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Pretty Little Liars -- The Pros And Cons Of Team Jenna

Updated on March 26, 2013

While there are some advantages to Jenna having a revenge team, there are disadvantages, as well.

One of the big pros to Jenna having a revenge team is she has a good motive for wanting to get revenge against the liars. They played a part in her being blinded. Melissa despised Ali and she might even blame the liars for Ian’s death. So, those two actually have a legitimate reason for wanting to torture the liars, while the A’s reason has always been somewhat nebulous. The reason Mona gave for torturing the girls was absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable. She says they stole Hanna from her, but being A is what brought the girls together, so her reason sounds totally bogus.

The downside is you now have two teams targeting the same group of girls and as a result you have no idea who did what. Part of the fun of watching a mystery show, is being able to have the clues to solve the mystery along with the characters. As of now, you need a score card to try and figure out who did what and who is on whose team. It would have been better if Team Jenna was targeting the A Team, instead. It would be nice seeing them being victimized a bit, themselves.

Another problem is shouldn’t Jenna only be after certain liars at this point? Hanna saved her from the fire at Jason’s. And if she’s still out to get the liars, why warn Emily about Nate before leaving town. Why not just sit back and let Nate do his worst to Emily? Maybe she did it because Jenna thinks Emily is the only liar who hasn’t copped an attitude with her after what they did to her. She doesn’t know Emily was behind that threatening phone call Cece made to her. She told Noel she feels Spencer is always trying to bully her, so she might be the primary target. Aria refused the hand of friendship she extended and Hanna is always acting snotty and not the least bit guilty about the part she played in blinding Jenna.

But is there really two group targeting the liars? Or could Jenna’s team be the A Team? When Jenna met someone in the park, [supposedly Costume Rental Girl] she handed them something folded up. It could have been an A hoodie, meaning Jenna’s team is actually the A Team. But the way she keeps running out of town at the least sign of trouble that doesn’t seem very A-like, especially if you have a whole team working for you and able to protect you. However, it’s very possible Team Jenna was the A targeting Ali.

I did wonder if the way Ali was going around dressed up as Vivian Darkbloom if she was dressing up like someone in particular. Ali was supposed to meet her A face-to-face the day she died, and she visited Jenna at the blind school and threatened her, warning her to stay out of Rosewood. Ali dressing up as Jenna would go back to there first encounter when Jenna came to Rosewood and she and Ali both dressed as Lady Gaga for the Halloween party. Finding out that Jenna was the A targeting her might have given her the ammo to threaten Jenna into never returning to Rosewood again or she’d expose what she did.

When Mona ran into Ali when she was dressed in her Vivian Darkbloom outfit she gave Mona a number. Maybe it was Jenna’s phone number. Spencer claimed she had tracked down Toby by some numbers she found that Mona had, and we saw Spencer outside of wherever Jenna was taking pictures or shooting a video of Jenna with her phone, then she found Toby and met him in the diner where the waitress refers to him as, “Pretty Eyes.” So it seems possible Mona might be working with Jenna.

When the liars were led to believe A had Dr. Sullivan and sent the dolls ordering them to do something there’s really nothing to connect Mona to it, but there is Jenna. After they were caught with the murder weapon that killed Ali, Jenna and Garrett said there was nothing to tie them to the murder now. And if Jenna sent the dolls to the liars as A that would mean Toby’s a part of her team, since he’s been revealed to be Pretty Eyes and Pretty Eyes paid off Sullivan to leave town.

However, the masked ball could reveal a link between Mona and Jenna. Melissa claimed she was blackmailed into dressing up as the Black Swan to distract Jenna, but if she’s on Jenna’s team that explanation makes no sense. It makes more sense she came to the party dressed as the Black Swan to distract the liars while Mona was off with Spencer helping her to realize she was A. Then Toby made sure Sullivan showed up on the scene to make sure Mona wasn’t arrested and put in Radley with her bogus diagnosis that would see her released and on the loose in a few months time. Jenna also texted Aria to come out on the terrace and Ezra was waiting, while Mona insured Hanna was kept busy by making sure Caleb showed up. And Paige engaged Emily in conversation and kept her busy. Is it possible Ezra and Paige could also be members of Jenna’s team?

Of course if Jenna’s team is the A Team, then who lured Jenna to Jason’s house and set it on fire? And why did they try to frame Garrett for it? And if Jenna’s team is the A Team why try so hard to clear Garrett when it was Jenna that was the one who got him arrested after Toby complained about him sitting outside his house? And if Melissa and Jenna are team members, why would Melissa get close to Garrett when Jenna wanted nothing to do with him? And why plan to frame Paige for Maya’s murder? Paige was another of Ali’s victims and at the time it was suggested Ali wouldn’t like Emily and Paige together. And why did Garrett let Jenna think he’d killed Ali when Ali signaled him to if he was on Jenna’s side?

See, this is just some of the problems that exist. Even with a Team Jenna added, none of this comes together and makes any kind of sense. It’s gotten too convoluted to make any cohesive sense out of it


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