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Pretty Little Liars -- The A Timeline

Updated on August 5, 2012

Someone on a Pretty Little Liars message board was talking about the Halloween episode, and it got me to thinking that's when the whole A thing began.

Ali got her first text from A and when she put someone up to attacking her in the empty house to test Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily's loyalty to her, the person that actually attacked her may have been A. And we know from a flashback in season two that when the girls were coming home from the party A had written a note to Ali on one of the party invitation and stuck it to the jack-o-lantern with a knife.

We can only assume the texts continued after that night. Did A blackmail Ali do things the way Mona did to Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily? Whatever the case, Ali disguised herself as Vivian Darkbloom and started to try and find out who A was.

Despite Spencer declaring that Mona made up the story of how she ran into Ali in Brookhaven, I think Mona had been telling the truth. She did see Ali and said what she wanted most was to be popular and Ali ripped that piece of the post card off and gave it to Mona.

We also know Ali and A got into some game of sending messages to each other through the newspaper and they'd arranged to meet. We also know Ali was back in Rosewood earlier than she said to presumably meet A face-to-face. A didn't do anything to Ali, since later that night she was with Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily when she disappeared. The question is could Ali had done something to A?

When Ali met A what if Ali killed A and buried her alive, then she went to met with Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily planning all along to fake her disappearance. If anyone would want to disappear it would be Ali. A was hardly her only enemy. You had Melissa. There was also the members of the NAT Club. And there's no telling how many other enemies she had.

A year passes and in that time Mona has achieved her most treasured dream of being popular. Then Aria returns and Mona becomes A. I don't think she was the A targeting Ali. Of course the question is why wait a year until Aria returns? Since Aria never got much trouble from A, anyway, A could have gone after the other three while she was gone, but A seemed to want to wait until the four were back together. The question is why?

It make me tend to believe that Ali took over as A Sr. and turned Mona into A Jr. There's some things that happened that make me think A Sr. concentrated on Emily, while A Jr. focused on Spencer, Hanna and Aria. A got up close and personal with Emily when she gave her a massage, but she didn't do anything like that to the others. And when Dr. Sullivan disappeared and the dolls were sent, only dolls for Aria, Hanna and Spencer were sent. Emily found a doll in her car, that led her into a trap where she had that dream of Ali kissing her. There's also the fact that Mona seemed to feel sorry for Emily and helped her get back on the swim team, while all A does is torture and torment Emily. Even when the girls could have a brief respite that they were finally free of A with Mona locked up, Emily wasn't granted that gift as Maya's body was found in her backyard,

Since A Sr. has taken over, Emily has been her primary target. Emily's been drugged. Emily was the first person A texted. Emily was outted for cheating. A slipped a tooth necklace into Emily's purse. A used Spencer to clear Garrett and to make Hanna think she was going to frame her from the crime. A to make Aria confess to trashing her father's office.

In Aria and Hanna's case A Sr. was using things that they put in Ali's coffin to taunt them with and with Spencer A Sr. wanted to show her that she wasn't as smart as she think she is. But with Emily it seems different. It's almost like A Sr. is just tossing a few things out for Spencer, Hanna and Aria so it doesn't seem like A Sr. is more fixated on Emily than anyone else. A Sr. seemed to only go after Caleb's mother to stop Hanna from telling Caleb the truth.

Maybe A Sr. will start focusing more on the other girls and prove Emily isn't her primary target. As usual with A, we await the next text in hopes of getting another clue that will bring us all closer to uncovering the truth.


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