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Pretty Little Liars -- Sorting Out The Mess After The A Reveal

Updated on March 22, 2012

Where do we stand now?

If Mona was telling the truth and there is an A-Team, just who is a member of it? Logically, A couldn't have done all the things she did without a lot of help. It was just too much for one person to pull off. But what is their purpose for terrorizing the Pills? Is it to make them pay for Allison's sins or is there another reason?

Logically, the members of this Team A have to be the victims of Allison. She was a nasty vile little thing so there could be a lot of them. They all banded together to make Allison's own little team suffer the way Allison made them suffer. After all, they went along with the things Allison did and never tried to stop her. Three victims we know of are: Lucas, Jenna and Mona. It's also possible the NAT Club was also involved. On the video taken in Allison's room the night she disappeared they [Ian, Jenna and Garrett] were looking for some tapes Allison had but she wouldn't give back. Melissa was also sending Allison threatening texts because she wouldn't stay away from her boyfriend, Ian. So all these people could be a part of the A-Team with Mona as the front-man A, sending all her nasty texts.

One person who I think turned in her A card and is no longer a member is Jenna. I think when A/Mona caused Toby to have an accident, A went too far for Jenna's taste. A went after a member of her family. When Jenna found out she was upset by it, and it was right after Toby's accident that Jenna got involved with Mona/A's boyfriend, Noel. Mona went after her brother, so Jenna went after A's boyfriend. By the time Jenna returned from having her eye surgery I think Jenna wanted nothing to do with A, but she knew too much, so that's why Mona lured her to Jason's house and tried to kill her. This also suggests Jason isn't a member of the A Team, because if Jenna had turned on A, she would be a threat to all the members of the A Team and wouldn't come if one of them invited her some place. It suggests that Jenna trusted Jason and didn't think she'd be in any danger from him.

Does that mean Jason isn't a member of the A Team? Is he still a member of the NAT Club? The fact Jason has been giving the girls Allison's things kind of suggests he isn't a member of the A team. Of course, he could also be doing it hoping they'd spot something in them that he didn't see and if he's still NAT lead him to the videos Allison had but wouldn't hand over. So, Jason's still a big question mark. Not a member of Club A but possibly still a member of NAT since Ian since once you become a member you can never quit.

Lucas being with Jenna at the ball also suggests he is a former member of the A Team, as well. Re-watching the episode where Lucas called the crisis line the story he told Caleb and Hanna doesn't really wash with what he said to the crisis line. .What if it really was Lucas in the greenhouse that night? What if Mona gave him her phone and he lost it when Hanna nearly ran him down. What if Lucas was told to lure Hanna out on the lake? We later see "A" fishing a shoe out of the lake that must have been Lucas'. Why would A care, unless it was actually Lucas that fished his own shoe out of the lake. And just what would Lucas have done to Hanna if Caleb hadn't shown up when he did?

Right after the mishap at the greenhouse Spencer and Toby heard Garrett telling Jenna she shouldn't have brought him into this. Him must be Lucas. Maybe Jenna promised to pay off his gambling debts if he did this for A. When someone does something for A, like Dr. Sullivan and the lady in the doll shop, A likes to reward them with a big envelope of money.

That also brings us to the video of the NAT Club that A had on her phone. If the NAT Club knew about it wouldn't they demand it back if they were a member of Team A or was Mona using it to blackmail the NAT Club to help her? Although, if Garrett is a member of Team A, he doesn't seem aware the video exists. The night the Pills were caught with the murder weapon that killed Allison he showed her Page 5 and said the last thing that connected them to the night Allison died had been destroyed. So maybe they don't know that Mona had a copy of the video on her phone.

Noel is a member of the NAT Club and he was dating Mona, but right after the lake incident with Hanna, Noel dumped Mona. I can't recall is Mona just removed all her files from her phone or tried to delete them when Caleb was downloading them off her phone. If she deleted them, maybe that's why Noel dumped her. It's possible Mona was using the NAT video to get Noel to date her and when he learned the video had been deleted, he didn't think she had anything to hold over his head, anymore. She'd hardly tell him the enemy got their hands on the video, she'd lie that she deleted them before they could see it. But maybe Jenna told him otherwise, because he tried to get Aria to tell him where Caleb was during the school lock down. If Jenna knew the truth it would suggest she was a closer ally to Mona than others were.

