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Pretty Little Liars -- TIppy's Got A Tip

Updated on June 19, 2013

Spencer has a really bad day

Maybe I'm A. I've started referring to the liars as The Bitches, just like A does. The problem is the longer this goes on, the more they show that's exactly what they are, so A is addressing them in the correct term. The problem lies with the writers. To make them root-worthy they need stop be being written as dumb and bitchy. That's just not qualities that inspire anyone to root for them. It's why this season I think all the characters, even A. are on an even playing field. There all just a bunch of not very nice people sticking it to each other.

I've started to think this thing won't end until all the liars learn that lying doesn't get you anything but more trouble and they learn to tell the truth. It really is their lies that enables A to have power over them. Tell the truth and A is powerless. Lie and you have to keep doing more lying and getting in deeper and deeper and allowing A's grip to become even more firmer on you.

I had a smidgen of hope for Spencer when she told Ezra lying has never gotten her anywhere, however that was just about getting into the college she wants to get in. Since it wasn't long after that she was lying again, this time to her fellow liars to protect her deceitful betraying boyfriend. On the other end of the spectrum was Emily lying to Paige about how she hurt her shoulder. It took losing her chance to go to Stanford with Paige and popping pills to finally get her to be honest with Paige. Spencer, however, continued to lie to the liars.

While Emily and Spencer were lying, Horrible Hanna and Aria were back to their usual tricks. Aria decided to take self-defense lessons from a guy named Jake and she ended up kissing him. Really, Aria? Another teacher? Is this some kind of fetish you have? Meanwhile, it was that time of the season for Horrible Hanna to blow off her big fat stupid mouth and alert someone they suspected that they suspected them, thus blowing whatever advantage they might have had. It was Shauna this time and she let Shauna know what they knew to act all smug and bitchy. I was actually wishing Shauna would have knocked her down, sat on her and rubbed her face into the ground, and I don't like Shauna. But Shana is far more likable than Horrible Hanna.

My dislike of the character has been steadily growing over the seasons. She's horrible to her mother. She's horrible to her boyfriend. And she doesn't have the slightest clue on how to be a friend. She was all happy to suck Mona's butt when she had something she wanted, but this week she let Mona see what she's really like and Mona means crap to her. I really hope Mona didn't do all this because of this hag, because the friendship only existed on Mona's side. On Hefty Hanna's side, she was just using her until something better came along. And again, I don't like Mona, but Mona is more likable than she is.

I have to say Toby has really killed Spencer as a character. She actually used to be my favorite liar, now she just disgusts me over her stupidity over this creep. She's literally letting her involvement with this creep ruin her life. He's the reason she didn't get into Penn U like she dreamed of. She stopped caring about her grades when she learned he was a member of the A Team and got kicked off the debate team. But she won't make the connection, just like she refuses to admit Toby has done nothing to protect her. Even when she learned he gave the RV back to A, she still was trying to find a way to make it so he was protecting her and her lying friends. Then what does she do? She turns around and protects him from the people he's just betrayed.

Seriously, Toby had the choice between learning something about his dead mother or protecting his live girlfriend who he claims he's been protecting in everything he does. What does he do? Throws live girlfriend to the wolves because learning something about his dead mother is more important to him. Hello, how many years has this woman been dead? It's not like whatever he found out was going to resurrect her or something.

It's because of Spencer's blind stupidity when it comes to this jerk that I've lost all respect and liking for her.

The bright spot of this season still continues to be Mrs. DiLaurentis. Horrible Hanna went over to try and pump her for info about when Ali's body was found, since even Spencer is no longer sure she really saw Ali. Mrs. D says that workmen found Ali's body under the gazebo and seeing that yellow shirt was enough for her to know it was Ali.

This leads into a flashback of Mrs. D having lunch with Ali, and let's say they didn't have a warm and loving relationship. Ali was digging Mom about ordering a drink for lunch, but after seeing what Mrs. D. had to put up from this little psychopath, I'm surprised she didn't stay pickled 24/7 having to deal with her. Ali wanted to go up to Cape May and Mommy D didn't want her to. So what does the spoiled brat do? She starts holding her breath, threatening to do it until she passes out, to make her mother give her her own way, and that's just what Mrs. D does.

Hanna tells Mrs. D that Ali lied and they never met her up at Cape May. Mrs. D isn't surprised. While she's talking to Mrs. D, Hanna seems to think someone is watching her from inside the house. That's when Mrs. D introduces Hanna to Tippy a parrot that belongs to her mother-in-law and asks Hanna to take it. Aria notices the bird keeps repeating that same tune and Spencer finally realizes it's a telephone number. Only no one picks up the number when dialed. When the liars go back up to verify Spencer took down the right number, they find the window open and Tippy missing.

Tippy is actually having dinner with A. At first, I thought Tippy was dinner and it seriously grossed me out. But from the figure of the cooked bird, it looks like it may be another parrot that got plucked and cook. Watching A tried to feed a piece of it to Tippy just makes my stomach heave when I think about a parrot being fed another parrot for supper. Yuck!

I don't buy that for the last two years Tippy has been repeating that phone number tone over and over again. I think Mrs. D taught that parrot that tune recently. It's the only reason that bird would keep repeating it over and over again, if it was something it just learned. The whole thing reminds me of the breadcrumb trail that A left for Spencer to follow to Ali's anklet to clear Garrett. Me thinks the liars are being set up, yet again.

I really hope Mona is conning the liars, since after the way they treated her, she's a fool to even try to help them. Horrible Hanna accused Mona of planting the phone on Wilden's body and all the liars sided with the moronic nitwit. Then when the RV was stolen, they blamed Mona for that, too. Now that Horrible Hanna got what she wanted out of Mona, she can't get away from her fast enough. however Aria and Emily stayed behind to see what Mona would do next, and saw her being attacked.

Mona got in her car and the Halloween Mask was hiding in the backseat and tried to strangle her. Mona fell out of the car, and Halloween Mask tried to run down Mona, Aria and Emily. Emily knocked Aria and Mona to the ground and hurt her shoulder. Then Aria saw Mona talking to the police and had a fit. Well, considering the way you...I'm gonna say it...bitches were treating her, why shouldn't she rat you out to the cops. As it turns out, Mona overheard that the police had found a high-heeled footprint around where Wilden's car got shoved into the lake. And it turns out those prints might just be Ashley's.

Ashley spent the episode messing with a muddy pair of high heels. Was Ashley really out of town like she claimed or could she have been the one to kill Wilden?

It's interesting, but so far this season the parents are so much more interesting than the liars are. By the way can I say how much I loathe this whole Halloween mask crap they're pulling? It's just so ridiculous someone going around wearing this mask. What is A? The new Michael Myers or something? And don't tell me someone can walk into a mental hospital wearing a Halloween mask and be allowed to visit a mental patient. That's just plain ridiculous.


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