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Pretty Little Liars -- Season 4 Premiere

Updated on June 12, 2013

Mona claims to be telling the truth, but is she really telling lies mixed with the truth?

Original Airing: June 11, 2013

I realized something kind of horrible when I was watching the Pretty Little Liars recap episode. I don’t really like or feel sorry for any of the liars. In fact, I don’t think they’re any better than the people they act like they’re better than. They’re no different from the ones they designate as the bad guys. They just think they are. I also think no matter how you cut it, Allison DiLaurentis was a sociopath. Anyone who did the things she did isn’t normal and for the liars to still hold her in such esteem truly says a lot about them.

It appears we’ve got another new A this season and this one likes to basically leave clues to what they’re about to do. Pity it’s wasted on the liars who are too stupid to figure it out. Take finding a dead pig in the trunk of Wilden’s car. What is the slang name people call cops? Pigs. Wilden’s car + dead pig = Dead Wilden. It was the same with A suddenly using kisses all the time, when A never did that before. It was a clue, and one that totally went over the liars heads. Save your cleverness, A, it’s wasted on these dumb broads.

Marlene King declared this was the season we’d get answers, and to prove that she had Spencer playing Grand Inquisitor getting answers from Mona. Only I think Mona was playing her own game called Truth and Lies. I know one thing she claimed to be true was an out-and-out lie. That’s when Toby joined the A Team. Mona said it was when he went to Buck’s County but by revealing he was Pretty Eyes he was already a team member in season 2a. And who knows how long before that he first joined. I also don’t buy Lucas was the one who gave Emily a massage. Seriously? Lucas looks he’d be afraid to touch a woman, let alone give one a massage. The belief for telling a good lie is to mix lies with truth. Yes, I believe Mona didn’t push Ian off the bell tower because she isn’t strong enough and that Shauna knew Jenna before coming to Rosewood and is in love with her, but otherwise I’m taking the rest with a grain of salt.

After the Inquisition was over, they demanded to be taken to the lair. It was now in a RV in a trailer park. Mona was showing them a video she taped in the box car on the Terror Train of the two Queens Of Heart as they were apparently about to shove Aria and Dead Garrett off the train. Of course, no one thought to ask Mona just how she happened to be there. One of the queens was Wilden, which even seeing it with my own eyes, I find very hard to believe, and she claimed the other queen was Melissa. But just as the other queen was about to remove their mask red kissing lips filled the screen and everything on the hard drive was erased.

Suddenly from outside they hear little girls calling their names. It turns out they’re playing with dolls that their friend Allison gave them. They introduce the girls to their dolls: Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Mona. Guess that’s A’s way of telling Mona she’s no longer a member of the team. Or maybe making the liars think she isn’t. Of course, the liars don’t think to show the kids a picture of Allison and ask if that’s the Allison who played with them and gave them the dolls or if she was wearing a dolls mask.

Mona removed the hard drive with the tape of Ashley running down Wilden and Jenna and Shauna helping him, which prompted Hanna to start acting like Mona’s bestie again, hoping to get her hands on it. Mona realized what she was doing, and gave it to her, trying to prove that their friendship was real once. Before that Hanna even helped Mona stash the RV in a safe location, only it turned out it wasn’t safe, after all.

A texted Toby about knowing the truth about his Mommy. This lead Toby to have a flashback of almost kissing Allison. He threw her out when she called his mother lazy when she came in acting a bit off. So from that flashback Toby was well acquainted with Allison long before Jenna came to Rosewood and her mother married his father.

To be honest, unless Toby is a real card carrying member of the A Team, I really have no interest in his past. I will say this, Toby was weird in the flashback. Shades of Norman Bates in Psycho. He seemed a bit mentally handicapped in the flashback what with him showing Allison his toys. He just seemed a bit slow if you get what I mean. To keep new A quiet about his mommy he hands over the RV.