Speaking of Jenna, could she be mounting an anti A Team of her own? If Garrett is a member of the A Team, Jenna got him in a lot of trouble by turning in Page 5 to the police. Now he's going on trial for Allison's death. Since A lead the Pllls into the trap by faking Dr. Sullivan's disappearance it seems like he must be a part of it. She also brought Lucas back to town.

Was Lucas the person Jenna met in the park? For some reason I don't think it was. I think it might have been Ezra. At the masquerade Jenna texted Aria and she seemed to be leading her to meet up with Ezra who was waiting. Is it possible Ezra and Jenna could have been lovers before Ezra and Aria started their thing?

If Jenna has started up an anti-A group then the members seems to be: Jenna, Lucas and possibly Ezra. Could Toby also be a member? Just how and why did Toby track down Dr. Sullivan? Why was he acting like Jenna's loyal brother when they both came back to town? Something seemed to happen between Toby and Jenna while they were out of town. Toby left town before Jenna did, so just how did they meet up? Did she possibly tell Toby about how A got Dr. Sullivan to disappear? Or could Toby be a member of Team A just like Dr. Sullivan? Dr. Sullivan showed up at a very convenient time to get Mona into the psych ward and give her some diagnosis that sounded like pure hogwash, claiming she wasn't responsible for her actions but with treatment and drugs she could get better. How long you want to bet before Dr. Sullivan signs Mona's release papers?

Then we have the mysterious Black Swan. Mona was sure to show Spencer a drawing of the Black Swan sketch for a costume. Was the Black Swan just a decoy to make The Pills think she was A? Maybe like Lucas was a decoy to make them think he was A in the greenhouse? She didn't arrive at the party until Spencer and Mona had left. Did Mona always plan to lure Spencer away from the party by dropping the bait of the last time she saw Allison in Brookhaven? It also seemed the gum wrapper bookmark in Allison's diary was a plant so Spencer would realize Mona was A, as Mona offered Spencer some gum to make the connection between the bookmark and her. Mona knows how suspicious the Pills are of Jenna and for the Black Swan to go over and talk to Jenna would convince them she was A. Spencer thought Mona didn't call Hanna about the Black Swan, but she must have, or why was Hanna immediately suspicious of the Black Swan the minute she entered the party.

Finally, I think the person who visited Mona in the hospital was the A that was tormenting Allison. She may have been the one to get the A Team together to band together against the evil Allison. She looked like she was wearing the red coat Allison wore to spy on A. The last person we saw with that coat with was Aria. Did she ever give it back to Spencer? Could the person who visited Mona be Aria? Was it just a coincidence that when Spencer realized Mona was A, the diary page she was looking at was about Aria? And why was Aria the only Pill Jenna was interested in at the party?

I think Mona's flashback of meeting Allison in Brookhaven really happened, but I think the number Allison wrote down wasn't her own, but A's. This is Allison who couldn't stand Mona. Would she really give Mona her number? Or would she instead give her A's number to send A a little message that I'm watching YOU A. I've turned the tables on you. Could this be what got Allison killed? Did Allison overplay her hand? Was it just a coincidence that A threatened someone would be taken out in a body bag if she didn't get her phone back by midnight and a little after the alarm on Mona's wristwatch went off Maya was taken out in a body bag? Did Allison's killer claim another victim?

Maya was seen talking with both Noel and Jason and both were or still are members of the NAT Club. Maya was seen getting in a dark car and we've seen Garrett all over the place watching people. Garrett was/is a member of the NAT Club.

Dream Allison or whatever she was had a point. This is a mess. Trying to unravel each persons part in this is like trying to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle. But it was a great cliffhanger. There's so much more here now to try and figure out.


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