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Pretty Little Liars -- So What Movies Did Marlene Rip-Off For This Finale?

Updated on March 27, 2015

Not only was it really bad...

It was most sincerely bad.

As for the movies and/or TV shows the great writer ripped off this time, I recognized the old TV show The Prisoner and an old made-for-TV movie called, Revenge of the Stepford Wives with a little of the one season show Persons Unknown thrown in for kicks.

Unfortunately, the spoilers were true. The pathetically played-out Mona is alive and no explanation was given for her looking like she was dead in the trunk of the car. Thankfully, they didn't say it was Mona's twin that was killed. I have my own explanation and it goes like this. Some of Marlene King's twitter followers whine, "We heart Mona. Please don't let her be dead." So she unwrote Mona not only being really dead but most sincerely dead to appease these whiners. It's the same thing she did when some of her followers whine, "We heart Spoby. Make him be A to protect Spencer." And that's exactly what she did, when nothing was even shown to show just how he was protecting Spencer. This is why writers should not be rapping with fans on Twitter cause it causes them to throw out planned story to appease a bunch of whiners who wouldn't know a good story if it bit them on their collective backsides.

Okay, so this is what went down in the episode.

In a rip-off from the TV show, The Prisoner, the girls were mysteriously drugged and abducted from the prison van carrying them and taken to A's Dollhouse. Then came the rip-off of Persons Unknown as the liars wake-up in replicas of their own rooms and find themselves locked in them until the mysterious A decides to let them out. And this was followed by Stepford Wife Mona in her little blonde Ali wig and Ali's yellow ruffled blouse playing the piano and acting like the perfect Stepford Ali whenever a buzzer buzzed.

The only good part of this episode was when Veronica and Peter finally learn about A. It all begins when Toby tells them that the guards were drugged with the date rape drug and all the liars were kidnapped. But he tells them not to tell the other parents. He says Tanner wants to keep this quiet. I just bet she does. So much for Toby's claims to put Spencer first over his job. I didn't see dickface telling them about A, either. Guess he just said that to get a last roll in the hay before Spencer was out of service. I don't care if they never say he's working for A, I'll also believe it. It's the only thing that makes sense.

As previously mentioned, the liars wake in replicas of their bedrooms and are told to follow the lighted passage way where someone wearing a blonde wig and Ali mask is waiting for them. It's stupid Mona. Yeah, even though we saw this moron dead, she's now alive. Can you say JUMP THE SHARK?

Mona claims she's Ali. Total nutjob. She actually thinks she's Ali. Her sick fantasy come true.

Robo Cop is supposedly helping Caleb and Ezra to track the liars. Seems A was tracking the van and that's how he was able to magically drug everyone on it.

Psycho Mona hears a bell and goes to another room. Another two bells ring and Psycho Mona gives them black envelopes that contain invitations to the prom. When Hanna blows her top and won't play along, there's a loud siren and MonAli tells them all to go back to their rooms.

Hanna sees someone coming into her room. It's MonALi. She gets the other girls out, as well. She tells them how she's tried to get out. MonAli says she only pretends to be Ali when IT is watching her. Then she tells them they have 17 seconds to run and presumably get back to their cells. She also blathers on about how she's winning the game. Sure you are dimwit. And sheds some crocodile tears about her mother when she was planning to fake her death and make her mother think she was dead, anyway. Save it, honey, no one's buying your act but the liars.

Veronica and Peter go to see Ali. Ali says she has no clue about what happened to Spencer. She says she knows who took them. That it's A. She tells them A started all over again when Mona was in Radley with a new puppet master.

Hoodie Boy is watching Mona on camera in her Ali outfit. Spencer has a dream of blocks rearranging themselves into the name Charles. Rolling my eyes. She now believes that's A's name. Since when does having a dream like that equal the truth? That's why I call them pretty stupid liars.

MonAli wakes up and smiles. She's given a gas mask and a note, “Because you're my favorite, A.” She puts it on. Let me guess, I suppose Hoodie Boy is going to gas the girls. Actually, that never happened and it was just thrown in there for no reason, at all.

Toby gives Tanner proof that someone hijacked the van the girls were in. Now Tanner puts an APB out on Caleb. Let me guess, she's going to blame Caleb now. Yep, she says she's sure it's Caleb. Lady, what happened to you? You used to be a good cop, not some Barney Fife twisting things to fit whatever theory you've got bubbling in your head.

A female voice tells the liars to find their stations. Spencer realizes A is recreating a prom that Melissa went to with Ian. MonAli writes on a prom invitation if they got a gas mask. Like the gask mask this has no significance since Charles is obsessed with Ali not Melissa.

Peter and Veronica come to Toby, Caleb and Ezra and say they know about A.

Oh, God, this is so lame as the girls talk about how they'll decorate their prison for their prom.

The police come to arrest Caleb.

Toby says whatever info Tanner gets she twists to her own agenda.

Andrew is listening as Veronica tells Melissa there's something she has to tell her. So he apparently has Veronica's phone bugged or is it Melissa's?

Idiot A provides all the stuff Spencer says she wants to make a prom that will genuflect to MonaLi. Emily and Spencer stage a fight so A will be distracted so they can build a device to turn off the electricity. Yeah, A is that dumb.

Dumb Tanner questions Caleb and he says he knows more than her. Peter and Veronica try to talk some sense into Dumb Tanner. Caleb is able to track the van for Tanner. Of course, the girls won't be there.

The girls return to their rooms and find their prom dresses. Then the liars arrive at their prom with a bunch of mannequins. A is apparently dressed as one of the mannequins.

Mona arrives as the prom queen to canned applause. The liars all call to Charles saying this is his prom. So let me get this straight. Charles is in love with Ali and that's why he's been doing it. Oh, brother. I hope it isn't Jason. That would just be too icky.

The girls decide to run for it instead of ripping his mask off and seeing who he is. Dumb.

The police arrive at the old Campbell Farm. They find A's lair. Apparently, Andrew's last name is also Campbell.

Spencer gets separated from the liars and wanders into a room with a lot of memorabilia. She sees Jessica with twin boys. Meanwhile Tanner sees the tape of Hanna calling A a bitch and that Mona isn't dead. Guess she'll finally get it now.

The liars find the themselves surrounded by an electrified fence.

So Charles is Jason's twin brother and he's A and creepily in love with Ali. Yeah, that's the supposed big reveal. But is it really the truth?

I can't help noticing that this whole scenario is Mona's wet dream come true. She's always wanted to be Ali and have the liars following her around as their leader. And it was Mona who first had liar dolls in a doll house. So is there really a Charles or is it warped sick Mona playing her A game again? Since she was planning to fake her death and was working with Charles that means her leading Spencer to all the Bethany info was a set-up just like when she claimed she could prove Ali was A and she no doubt planted fake evidence in all of Ali's hiding places to make her look guilty to the liars. And putting that storage locker in Hanna's name is so Mona.

According to Marlene King we were all supposed to feel sorry for Charles. Sorry, not happening. He's kind of a bad joke at the moment. He's one part a grown man with the mind of a child as he sits on the floor playing with his dolls as witnessed in last episode's ending A scene. He's one part computer hacking genius. He's one part Invisible Man as he can magically get in and out of the jail without anyone seeing him when he attacked Ali and planted money in the prison bibles. And he's one part pervert as he apparently wants to date his own sister, Ali. There's nothing there to feel sorry about in the least.

My personal feeling on why good old Marlene picked some character we never heard of before to be A is she figures then her twitter followers won't be upset about who A is and she can actually tell a story without having to change it in midstream to make them happy. And that's pretty sad and pathetic and that's what makes her such a hack writer.


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