On the personal front, Spencer is all happy she has her beloved Toby back. Paige suggests she and Emily leave town. And Aria has a bad fantasy about the principal having photos of her and Ezra doing it and Ezra being arrested at school for having sex with a minor. Meanwhile, Hanna reveals Caleb is on the road looking for his daddy uncle.

Jenna came to see Emily and, of course, she copped major attitude to Jenna. This is one of the reasons I hate Jenna having scenes with these female dogs and why I have no sympathy for any of them. They all cop an attitude and they know they played a part in this woman going blind. They never show an ounce of guilt. The only time they worry is that they might get found out for their part in it, and isn’t that the true definition of a pack of sociopaths; feeling no guilt for bringing harm to another person. I’m sure they’d still be copping their nasty smug attitudes even if they knew because of what they were doing Jenna was going to go blind, again.

Anyway, Jenna asks Queen Smug to tell Toby she’s sorry for hurting him. Emily notices that Jenna’s hand looks like it was burned. Of course, she doesn’t mention this to the other liars, suggesting she’s the one that tried to barbecue their butts.

Wilden’s funeral has quite a turn out. The liars show up dressed more for a cocktail party than a funeral, because new A texted them something was hidden in Wilden’s casket. When Spencer was all nervous about having to search Dead Wilden, I was like if you had no problem using a dying woman to pass notes, you should have no problem feeling up a corpse. Ashley’s phone was found in the casket with a phone number for kisses, which turned out to be her code name for Hanna. Thus explaining why every text new A sent had the word kisses included.

There’s a mystery woman that came to Wilden’s funeral. Think black swan at the masked ball in the season 2 finale. She’s cloaked in a black lace dress and wearing a black veil to conceal her face. Is it new A? Probably. Of course, the liars don’t try to approach her and find out who she is or to pull her veil off before she swans back to an awaiting limo and disappears into the mist.

Another person back in town just in time to attend Wilden’s funeral is Allison’s mother. She’s acting kind of creepy. Spencer sees her dressed in red staring at her from Allison’s room. Emily sees she’s kept all of Ali’s things [well not all, since how many times over the various seasons have we had a duffle bag or box of Ali’s things pop up] and seems to be planning to make a shrine out of Ali’s old room. She even makes an Ali like comment to Hanna about how pleased Ali would be that Hanna has managed to keep off the weight. She even manages to create an Ali moment when she gets the liars to sit with her at Wilden’s funeral and managed to give Mona the direct cut, excluding her from their little clique much like Ali always did. Hanna, always the craven little coward, just gives Mona a pathetic look as Mona has to slink off to find a seat by herself, just like the old days. Seems the Ali apple didn’t fall far from the Mommy tree.

The episode ends with A in the lair wearing the same mask Mona did on the Terror Train when she felt Hanna up. One side of the mask is burned. A lot of people now believe the person that pulled the girls out of the fire was wearing a mask and it wasn’t Ali. However, how do you explain the Red Coat standing over Hanna had a red coat on and when the firemen were going through the burnt remains they dug out a red coat from under them. Could there have been two Red Coats up there that night? One wearing an Ali mask and the other the real thing? Did masked Red Coat start the fire and Ali Red Coat rescue everyone from it?

One thing that always bothered me on how the body found could be misidentified as Ali was how the autopsy wouldn’t prove it. With Wilden revealed as being up to his neck in this mess, he could have gotten the person performing the autopsy to doctor it and claim the body was Ali’s. We know that Ali spent time with Wilden, Cece and Melissa. Ali could have blackmailed him into helping fake her death by threatening to reveal he had sex with a minor. He might even have gotten a body to replace Ali after she’d been rescued from her premature burial. So it’s definitely possible Ali is very much alive.


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      Great hub. I liked this episode. I actually agree with you about the liars being kind of stupid. Even in the book, they put themselves in these situations by all this lying and misunderstanding. Ali is a sociopath by killing all these people and putting the town's lives in danger.