending it was Hanna. As for Spencer, the last time Spencer saw Ali they had a vicious argument with Spencer declaring Ali was dead to her. To be honest, I think it was Spencer that hit Ali over the head with the hockey stick and broke it, then I think she blocked it out. Afterwards I think it was Melissa who buried Ali trying to protect Spencer, which was why she warned Spencer to stop digging or it could come apart in ways she had no way of knowing.

Finally, I'm wondering if the Ravenswood lair didn't belong to Ali. She knew where the secret peephole was. And it would explain what Shauna had been doing in Ravenswood. She's come to visit Ali, meaning Grunwald lied when she said the last time she saw Ali was the night she unburied her. That's why she wanted the liars out of Ravenswood because she was hiding Ali there.


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    • Stephanie Arnott profile image

      Stephanie Arnott 4 years ago from California

      I find it a little off setting that Emily is the only one of all the friends that Alison seems to trust. It always makes me think think that there is more about the others one that we don't know