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Pretty Little Liars -- Prom Night

Updated on August 11, 2015

No Prom for YOU!

Veronica tells Spencer the school board wants the liars not to come to the prom. The other liars react similarly and are furious about it. They're also been banned from commencement. They have to have prom in Spencer's barn. The liars, eventually, try to look on the bright side.

You know, I just didn't feel sorry for them. Yes, they want to go to their prom, but they're once again keeping secrets that could give someone hurt in the crossfire. I know we're supposed to feel sorry for them, but how many people have gotten hurt or killed in the past because of their silence. And, yes, I understand why they don't want to go to the police, but they should try to trust their parents. A had never targeted Wayne Field when he's around, because A wouldn't dare mess with a guy in the military same way A hasn't gone after Veronica, whose smart and a high-powered attorney. 90% of the liars problems are because they play A's game. So why should others have to potentially suffer for that?

Lorenzo comes in and gives Ali the cold shoulder. The liars says Lorenzo will forgive her. Emily says he would have done the same thing. Yeah, right. Seriously, Emily just needs to keep her mouth shut this season.

As Ali heads to the bathroom Charles texts her to tell her to be at the school prom. It'll be their last chance to dance. Of course, she doesn't contact the cops to set a trap for this psychopathic lunatic. No, they might shoot this freak she was running from for two years terrified of. So she's going to try to meet him alone. Ali was a lot smarter when she was a lot meaner. Do you ever notice on TV that when you become nice you also become dumb?

Ella tells Aria she won first prize and an internship in LA. Aria doesn't want to leave unless Charles is caught. And what would Charles do is all the liars left town? Why he'd have to play with himself since all his toys would be gone. Sounds like a plan to me to neutralize this psycho.

Ezra offers to come to the barn prom. He didn't want to go to the school prom with her. Yeah, it might have been a little awkward. For once the show actually deals with the awkwardness of this relationship and how others might perceive it in a small way, but only if Ezra is the one who acknowledges it. Otherwise everyone acts like it's normal to sleep and date your teacher.

Caleb is heading off to New York. Hanna wants to know why Caleb is bringing an industrial strength laptop with him. You know, for a second I thought they were going to make him Charles. Hanna and Caleb aren't one of the icky end game couples like Ezra and Aria and Toby and Spencer. He's actually a decent boyfriend who doesn't stalk her or drive her into an insane asylum while he's protecting her.

Emily asks Sara if she'll got to the barn prom with her. Sara turns her down cause her school is letting her go to her prom.

Spencer rushes to see Toby because he's going to get suspended. Lorenzo got suspended indefinitely.

When Hanna can't reach Caleb she decides to call his father. She finds out that Caleb didn't go to New York. She believes he's going AWOL to hunt Charles down on his own and she's worried he's going to get himself killed..

Ali gets a phone call with no answer and asks if it's Charles and says she can't go to the school prom. The caller hangs up and she hears someone outside her window.

Spencer meets with Lorenzo. She wants to talk to him about Alison. She says Ali has changed. That Ali needs Lorenzo. Lorenzo says he doesn't see anything vulnerable and genuine in her anymore. She invites him to the barn prom.

The moms gather together at Veronica's as the girls have their prom in the barn. They also have some wine. Veronica almost spills to the other moms that Peter is Jason's father, and Charles, too.

A thunderstorm is taking place while someone, possibly Red Coat, is watching from the bushes. Ali pretends to go in the prom barn, but takes off.

Ali arrives at the school prom. She sees someone in a red cape at the prom and Clark sees her. There's actually a lot of people in red capes. Don't tell me. Charles and Red Coat are members of the prom planning committee.

The liars see that Ali is at the prom as they see prom pics on their phones. They realize she's hoping to meet Charles.

Apparently, Lucas and Jenna went to the prom together and Noel Kahn is there, too. Too bad we don't get to see those three. They were some of the greatest supporting characters in the show's history. In some ways even better than some of the liars.

Veronica tells the moms the truth about Peter and Jessica. Veronica points out where Jessica was buried in her backyard.

The liars head to the prom with their dates to find Ali with their drunk mamas having no clue.

Aria comes up to Clark asking what he's doing at the high school taking pictures at her prom when he doesn't even go to the school. She asks him about the doll factory. One of the school's whatevers comes up and interrupts and tells Aria to leave with her friends.

Spencer isn't able to get to Ali before she vanishes in the crowd.

Pam suggests Charles didn't bury Jessica in her backyard, it was really Kenneth. Veronica plans to go over and confront Kenneth to find out if he's the one who killed Jessica.

Sara shows up at the school prom saying she wants to dance with Emily. Yeah, but it's kind of convenient how she just shows up at the perfect time, isn't it? I really hope she's Red Coat, even though it makes no sense. Just to hopefully teach Emily to be a bit more careful in who she crushes on next.

Ali tells the liars to leave her alone. Spencer tries to stop her and Ali says Spencer never liked her and Charles isn't her brother. Okay, if Jason and Charles are twins and Peter is Jason's father, ergo Peter is Charles father and Spencer's brother. For some reason the show writers can't get this simple fact. She wants to know why Charles' hates her. Spencer finally lets her go.

Caleb shows up at the prom. Caleb says he was in New York, but he can't tell Hanna about it. He gets her to dance with him.

The moms come over to Ken's to see him and find a picture of the twins. They also meet Rhys who Ella thinks is Charles. Yeah, he looks like Jason's twin only I think Jason is hotter and more likable.

The liars all dance with their dates. While Spencer is singing a sililoquy to the wonders that is Toby and all his goodness [conveniently forgetting all the things that make him an even worst boyfriend than Stalker Ezra] Caleb is proving that he is the best boyfriend.

Aria tells Ezra she doesn't want Ezra to come with her to LA. She wants to go there alone. He tells her it was just a layover on his way to Thailand. He's joining the Habitat for Humanity group for the summer.

Ali leaves while Spencer is playing tonsil hockey with Toby on the dance floor.

The moms hear something coming from the basement of the DiLaurentis house. Veronica goes down there. The moms follow her and get locked inside the basement. Ken is nowhere to be found in the house.

Ali sees someone in a red cape leaving and follows them.

Caleb says he was getting a job in New York. Caleb says he wants them to move to New York. He says his job will pay for her tuition so she doesn't have to use the scholarship money.

The moms try to find a way out of the basement. Maybe they could try the window behind them. They don't notice it or even try to see if it's locked. Well, Veronica's pickled so I'm giving this usually smart character a free pass on that.

Charles taunts Ali with a text message.

Clark has a gun. He's probably a undercover cop. The liars and their boys grab Clark and stop him from following Ali and catching Charles. Yep, he reveals he's an undercover cop. Told you so! Emily acts all bitchy to Aria because she didn't figure out Clark was a cop and because a cop was looking out for Aria keeping her safe. Seriously, can she act anything but bitchy this season. It's like she's got a permanent case of PMS.

Ali vanishes. She's out in this gazebo like maze. She gets a text saying now it's just the two of us as she's grabbed from behind.

Lorenzo shows up looking for Ali.

The liars find Ali's phone.

Charles reveals his face to Ali and it appears it's someone she actually knows from her reaction.

And we go into the season finale with the big Charles reveal. Is anyone excited? Not me!


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