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Pretty Little Liars -- The Black Swan's Identity Is Revealed

Updated on June 26, 2012

Detective Wilden was back and so was Ashley, but not together. Jason was back, too, and Mya's cousin, Nate, was in town with a gift for Emily from the grave. And Wren was once again haunting the halls of the mental institution Mona is staying in.

Probably if any character is looking more suspicious than anyone else it's Wren. The man is not a psychiatrist. He was Toby's doctor after he wan injured and he patched up Spencer, so why is the man haunting Mona's ward? And I'm finding his "friendship" with Hanna on the creepy side. Is the guy into teenage girls or something? One last thing that's been bothering me. When Wren called up Hanna the initials identifying who the caller was were RS not WK. Why the different initials?

Because of Mona's fit she's being refused visitors. Not about to be deterred from seeing Mona, Hanna sneaks in. And who should she run into but Dr. Wren, once again. They both stay hidden as they see Detective Wilden going in to see Mona and ask what she knows about the theft of Allison's body.

Jason's back and is fit to be tied when he learns Veronica is defending the man who may have murdered his sister. He's not just going to sit back and take it. So he puts up posters around town offering $50,000 for anyone with information on who killed Allison. Spencer tries to convince Jason to take down the posters. A sort of threatened to go to Jason and possibly point the finger for the theft of Allison's body at the Pills and her mother said whomever took the body will automatically be suspected of killing Allison. She's worried what he could uncover. Jason tells her he's going to do as she suggested since he's getting some prank calls. However, Jason isn't being totally honest with her. He got a text as he was talking to Spencer and it was after the text he decided to take down the posters. After Spencer leaves, Jason writes out a check for $50,000 and arranges to meet someone. However, the person that contacted Jason doesn't seem to be Ally's A, because that A appears to be in the Montecito Airport after running Caleb's mother's car off the road.

Hanna and Caleb are having big problems in their relationship. She's angry because of his visit to Mona she can't see her and she tells him to stay out of it. Later, Aria convinces Hanna to come clean with Caleb and tell him what's going on. Before she can, she gets pictures text to her of Caleb's mother's accident in Montecito. Caleb shows up and tells Hanna his mother was in an accident and that his mother thought the person purposely ran them off the road. Hanna takes it as the threat Ally's A meant it to be and refuses to tell Caleb the truth. That's it for Caleb. He's had enough and breaks up with her.

Aria doesn't want to tell Ella that Byron is dating Meredith. So she encourages her mother to start going out. When Ella nixes the idea, Aria and Hanna get on to an online dating site. I have to say how insulting it was to Ella that Aria was looking to pair Ella up with some balding guy. Hello, your father isn't bald. Ashley comes in and gives the girls a better dating site to look for men for Ella. They put a profile up under the name, Hot Mama. When Ashley runs into Ella later she tells her about it. Ella goes to Aria and tells her she knows Byron is dating Meredith and she's okay with it. Right now, she wants to find out who she is and she's not ready to get involved with someone new, yet. However, she does say to leave her profile online a little bit longer

Since the Pills have decided to believe what Jenna said, they turn their attention to trying to figure out who the Black Swan is. Hanna's pretty convinced Melissa is Ally's A. So Spencer agrees to them all heading to Philly to search Melissa's apartment while Spencer lures her out. Things don't go as planned when Melissa returns unexpectedly, but the Pills hide and she doesn't find them. It's after Melissa leaves they discover an empty garment bag and at the bottom is a black feather that exactly matches the feather that fell off the Black Swan's costume as she was fleeing the Pills at the Masked Ball.

Spencer comes home and finds Melissa there with a knife in her hand, but she doesn't let her fear show that her sister might go psycho all over her butt. Instead she confronts Melissa about being the Black Swan. She admits it was her. Someone left the costume at her door with a threat to reveal she was faking her pregnancy unless she came to the party and distracted Jenna. Melissa also reveals she had her miscarriage right after she found Ian's body. She says she was going to tell Spencer about it, but she saw her phone and thought it was Spencer who was sending her texts. She claims that at first she didn't want to have the public make a big thing over her miscarriage as well as everyone thinking it was Ian who murdered Allison. Later, she kept pretending to be pregnant for other reasons. Reasons she doesn't reveal when Veronica comes in.

Spencer then plays Truth Or Dare with her mother threatening to leave their home, forever, if she doesn't tell the truth about why she's representing Garrett. Veronica says she saw they were going to call the PI she and Peter hired to follow Melissa to testify at the trial and she was worried what might come out, so she decided to take Garrett's case, to presumably have a way to control what does come out.

Later, Spencer is left shaken and stirred when Wilden cruises by in his car and casually asks her how long the drive is from her parent's Lake House, suggesting Wilden suspects the Pills of having something to do with the theft of Allison's body.

Meanwhile, at the Montecito Airport, A is presumably waiting to catch a flight back to Rosewood after doing the dirty on Caleb's mother.

Mya's cousin, Nate, comes to visit Emily. Emily has gotten a job at the local coffee house. That's like just inviting A to torture her at work since Emily is A's favorite target to torture. Anyway, he brings a present Mya bought for Emily. It's a wife beater's T-shirt. When Emily wants to write Mya's parents, Nate claims he can't find their address. He also says he's thinking of leaving town and not attending school at Hollis because all everyone can talk about is Mya's death and he wants to remember her alive. I don't know why, but there seems to be something just very shady about this guy.

This episode leaves us with quite a few questions: Why would Jenna need to be distracted at the Masked Ball? Was Melissa also getting threatening texts from A? And what other reason did Melissa have to continue to pretend she was pregnant? Just who called Jason asking to meet him? And again, why is Wren haunting the halls of Mona's mental institution?


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    • profile image

      Megan 5 years ago

      I love your posts, they always make me change my mind about who -A is! I think the initials were RS because he was phoning from the Radley Sanctuary. Wren is acting very suspiciously though, why is he always at Radley when he told Hanna he only volunteered there a couple days a month! They're really making it look like he's -A, with the vodka and changing Mona's visitor thing, who else would be able to do that? And I don't like Maya's cousin either, I really hope he isn't there so Emily will be straight again and go out with him! He's Maya's cousin, that's like almost incest! Anyway Emily could get someone much cuter :)