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Pretty Little Liars -- So Just Who Is Big Bad Original Recipe A?

Updated on June 7, 2012

I think a lot of the stuff the Pills uncovered about Allison and her A has to do with Original Recipe A and not Mona. It's obvious after Allison's disappearance and murder, Original Recipe A had Mona become A and terrorize the Pills.

One of the things that has always bugged me about A is that she's supposedly so smart, but by texting the Pills to begin with was a pretty dumb thing to do. They didn't know that A existed. It was because of A terrorizing them that they began to start digging around in Allison's murder trying to figure out who killed her. So this whole cyber bulling of the Pills was a very stupid and risky thing for A to do.

My guess is that Original Recipe A was originally a victim of Allison and that's how A was born. Wanting to turn the tables on Allison and give her a dose of her own medicine. I think it's a very good possibility that being the victimizer instead of the victim gave ORA a feeling of empowerment that they missed once it was all over and Allison was dead. That may be why they got Mona to take over as A. To manipulate her into feeling Hanna had misused her and that the other Pills would take Hanna from her. To help her become popular. That way they were the man behind the curtain as Mona did all the dirty work and they could just sit back and watch it all unfold knowing they were the mastermind behind it all.

There's another possibility. Allison wasn't Mona's friend, but when Hanna was visiting her Mona smiled as she imagined Allison sitting there dressed in red. So it's possible that Allison is the A that Mona was working with. Imagine the irony for Mona if the Pills who did nothing to stop Allison from bullying her became the victims of her and Allison. That would explain the smile. The tables would have turned and instead of the Pills and Allison against Mona it was Mona and Allison against the Pills.

There's also been hints Allison had a twin. What if the twin was ORA and Allison murdered her and took her place with whomever the twin was working with to help terrorize Allison? That would explain the need to steal Allison's body before the DA could have it exhumed and re-examined. And the stealing of page 5 of the autopsy report. Allison was afraid that it would be discovered that the person in her grave wasn't really Allison.

We saw in the Halloween episode the nasty little games she liked to play on the Pills. And Allison loved tormenting people. So Allison would get off on getting Mona to terrorize her friends. She might also want them to uncover the identities of the people who were helping her twin terrorize her so they can be caught and put in jail so she can come back and take back her old life.

If the twin doesn't come into it and Allison is really dead, the people who make up the A Team might have been using the Pills in hopes they could uncover the evidence Allison had on them. The Pills probably knew Allison better than anyone else did and would have a better chance of finding the evidence they were after then they did. In the infamous video taken in Allison's room Ian, Garrett and Jenna were talking about some videos Allison had. All the money Allison had in her possession seems to be proof that she was blackmailing someone. The fact it was in three different envelopes might indicate she was blackmailing three different people or had blackmailed the same person three times.

In the flashback in the finale Mona said she wanted to be popular, Maybe that's what ORA did for her. Gave Mona the fake impression she was popular. Like Noel dating her. That always seemed like an odd pairing. ORA might have been the one who convinced Noel to do it. He's part of the NAT Club so one would assume if Allison had videos on the NAT Club they would include him and he'd have a vested interest in getting them back. The interesting thing is after Mona lost her phone Noah dumped her. Perhaps ORA was punishing A for losing the phone and putting them all in jeopardy.

Jenna seems to be a part of this, because when she heard Mona crying on Hanna's shoulder about Noel dumping her and them making plans to go somewhere to cheer Mona up, Jenna made sure she was there with Noel. I remember speculating that Jenna was trying to pay Mona back for causing the accident that hurt Toby when I was trying to prove Mona was A. That Jenna felt Mona crossed by going after her family and turned on her. It's very possible Mona started getting out of hand as A and started doing things ORA didn't tell her to do. Like causing Toby's accident and trapping Jenna in Jason's house and setting it on fire.

Speaking of the fire, it does suggest something about Jason. That if Jenna got a text from Jason, she'd trust it and him enough to come over to his house. Jenna didn't seem to think Jason might have been the one to attack her in his house, either. In fact, she didn't accuse anyone of doing it, like she knew exactly who might be behind it. And we also saw Jason in deep conversation with Maya, as well. Is it just a coincidence that someone tried to kill Jenna and someone actually killed Maya and there's apparently some connection between them and Jason. And let's not forget Jason gave the Pills the bag full of Allison's things that Maya supposedly found.

Someone with black gloves was seen planting a badge at the scene of the fire. The assumption was it was Garrett's badge. Did the police ever find it? And it was right after that when Toby told Jenna Garrett was sitting outside their house watching that she showed Toby Page 5 of the autopsy report and suggested they take it to the police.

I do think Jenna was blind. No one is crazy enough to let someone operate on their eyes if they can see and risk their vision. And I do think when Jenna removed the bandage she couldn't see. However, I think some point after that her sight did come back and she read Page 5 and saw there was nothing on the page to connect her to Allison's death. The impression I got of the Garret and Jenna conversation about Page 5 in the mid-season finale was that Jenna believed something on the page could connect her to Allison's death. From what the police said, something on that page connected Garrett to Allison's death enough for them to arrest him for killing Allison. That's why Jenna had no fear it would lead back to her if she gave the police page 5. She'd read it and discovered there was nothing to connect her to Allison's death.

