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Pretty Little Liars -- The Plan

Updated on January 4, 2012

The PLL's have a plan to finally learn the identity of A. Emily, the so-called weakest link, appears to be turning on Spencer and tries to get the other PLL's to turn on her, too. Emily and Spencer even get in a couple of cat fights. The network promo claimed that A would finally be revealed, only it was one of those false promos. The only A revelation was getting a hold of A's cell phone.

In other PPL news, Ezra goes to Aria's parents and spills the beans that he's in love with Aria. Needless to say the news isn't taken well and Aria is sent to her room, which is extremely bad timing, as Emily is about to be bait to lure A out into the open with the lie that they have info on A.

Hannah is also delayed getting to the meeting when her father shows up to bring not-so-glad tidings. Even after what Hannah did at the wedding, he got married and he's moving back to town with his new family. Which means evil step-sister Kate is going to be back to make Hannah's life miserable.

Emily has her show down with a masked A and she takes great pleasure in telling the all-knowing and omnipotent A that they set him/her up and they have nothing on her. Spencer and Aria rush into the greenhouse, unfortunately, the ever-resourceful A breaks a pane in the greenhouse and causes glass to shatter, allowing A to escape.

Hannah, who is late arriving, manages to wing A, but A still gets away. The girls give chase, but lose A which causes Spencer to lose it. That's when they notice a cell phone on the ground in front of Hannah's car and realize they've got A's phone. It seems this time A doesn't manage to get away with a clean escape.

I know Hannah was looked at like it was a big dumb blonde moment when she asked if the girls detected any boobage while chasing A, but I think it was a good point. I was trying to examine the build of A to see if I could tell if it was a man or woman, myself.

So, the girls have A's cell phone. Will they finally be able to find out just who A really is?


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      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      I have never heard of this before. Great job on your Hub.