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Pretty Little Liars -- The 100th Episode

Updated on July 13, 2014

Heavy on romantic hook-ups, but light on giving any answers

I could have sworn we were supposed to learn what this big secret Melissa and Peter were keeping in the 100th episode, but neither Peter nor Melissa were even on the show. However, we got the welcome return of Jenna. And one secret we thought we knew is officially unknown.

The big event was Ali returning to school. Paige left school because it made her sick to even be in the same place as Ali after what she did to her. Meanwhile, Mona had her nerd herd to back her up and make her feel safe. For all that Mona feels like a pathetic loser for not just letting it go and just living and letting live and just acting like Ali doesn’t exist, she pulled a good one on Ali.

Ali felt like she was being followed and she ran into the same church that Ian and Spencer had their fatal meeting in. She was confronted by Mona who was secretly taping the encounter. Ali showed her true colors by saying who she apologized to a couple of the people she bullied and they forgave her and if Mona doesn’t back off don’t think she can’t make her Loser Mona, again. This makes Mona so mad she slaps Ali. Then in the longest pause in history, Ali finally slaps her back. Of course, when Mona shows her little tape in school she’s edited out the part where she slaps Ali. What makes it bad for Ali is she lied to her girls about what happened. She told them about Mona slapping her, but not about her slapping Mona.

And that’s not the only secret she’s keeping. They see her talking to someone in a car, and she claims it’s about school. But if she lied about what happened between her and Mona, I wouldn’t be surprised about her lying about that, too.

Okay, a moment out from the recap. How is it that Mona can hit Ali hard and doesn’t leave a scratch, while Mona gets slapped and ends up with a bleeding cut on her face. Did Ali use her nails to claw Mona’s face, as well, as she slapped her? Back to the recap.

Spencer gets called to the principal’s office and finds her mother waiting for her. It seems Veronica checked herself out of the spa Peter tried to stick her in. She tells Spencer that Melissa and Peter lied about their whereabouts the night someone buried Jessica in their backyard. Their agreement was they were never supposed to involve their children into any of their shenanigans. Since Peter has involved Melissa, Veronica is leaving him and taking Spencer with her. And once again there's the insinuation there's some dark history and bad blood between the Hastings and DiLaurentis' families. It seems Peter knocking Jessica up with Jason is just the tip of the iceberg and something much bigger has been hidden. Yep, another secret that may or may not ever be revealed.

Emily plays peacemaker and gets Ali and Paige together. Ali makes her apology to Paige but I don't get the feeling Paige is one of those that's going to be all forgiving just because of an apology. When Emily reveals after Ali gave her apology that she's going out with Paige and Sydney, but Ali isn't invited, she reveals to Emily that all those kisses they shared were mutual and that she wasn't just practicing for boys by kissing Emily. Later that night when Emily spends the night with Ali and they start getting hot and heavy in Ali's bed. But Emily starts having morning after regrets when she learns Ali has lied, yet again.

Toby gets a call from Jenna and he goes running to her, despite claiming he hasn't spoken to her since she moved to New York, just as he and Spencer are talking about toxic relationships. [Note to writers: I think Toby and Spencer are the real toxic relationship.] It would have been nice if someone mentioned that, as we were all left thinking Jenna was still in the hospital in a coma from the latest attack on her. He also risks his life when he thinks Jenna's life may be in danger.

This is why I think there's way more to the story between Toby and Jenna than what Toby's claiming. If Toby claims Ali blackmailing him to take the blame for blinding Jenna set him free of her, why does he keep rushing to her side when she's in danger or needs him? It's why I think we haven't really discovered the truth about Jenna and Toby or Toby's true feelings for Jenna. I have to admit as a couple, Toby and Jenna fascinate me while I loathe Spencer and Toby because that is the true toxic relationship. Toby has been nothing but bad for Spencer and I can list examples if I need to to back up that statement.

