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Pretty Little Liars -- The Hoedown

Updated on August 25, 2013

Is Cece really Red Coat?

Hanna was being followed by a boy named Travis, who might end up being her new boyfriend once Caleb heads over to Ravenswood. Jake told Ezra to back-off of Aria, while Emily kept pushing her towards him. And Toby had a fit because Spencer could lie to her friends no longer for him.

The girls started the day off at school and Detective Tanner sitting down with them to reveal that Ashley's muddy shoe was found in the wreckage of Emily's house and it matched the footprint by Wilden's murder. I thought with the woman an out-of-town cop she might have some smarts. Since the crash at Emily's happened awhile ago, that means another anonymous tip probably directed the police to the wreckage of Emily's house to find where the shoe was planted. Seriously, how dumb is this woman? First there's an anonymous tip that results in Ashley losing her attorney. Then there's another anonymous tip that leads the police to Ashley's shoe. They know it wasn't Ashley driving the car that smashed in to Emily's house, because Ashley was in jail when it happened. So the logical thing would be someone planted it there. Can't this woman see Ashley is being framed?

Later, Hanna notices some boy is stalking her. He even follows her and Caleb to the hoe down. He tells her he's the one who left money in her locker for her mother. He also reveals he and his father pulled Wilden's car from the lake and he heard the gun shots that killed Wilden after Ashley had driven away, proving Ashley didn't do it. However, he doesn't want to come forward. Hanna begs him to do the right thing and he and his father go to Tanner. But will it really be enough to free Ashley? And what will A/Red Coat or whatever this boo-bah is calling themselves do when they discover their little plan has blown up in their little face.

The liars ask Hanna to keep Jessica busy, because they want to hide out in the hidey-hole in the basement and see what happens when Jessica is out of the house. What happens is Aria nearly gets her eye poked out by someone jabbing a knitting needle through the holes in the floor. It can't be Jessica, because she's with Hanna.

Spencer was late joining Aria and Emily because of the Toby drama. He received a tape of his mommy playing the piano from whoever and a picture of where the old doctor's car is located. Spencer told him he had to stop letting A suck him in. When the girls want to know what Spencer is keeping from them, she finally tells them about Toby's dead mother. When Toby finds out he has a fit that she chose her friends over him. My question is what kind of boyfriend makes you choose him over your friends and makes you lie to your friend for him? Answer, a really lousy boyfriend who only cares about himself.

When Emily shows Paige the letter of recommendation that Zoey wrote her she makes nasty remarks about it being over the top like she wants to lay Emily. This makes Emily go to Ezra to see if it's as bad as Paige made it sound and she gets a boatload of attitude from Ezra about not being grateful for a letter of recommendation and how a lot of people have worse problems. Emily is about to leave Ezra to his little pity party, but I'm guessing he laid his pity party on her, because Emily kept bugging Aria to reach out and touch Ezra to make him feel better.

Aria was trying to make a go of it with her relationship with Jake. She looked like she was having the time of her life when she was line dancing with Jake. But, alas, when she heard Ezra was going to lost Malcolm, she got sucked back into Ezra Land.

Cece was back and the questions one asked were was she Red Coat or was she merely dressing up like Red Coat. And does Cece have a twin? A red coat was seen in Cece's sort of A lair. I say sort of because while she did have pictures it was nowhere near the nightmarish experience that the A Lair was with all the other weird stuff she had there. It could all be circumstantial evidence to make you think Cece is Red Coat. Also, Cece was heard on the phone saying she wasn't going to go back to Rosewood, yet there was someone who looked exactly like Cece peeking in at Ezra and Aria.

Red Coat showed up at the hoe down and seemed to have her eyes focused on Emily, per usual. When Emily spotted Red Coat, she and Spencer stole a truck to pursue her. Then Emily saw climb into the back of the truck and she began attacking the bales of hay the back contained, but all they found was a red coat with nothing in it.

Meanwhile Caleb tried to stop Toby from breaking into the crazy old doctor's car. As it turned out, A was setting up little Toby, as the police arrived and Toby and Caleb had to make a run for it.

So, it's really looking like Cece is Red Coat, but is she? Or is this another of the shows red herrings? I think after this episode Cece was the Original A that was harassing Ali because Ali dressed up like her and pushed someone down the stairs and Cece got thrown out of school for it. But I kind of doubt she'll end up to being Red Coat. There's too much evidence pointing to it and with this show, that usually means it's red herring time.

This week is the finale and it's back to Ravenswood. What remains to be seen if this will end up being another shameless self-promotion for the new show or if the finale will actually be everything it's being hyped as.


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