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Pretty Little Liars -- Running On Fumes Alone

Updated on July 7, 2015

This should have been the series last season...

I haven't blogged the show for two weeks: one because I couldn't find the flash drive I saved it on and then it just hasn't been all the interesting. Remember how we were told this season we'd be learning answering with each new episode. Big surprise, it's isn't happening, again.

A big problem is the liars are not just that interesting or likable at the moment. When Ali is the most likable you know you've got a problem.

Emily has yet another new potential new girlfriend she's latching on to. I swear, this chick can't be alone two seconds before she's glomming on to the next new girlfriend. This time it's Sara Harvey, who was all kept prisoner in the doll house. And she's bound and determined everyone around her must protect her. She even got Hanna to lie to Caleb. Emily never learns. She knows absolutely nothing about this girl. When first introduced to this character her former friends talked like she was Ali II. Speaking of which, why isn't she hanging around her old friends?

Spencer is back to popping pills, again. When you think about all Spencer went through before they came up with the pill addiction story without popping pills, it just seems a bit ridiculous. Spencer's pill popping wasn't that interesting the first time around the block. But like Emily, it seems the writers can't think of anything new to do with her.

Hanna has dumped Caleb because he wants to protect her and she's still whining about Caleb. Seriously, they were the only half-way decent romance left on this show. And he's the only decent boyfriend. I generally like Hanna but she's become uber annoying, as well.

And then there's Aria. First she was going to lie to the police to convict Andrew when she wasn't even sure he was guilty because she was sure he was guilty. Now she seems to be concentrating on photography and A seems to be fixated on her. She's actually the least annoying of the liars at the moment. The miracles of staying away from Ezra. Not that will probably last.

There was an interesting story about the liars being forced to have each other tortured. That could have been interesting if they had to deal with the aftermath of it. Speculation was they all chose Hanna because she acted so docile after being trapped in her room. As it turned out, nothing happened and it was just a mind game. How appropriate as nothing really happens and it's just a mind game the show is playing on the viewer.

In the finale it was revealed that Charles [who we never heard of before] was A. Turns out he's Jason's twin who was nuttier than a bed bug with some sick fixation on his little sister. Now it's been revealed that Charles is dead and died a long time ago, so he isn't A, after all. Now Mona's friend Leslie [who she met in Radley] is supposed to be A. Wanna bet how long before it's revealed she isn't A, either? This thing has been going on for six seasons and it's gotten way beyond old. It's like the old childhood verse about Pete and Repeat sitting on a fence and Pete fell off so who was left? Repeat. And they keep repeating the same thing over and over again.

Mona has also done nothing to justify making it worth jumping the shark by claiming Dead Mona wasn't really dead. We all saw her dead with her death stare. She was dead, but apparently Marlene King's Twitter followers whined enough so she'd reverse it. The show should have left her dead. She's adding nothing of importance to the show and the show wouldn't be any different with her being dead.

As previously stated, Ali has become the most likable character, which is frankly very creepy. She's trying to turn over a new leaf and has a new boyfriend in the form of Toby's partner. Of course, can he really be trusted. The last time we had a male black character on the show it was Nate who was a psychopath who killed Maya. Coincidentally, Aria also has a black male character in her photography class who may serve as another temporary boyfriend til she and Ezra get back together. Let's hope both characters don't turn into another Nate.

Can you show turn itself around and make the liars likable again? I'm not sure. A first good step would be for them to stop with Emily and her revolving girlfriends. The character is interesting in her own right, so let her stay single for awhile to find out who she is and what she wants. Have Hanna stop acting like a B to Caleb. After everything he's seen her through the last thing her deserves is being lied to by her. How about actually being honest with him and letting him in to what you're going through. Spencer needs to dump the pills and Toby. That relationship has been toxic since he was revealed as working for A. Having Aria free of Ezra and concentrating on photography has done wonders for her character.

As for A, just pick an A and stick to it. Start explaining why this person is doing what they're doing. The show has been on the A pot for far too long and it's time for them to piss out some answers.

I don't think it's impossible for a show that's gotten bad to turn itself around. I swore I would never watch The Vampire Diaries again after having the Damon/Elena/Stefan thing dragged out to the point it was beating a dead horse, but with Nina Dobrev leaving I'm going to turn in next season to see how the show gets revamped. To see if they can turn it around and make it a good show like it was the first two seasons it aired. And maybe Pretty Little Liars can do the same. I'm going to try and hang in a little while longer, but they really need to start wrapping the A storyline up. It's long past time.


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