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Pretty Little Liars -- The Father-Daughter Dance

Updated on March 1, 2012

I've said this before and I'll say it, again. I believe Mona is A. So it's really stupid of the Pills to be talking openly in front of her, but they now think she's one of them because she's been getting text messages from A. Which may have been Mona's plan all along. To get in their secret circle and know everything they know.

I can't say this was one of my favorite episodes since three of the four Pills annoyed the crap out of me. Between Spencer wanting to protect Melissa to Hanna copping an "I'm the adult and you're the child" tude with her mother, to Aria being a total dog to her father, I wouldn't have minded A giving the three of them a little bit of torture.

The only decent daughter that attended the Father/Daughter Dance was Emily. Her father tried to help her find out where Maya took off to and then he told her he was leaving for Afghanistan as the two were the only ones to embrace the true meaning of the Father/Daughter Dance.

Mona points out to Hanna that Ashley is sitting in Wilden's car with her. Wilden wants Ashley to get him Hanna's cell phone, and I'm like, "Do it! Do it!" It's long past time that the parents learned about A. Unfortunately, Ashley tries to play it straight with Hanna, and not only won't Hanna tell her the truth she defiantly throws her cell phone into a sink full of water. I really wanted to smack her into next week. Yes, I get she thinks she's protecting her mother by not telling her the truth, but what she's really doing is empowering A by keeping quiet. A is a coward and a bully and continues to be able to terrorize the Pills because they're keeping what she's doing a secret. Personally, if Hanna keeps up that tude, if I were Ashley I'd ask her how she'd like to go live with her father, Step-mommy Isobel and Step-sister Kate if she doesn't cool her attitude.

Now that's Melissa's a prime suspect for killing Allison not to mention being A, Spencer wants the rest of the Pills to keep quiet. Melissa explains about her friendship with Garrett; not sure that I bought it. She also claims Peter was relieved when Allison was dead. Peter buys Spencer a beautiful necklace for the Father/Daughter dance and Melissa manages to ruin any good feelings Spencer might have about it by suggesting he gave it to her out of guilt. Can I say, I don't really like Melissa?

Spencer goes through Peter's desk and finds a check for $15,000, which proves to her that Allison was blackmailing Peter. She tries to fake having a good time with Peter at the dance, but she finally confronts him. This prompts Peter to go through his desk and he finds his gun missing. While he's calling the police, Spencer finds a file filled with Allison's pictures, almost like he's some obsessed stalker, and confronts Peter, again. He tells her he hired a private detective because he was afraid that Melissa had killed Allison. He reveals before Allison disappeared, Melissa had been harassing Allison and sending her threats.

Of course, of all the Pills, Aria was worse. She didn't want to go to the Father/Daughter Dance with Byron, because he doesn't approve of her little romance with her much older teacher. I know we're all supposed to feel bad for poor wittle Aria, but get real. What Byron did was what any parent would do. Aria's lucky her little lover boy isn't cooling his heels in jail on a statutory rape charge. Or at the very least, he isn't facing charges to have his teaching license revoked. Bryon's actually been very lenient towards Ezra. Ella trying to cater to the spoiled little Lolita is unrealistic just to keep in her good books. What parent would approve of their underage daughter getting involved with their teacher?

Anyway, little Aria was pretty much pouting the whole night through because she had to attend the dance with her father. She won't even take a picture with her father, and finally tells him she's not his little girl, any more, before stalking off like the spoiled little princess she is.

Hanna arrives at the dance and tells the other Pills Ashley is on to A, right in front of Mona. And then Mona is the one who comes up with a plan to trick Ashley into getting off the A train. Since Aria is declared the best liar of the group, she goes to Ashley claiming to be A and that Hanna was shoplifting again, so she sent the fake police report to scare her straight.

You know what would be ironic? If Aria was in fact, A. A lot of people have pointed out she hasn't gotten it half as bad or even a quarter as bad as Spencer, Hanna and Emily have gotten it from A. The one time A seems to be trying to expose Aria's continued relationship with Ezra, she conveniently doesn't fall into the trap.

Anyway, Ashley doesn't buy Aria's little BS story and the one thing the Pills don't want to happen happens. Ashley and Ella compare A notes. And A is watching them outside of Ashley's kitchen window. A might not have know Ashley was on to her if the Pills hadn't spoken in front of Mona about Ashley being on to A. Yes, I still think Mona is A.

Ashley wants to go to the police about A, but Ella wants to keep quiet, since A knows a lot about them. Ashley still continues to be the best mother on the show. Keeping quiet about A is what's allowing A's campaign of terror to continue unchecked.

After the dance, the Pills get a new lead on A from Jonah who said he pinpointed the area some of the calls Allison got from A came from. They wander around the town and stumble upon a doll hospital with the creepy dolls they all received from A. Meanwhile, Aria is cold and goes to put on Alison's red raincoat and a guy mistakes her for Vivian [Alison's alias].

Meanwhile, back home, A buys a newspaper with Maya's picture on the front saying she's missing. There's some doubt she actually got on the bus she bought a ticket for. The bus ticket attendant said Maya was talking to someone in a car before the bus was supposed to leave. And let's not forget that Maya was seen talking in the street with Jason right before she had her blow-up with Emily. Let's just say it may be an ominous thing that A is looking at Maya's photo.


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