Unfortunately, Toby and Spencer do it in his truck as he claims he'll never leave her. Unless he goes out of town on a job. Or gets in a snit when she won't lie to the others for him. Or he lets her think he's dead. Those are some of the examples I was just talking about.

The expression she's just not that into you seems to go for Travis and Hanna. She, however, perks up when she sees Caleb [looking hot with a new short haircut and a five o'clock shadow] in line for coffee but when she turns around he's gone. Meanwhile Lucas invites Hanna to a party when he wants to introduce her to his new girlfriend. The new girlfriend never materializes and Lucas spends the night getting Hanna drunk as a skunk. Later she finally runs into Caleb who is keeping mum about what happened in Ravenswood and says he doesn't want to mess things up for Hanna and Travis. Mess them up, Caleb. Travis is a crashing bore and Hanna seems to feel the same. A point in Caleb's favor is he knows why Hanna suddenly has made herself over. That shows he's the only one who really knows her.

It seems the whole reason for Aria to kill Shana was to help lead her back to Ezra's bed. With Jenna back in town the liars paranoia goes sky high. When I saw them talking about a she being back for revenge, I thought they were talking about Ali. No, they were talking about Jenna. When Emily starts bad talking Jenna, Aria tells her to stuff it and reaches out the hand of friendship to Jenna over Shana, after she finds her crying in her room.

Afterwards, she goes to Ezra and tells him about her visit with Jenna and he lifts up his shirt to show her his scar low on his abdomen and she jumps on him like he's a horse and it's off to the races, while the hashtag #EzriaForever flashes on the screen and I'm making gagging noises in the background. Seriously, does Marlene King write these hashtags. Okay, I guess I can't blame Aria for riding that pony and riding him hard. When he lifted his shirt and I saw how low his sweat pants were hanging and it didn't look like he was wearing any underwear beneath I got a little warm and tingly, myself. Needless to say my thoughts weren't on his scar. It made me sick afterwards since Ezra makes my skin crawl normally.

Anyway, the secret untold is who Jenna met with in the park in the season 2 finale. Ever since Shana said she wasn't summoned by Ali to come to Rosewood and be her spy until after Mona was sent to Radley, it was obvious it wasn't her, even though they made it appear it was Shana in the season 3 finale. Anyway, Jenna and new girl Sydney, wearing dark glasses, came to meet Mona in the park. Yep, Sydney a bad guy, too, or the new Shana, if you will. And Jenna looked towards some mystery person coming towards them and I'm guessing that's the person who Jenna met with in the park back in season 2. But who it is is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile the liars surmise they were all kept busy so they couldn't come to Ali's aid when Mona had her confrontation with her. Hanna was being plied with liquor by Lucas. Jenna was arriving at Aria's. And Emily was out with Paige and Sydney. But who kept Spencer busy? It seems like it was either Toby and Veronica. Was one of them the mystery person who met Jenna, Sydney and Mona in that park?

Then the police identify who was mistaken for Ali and buried in her grave. Her name was Bethany Young, a seventeen year old who had escaped from Radley. The liars come to hear the news with their significant others. Ali eyes Caleb and Hanna. Yep, Hanna finally has a boyfriend so you can't put her down and make her feel insecure cause no one will ever love her. And he's hopefully a boyfriend that hasn't been tainted by the touch of Ali DiLaurentis. Then suddenly there's an explosion next door. It's Toby's house and Toby runs in to save Jenna.

A bit of deja vu with Ali being back and someone bombing a place Jenna's in. Only this time Ali has an alibi and can't be blamed for it. Kind of coincidental that Ali summoned them all there just when it happened. Her little kidnapping lie gives her an alibi for the last two years of crimes she's committed, but since she no longer has the video of Toby and Jenna she can't blackmail Jenna into keeping quiet, so she could still go down for blinding Jenna unless Jenna is silenced permanently by being dead.

As all the liars watch Toby rush in to save Jenna with not one of them running in to help, they get a text from A. Yep, A is back. No big shocker. The only ones who thought Shana was A was the liars.


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