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Pretty Little Liars -- The Police Focus On Ashley and Pam While The Liars Focus On Melissa

Updated on July 7, 2013

Wilden's safe deposit box holds some surprises

I'm a little late doing this partly because of the hospital and partly this wasn't one of my favorite episodes this season.

We had another boring chapter of Toby's woes about his dead mommy. We haven't seen anyone go on about their dead mother since this way since Norman Bates. Unfortunately, since the show caved to shippers not wanting Rosewood's Norman Bates to be a psycho, this story holds no interest. Whereas if Toby was still a psycho member of the A Team and this played some part in explaining why he was a psycho it would have been interesting.

Spencer is still lying to protect a dude who let her think he was dead and she believed tried to scald her alive in the shower. It was particularly disgusting watching her letting Aria believe Toby was risking his life to find A's lair to protect them when he handed it over to A just to find out something about his dead mommy. I'm really hoping the liars turn on her when they find out about her lies. They forgave her last time because they thought she became an A to help them find out who Big A is, but they didn't know her primary motive was to see Toby again. This time there will be no way to put a good spin on her lies to them all for the love of Toby.

The female members of the Hastings clan met and Spencer revealed Penn U turned her down. Veronica couldn't believe it and Melissa suggested something could still be done. Meanwhile Internet fans were convinced the rejection letter was a fake since Penn U would never turn down Spencer. I believe the rejection letter was real. Thanks to Spencer's Toby obsession she pretty much trashed and burned her stellar academic reputation. If it wasn't bad enough she forgot to mail in her application and someone who was kicked out of the school submitted it for her, then the debate team she was on to impress the school booted her off for attacking another member and trying to strangle them. Then she was found in the woods catatonic and ended up in a mental institution for weeks. That's not really the type of person an Ivy League college is going to want as a student.

Spencer helped Toby find a clue to what happened to his dead mommy. He went to visit her old doctor who was pretty batty himself. He claimed some blonde girl was bothering his mother. Can you say Allison?

Out of towner cop, Holbrook was joined by his female partner Tanner. While Holbrook was eying the liars looking like he was trying to choose which one he wanted to bag, Tanner was keeping her mind on business. Hanna forgot she wasn't talking to a male cop as she tried to point the suspicion of guilt at Melissa, but Tanner wasn't buying it. Her eyes were firmly on Ashley, especially after she and Holbrook opened Wilden's safe deposit box and found a huge wad of money. Tanner seemed to believe Ashley knew what was in Wilden's safe deposit box and this got her in trouble at the bank.

Emily's father arrived home because of the abuse charges, and Emily continued to make things worse by her behavior. She went to the doctor and only made things worse trying to convince him she wasn't abused. While there she learned her swim career could be over. Then when her parents confronted her about her lying, she got into a fight with them and stormed out. When she got home the police were there because someone had called them about a domestic disturbance. If Emily keeps defying her parents and refusing to obey them she's going to get herself taken away from them, cause she making the charges against her parents look true.

Spencer finally managed to pull her head out from between Toby's butt cheeks since he was out of town for a bit, and teamed up with Aria to trying and sandbag Melissa over the mask she had made. She lurked outside watching Melissa as Melissa discovered the mask of her. They followed Melissa to the mask guy's place, where she got all the masks of her and then began smashing them and throwing them in the lake.

Spencer confronted her and Melissa claimed she's been protecting Spencer before this whole thing began, although she wasn't really clear on what the whole thing was. Spencer assumed it was Ali's death. Spencer always does this when someone doesn't specify what they mean and they're like, "Sure, whatever." Melissa says she was on the Halloween Train and discovered Wilden dressed in the same costume. She also claimed it was Wilden who attacked Spencer. The assumption seems to be because Spencer talked to Garrett and he thought she might know too much. Melissa suggests that Ali is alive and says she had her mask made in repayment for info from the mask guy. When asked if she killed Wilden, Melissa doesn't answer, but Spencer tells the liars Melissa didn't do it.

While Spencer was talking to Melissa, Aria was doing the same to the mask guy and she didn't have to give him her face to do it. He tells Aria that Ali showed up wanting the rest of her money and she took off in the car with someone, but he couldn't see who it was.

Meanwhile Hanna announced to Aria and Spencer that she believes Ashley did kill Wilden. Back in the A lair a hoodie is pasting back together one of the masks Melissa threw in the lake.

I'm not really sure I bought a lot of what was sold in this episode. For instance, why would Wilden drug Aria and stuff her in a crate with Dead Garrett? The liars act like Wilden was harassing all of them, but the one he seemed to focus on was Hanna, and that could be because Ashley had sex with him and then wanted nothing more to do with him after he got the charges against Hanna dropped. The only person we've seen who displayed an intense dislike for Aria was Mona. Now if Wilden had drugged Hanna and popped her in the box with Garrett, that I would believe, but did Wilden even know that Aria was alive?

It's okay for Melissa to blame everything on Wilden, including setting the fire to kill Mona and the liars, because he's dead and he can't defend himself. Of course, if Wilden was alive, he might be able to explain everything away just like every other person suspected on this show has been able to do. I also recall the way Melissa behaved towards Spencer in season 2b when she was hanging with Garrett. It sure didn't look like she was trying to protect her.

Over all I don't really feel we found out anything of any import in this episode. Since they claimed Melissa was up in Cape May partying with Ali, Cece and Wilden, I haven't really bought much of what they've written for her. It's just been too much of a 180 degree turn for me.


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