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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Rewatch -- Kingdom Of The Blind

Updated on October 4, 2012

The name of this episode was, Kingdom Of The Blind. Jenna was the only one pretending to be blind, while a kingdom suggests more than one person being blind. So if the title means anything, the episode was about the characters being blind [not seeing the truth.] None so blind as those who will not see.

Caleb may be one of the blind, as Lucas tries to make him see that there’s more going on than just Mona being A. Hanna is also blind to Mona, thinking she’s the person she still remembers, and not heeding Caleb’s warnings about her. And perhaps we the viewers are blind for not seeing the red flag warnings about Wren. He claimed he saw Garrett going with Melissa to an ultrasound appointment, but if Melissa wasn’t pregnant, then she wouldn’t have been seeing a doctor of having an ultrasound, meaning what Wren said was one big lie.

Both Jenna and Lucas seemed to be suggesting that things were better for Aria and Hanna if Mona stays crazy. Jenna’s interest in getting Aria to help accompany her on the piano may have just been her on a fishing expedition, perhaps feeling Aria was the weakest link and might give something away. She pretty much said when confronted about being blind, that when someone thinks your blind they might get sloppy and give themselves away.

One thing I didn’t take much notice of on the first viewing was Melissa apparently cleaning out the fireplace. She was wearing a white top. Surely, a strange outfit to be cleaning the fireplace in. And the pile of ashes she swept up was in a neat little pile Did Melissa just burn something in the fire place and she was sweeping up the evidence.

Veronica claims she spoke to Garrett’s mother and that’s why she’s defending him.

Another red flag warning about Wren came when Melissa said Garrett is the only man she’s had to deal with who has always told her the truth. Melissa was involved with Wren, so that remark suggests Wren wasn’t honest with her.

Jenna had her car hidden somewhere away from home, so Toby had to know where Jenna hides her car. It kind of suggests the liars aren’t the only one the A’s are keeping an eye on. Could they also be keeping their eyes on others? Like Lucas and Melissa, as well? Are the liars the only one who are getting texts from A? Or could others be getting them, as well?

Lucas definitely knows a lot about the A situation. He knows it goes a lot deeper than Mona. Question is just how does he know and if Jenna knows the same, as well. It appeared at the masked ball Jenna and Lucas could be working together. Could Melissa also be working with them?

Another thing I noticed was the recap for previous episodes, Garrett said what was taken from Ali’s grave could have proved his innocence. How? Did he mean the body or something that had been put in the coffin?

The end shot was of one of the A’s with a coffin [I’m pretty sure the coffin in Ali’s grave was left behind] filled with ice and zipping open the pillow that’s supposed to rest behind the corpses’ head. Was that pillow from the coffin or did they buy a replacement coffin to keep the body in. But why fill the coffin with ice? The body they stole sure wouldn’t need ice? Was it the ultimate show of disrespect to the body, using the coffin as a giant ice bucket? Much like pulling the teeth out of the corpse’s mouth and turning them into a necklace. There was also teeth laying scattered on a table. Did A figure a way to retrieve the teeth necklace that got flushed or was that just the teeth that were left over from making the necklace?


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