The interesting thing is the minute after they'd set-up the Pills to be caught with the shovel that killed Allison and they had Page 5 safely in their hands, Jenna started blowing Garrett off and wanted nothing to do with him. It suggests she'd just been using Garrett all along so she could cover her tracks. Once she no longer had a use for him, she wanted nothing more to do with him. Of course, when did just wanting nothing to do with him become wanting him to take the fall for Allison's murder?

Another big question is just how did Toby and Jenna hook up together out of town when he acted like he couldn't stand her before he left town? It's one thing to pretend not to love Spencer, but why this allegiance to Jenna? And if he was so into acting like Jenna's loyal brother, then when did he have time to find Dr. Sullivan? Why would he even think to track down Dr. Sullivan? The only logical conclusion is Jenna told Toby something.

Back to Jenna and Garrett. Since Jenna acted like she and Garrett had set the Pills up to be found with the shovel, were they also the ones that sent the dolls to the Pills ordering them to do what they did or else Sullivan would be killed? Was Mona even involved in it?

Jenna would want Spencer away from Toby hence the doll ordering Spencer to break-up with Toby. And in the finale it almost seemed like Jenna was leading Aria to find Ezra and the doll ordered Aria to blackmail Jackie so Aria could have Ezra all to herself. When that didn't work and Jackie turned the tables on Aria, Ezra conveniently found out and got Jackie out of the picture. Jenna would also want Hanna to ruin her father's wedding so her father would hate Hanna. And Emily seemed to be used as bait to get the other Pills out to the spot where they dug up that grave and got their fingerprints all over the shove used to kill Allison. It was also during that time Emily had her Allison "dream" if that's what it was. So the A Team might have been behind this without Mona having anything to do with it, because Mona hadn't even been around during any of this.

There seems to be a big difference between ORA and Mona A. Mona actually helped Emily get back on the swim time, while ORA seems to get off on victimizing Emily. It was Emily that got set-up to take the fall for the stealing of Allison's body, it was Emily who was nearly killed and used as bait to get the Pills out to the site where they thought Sullivan had been buried alive. And Spencer said it wasn't Mona A who gave Emily the massage. In Emily's Allison dream where she kissed Emily I believe she even said Emily was always her favorite. And it was Emily who lost her love, Maya, in the finale, so she really couldn't even enjoy believing the whole A nightmare was finally over. ORA has some twisted thing for Emily that she doesn't have for the other Pills.

Sullivan also seems to be part of this A Team, as well. Her entire story reeked. She didn't mention how A paid her off to leave town and go along with framing the PIlls and not coming forward. The way she arrived on the scene was just too convenient. It seemed so she could be appointed in charge of Mona's case. So, basically possible members of this A Team seem to be: Jenna, Jason, Maya, Garrett, Toby, Sullivan, Lucas and Ezra [I think it's too convenient that Jenna was texting Aria and following her and it lead her straight to Ezra.]. Although I have my doubts that any of them are ORA. None of them seem to have any kind of connection to Emily that would explain why Emily really gets it more than the rest do.

If all of the above mentioned people are part of the A Team, then you have to examine their actions, especially that of Garrett and Maya. Maya might have been considered a loose cannon because of her drug use or it could have been this weird twisted thing ORA seems to have for Emily and the fact that Maya was trying to get Emily to leave town with her. The only thing Garrett seemed to be doing was developing some kind of relationship with Melissa.

Melissa is kind of a wildcard in this whole mess. She seems to know a lot, but she wasn't overly upset that Garrett was arrested or trying to do anything to prove him innocent. She was also conveniently in the crowd watching as Maya's body was taken away. She also hated Allison and was sending threatening texts to her. Her own parents suspected she was the one who killed Allison. Is she a member of the A Team? It's really hard to say. As I said, she's a wildcard.

If Jenna is a member of the A Team, then it would seem turning Garrett into the police had been sanctioned by ORA. If Maya and Garrett were members were they used as examples to keep the rest of the team in line to show them what could happen to them if they have any second thoughts of turning on ORA? Was it just a coincidence that roughly around the same time Jenna dumped Garrett and Noel dumped Mona and they hooked up with each other for awhile?

When ORA let Spencer realize that Mona was A, was that supposed to be the end of it? Is Spencer not letting it go and still investigating what is causing this to start up all over again? Why was Garrett calling Spencer? He said it wasn't over and more was going on then Spencer knew about, some of it Spencer wouldn't want to know about. That kind of suggests someone Spencer's connected to might be deeply involved in this: her parents, Melissa, Jason or maybe even Toby. Did ORA tell Garrett to call Spencer to start this thing up, again, since Mona said in the finale that it wasn't really over, which hinted it was going to start up all over again. Or has A abandoned Garrett and he's hoping to cut a deal with Spencer so she can uncover what's going on, which will end up clearing him and setting him free?

There's just so many little pieces of this puzzle it's hard to know where they fit together. And I'm sure I missed plenty. The only thing we know for sure isn't Mona is Original Recipe A and A has some warped and twisted thing for Emily. After that the rest is all trial and error as we try and figure out the truth about this mess once and for all.


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