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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Rewatch -- Episode 2

Updated on September 21, 2012

Ali sounds a lot like Hanna Gabler

As a former Lost fan, I've learned to try and pay attention to the most mundane and in episode 2 Ella is giving a lecture in class about Hedda Gabler. The camera focuses on the words: a secret, insane and random. Anyway, I did a search for the summary of Hedda Gabler and she sounds a lot like Ali. Hedda was very manipulative and there's a female character in the story that was tormented by her in school. Hedda toys with others because she can find no solace in life.

One interesting thing is Hedda plans her lovers "perfect suicide" which is another way of saying she's going to kill him and make it look like a suicide. It made me wonder if this part of the story could play into Ian's death. I've seen a lot of Spencer and Toby fans hoping that Toby pushed Ian to his death to save Spencer proving he really does love her. But what if A [who I think is Ali and she's not really dead] planned Ian's "perfect suicide"? In short, the A's were just following her orders in how Ian should die.

Another interesting note about this episode is I wondered the first time I watched it if it was possible that Meredith could be on the A Team, since she shows up, then the earring shows up in Aria's locker and A forces her to admit to Byron it was she who trashed his office not Meredith. But with Toby in the mix it suddenly makes sense. He got punished for something the liars and Ali did to Jenna. If he read Ali's diary he would know about what Ali and Aria did to Meredith and how they framed her for trashing Byron's office, which might make him feel a kinship with Meredith and would be the reason he forced Aria to admit what she did. To this day the liars haven't admitted what they did to Jenna. That is was them to blame and not Toby.

One thing I haven't changed my mind about is that Ali never found those earrings in Byron's office. She pretended to find them to get Aria to trash her father's office. That way she had something to hold over Aria's head. I mean, maybe someone could lose one earring in Byron's office, but both and together? Just not possible. It's similar to the way Ali got her hooks into Spencer in last years Halloween episode where Ali fixed the school election so Spencer would win. Spencer had the choice to go along with what Ali did and win the election or come forward and tell the truth, and like Aria she went along with what Ali did. That may have been Ali's MO for how she got her hooks into so many people.

We also had another incident of Toby trying to make Jenna look guilty to the liars. In the first episode it was driving in Jenna's car and texting Emily hoping she'd remember that she was in Jenna's car the night Ali's body was stolen. In this episode he presented Spencer with Jenna's eye drops to put the idea in Spencer's head that Jenna was faking her blindness.

One of the biggest problems with Spencer is she never asks questions. She gets the least little thing on someone and she jumps on them and accuses them of committing some crime. She likes to think she's the smartest person in the room, but that quality makes her the dumbest and most irresponsible. I've lost count to how many innocent people she's tried and convicted on the flimsiest of evidence. And because she's so sure she's right the other liars generally go along with her witch hunt like sheep being led to slaughter.

Me, I'd be asking Toby some questions. Like, you said you hadn't seen Jenna since she left town for the summer, so why were you suspicious of her enough to go searching through her room to prove she can see?

Another question is why Jenna was trying to get close to Aria. She's the only one of the liars that she's reached out to. And you can't say it's because Aria helped save her from the fire. That was Spencer and Hanna, and she still doesn't like them any better than she did before. At the masked ball it appeared she texted Aria which lead her right to an awaiting Ezra. Before that Ezra was determined to end their relationship; that's why they had sex as a way of saying goodbye to each other. Then Jenna suddenly met someone in the park and she's texting and following Aria and suddenly Ezra is there wanting to go public with his relationship with Aria.

Finally, why did Mona use the tweezers to make her finger bleed? Could it have anything to do with the blood found on Ali's anklet? Is it Mona's blood and did the A's plant it on the anklet to help clear Garrett of the murder?

Also, Wren made a beeline right for Caleb to make sure Caleb found out Hanna has been visiting Mona for some time and lying to Caleb about it. Was he hoping to stir up trouble between Hanna and Caleb? If he is a member of the A Team, I can see why they'd want to break up Caleb and Hanna. Thanks to Caleb the liars were able to decode the video from Ali's room that was on A's cell phone. Their first attempt to handle the Caleb problem was to get him arrested. Now they may have decided the best way to deal with him is to break up him and Hanna so he'll keep his nose out of the A mess.


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