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Pretty Little Liars -- Out Of The Loop

Updated on January 31, 2012

Don't I know you?

Hanna's feeling like she's being left out of the loop. She calls everyone and they're all together trying to decode the video. Spencer answers and lies that she's alone, only for Emily to break something and for Hanna to cotton on to the fact Spencer is lying to her. Spencer is starting to feel guilty for lying to Hanna, but Hanna has kind of reaped what she sowed. Of all the Pills she's been the one who hasn't wanted anything to do with finding out the truth. Every time she's asked to do something, she makes an excuse so she doesn't have to help. Well, now she doesn't have to worry about that, because she's been cut out of the loop. Caleb makes a better Pill than Hanna does. He's at least trying to help.

Hanna isn't the only Pill getting lied to. Aria is lying to the rest of the Pills that she and Ezra are over and she's decided to date Holden, while she goes off to meet Ezra. The lie actually becomes a truth when Ezra has to cancel because of a school function and Aria spends the evening with Holden. They seem to have a good time playing games until Aria noticed Holden is spotting some wicked bruises on his body. Meanwhile, Ezra is offered a great position in Louisiana and learns Byron was behind it.

Kate arrives at school and is acting all nice. Spencer, however, has a bizarre reaction to meeting Kate, as she's sure they've met before. She tells Kate she remembers every school locker combination she's ever had and she also remembers her. Her sister Melissa knew her and she's even got an embarrassing photo of Kate with her face all covered with red marks. She tells Kate as long as he keeps up her nice act to Hanna she won't expose tell anyone where she knows her from.

Emily's mother Pam comes to visit and dinner with Maya is a disaster as Maya does everything she can to be as repulsive as she can, still holding a grudge against Pam. Emily also admits it bothers her the Maya had a relationship with a man, since that makes even more people to worry about having to compete with Maya for.

A texts Hanna to call off Caleb or he/she will reveal Hanna's mother took money from the bank and could go to jail for that. Hanna goes to Spencer wondering if Caleb could still have those files on the computer. Spencer lies, then to make Hanna feel better and make herself better for keeping things from her, she tells her where she remembers Kate from and shows her a picture of Kate with red bites all over her face she has on her phone. Hanna starts scanning through other photos and finds a picture of Ally with dark hair and a fake name on a fake ID. It's the latest tidbit Caleb has gotten off the cell phone.

Spencer finally spills the truth about lying to her, and a hurt Hanna takes off. She tells Caleb the person whose phone he's working on knows her mother stole from the bank and if he doesn't stop they'll reveal the truth and her mother could be arrested. Caleb thinks it could be Jenna and goes over to her house to tell her to stop threatening Hanna. Jenna's not there, but her psycho ex-boytoy Garrett is there, who threatens Caleb and even makes like he's going to run him over.

Spencer and Hanna make-up after Spencer explains that A has taken everything from her and she's just so desperate to have this all finally all over. Hanna forgives her and tells Spencer she once saw Allison in a dark wig two years before. Spencer realizes the name Allison used on her fake ID is connected to the author of Lolita and Hanna reveals she swiped the Lolita book from Allison. Inside they find a claim ticket and Spencer calls the shop up and learns the item is still there if she wants to come and claim it.

At school the next day, A set her/his sights on Hanna, once more. A took a nude picture of Kate and sent it to everyone at school. Even the Pills think Hanna did it. And while they're all reacting to that, Evil A is breaking into's Spencer's father Peter's office and stealing a gun.

So the big question is just who is A planning on killing and is he/she trying to frame Spencer's father or Spencer for the crime?

Caleb uncovers a photo ID of Alison with black hair and a fake name.


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