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Pretty Little Liars -- The Season 4 Summer Finale

Updated on August 31, 2013

Another trip to Ravenswood

At least this episode actually had some revelations that made enduring another dose of Ravenswood worth it. It was actually this episode where I realized I just don't think Caleb is a strong enough character to carry a show. He's great when he's working with the liars and with Hanna, but on his own? I don't think so. Maybe this show will be better than it seems so far and maybe it can trade off the success of Pretty Little Liars, otherwise I think this show has cancellation written all over it.

Ashley's nightmare was finally over as she was told officially she'd been cleared of killing Wilden. Before this happened, A had issued a warning someone would pay if Ashley got off the hook. A was like a big bag of wind blowing smoke, because no one was going to let Ashley take the fall for this freak.

It seems Travis was able to do a police sketch of the person he believes killed Wilden and it was none other that Cece Drake. It was a good thing she loved running around in that Alison mask, cause she was going to have to be wearing it full-time now with a manhunt out for her.

The next A gift was a child's coffin with a Mona doll inside. The liars decided they had to protect Mona because she was trying to help them and was now facing death at the hands of A. Only as it turned out that was another red herring. Mona wasn't in any danger. Toby observed Mona and Shauna meeting and Mona appeared to be the big boss, as Shauna report a SHE didn't like what she was forced to do.

Last I heard Jenna was in the hospital unconscious. So it appears the SHE may be Melissa. Earlier, Shauna had dropped a shipping slip with Wren's name in care of Melissa in London. Now every time Melissa has mentioned Wren's name she gets an extreme look of distaste on her face. However, Wren was bothering Mona. Mona may have figured out the Bird Man had also been the one who gave the anonymous tip to the cops that got Veronica breathing down her neck. However, it appears Queen Mona ordered Melissa to reach out and touch the Bird Man and get him out of her hair and Rosewood. And if all that is true, Melissa would definitely not be happy about it.

The last A gift was a magic box with a saw in the middle with a message on it. Spencer was only able to open it because she went to magic camp and know how to open the box. So it would seem whomever sent it knew Spencer had gone to magic camp as a kid. Otherwise A would have sent a message that would have never been read, and why send a message if it won't be read.

The message lead the girls to a magic show in that pleasure land called Ravenswood. Yep, another episode used to promote this rather lame looking show. Least this episode was a lot better than the last self-promotional episode.

The magician decided he wanted Aria to get in his disappearing box trick, and Aria didn't want to do it. Who would after being stuck in a box with Dead Garrett and nearly pushed off the Terror Train. But the magician wouldn't take no for an answer and Aria was forced to get into the magic box. In the end nothing happened to Aria; it was just a way to distract that liars as Emily was snatched and put in a box, herself. This one was on a conveyor belt leading straight for a saw.

The liars found Emily in time and saw two Red Coats roaming around the scene. One Red Coat stopped the saw before it could harm Emily and Spencer took off chasing after that one. While Aria beat the crap out of the other Red Coat, thanks to Jake's lessons and unmasked her as none other that Cece Drake. Cece fell over a railing and Aria tried to pull her up and she fell to the ground below.

The whole ridiculous mask thing the show has been doing this year seemed like a rip-off of Halloween, and they completed the rip-off with the girls turning away from Dead Cece and not seeing her hand twitching ala Michael Myers just before she got up and disappeared.

Spencer returned and lead the girls to another lair complete with an eye spying on them and The Grunwald there to spin her own little tale. Apparently, this time she decided to talk. She told how she's got the gift of the second sight and Ali came to her to find out who was after her. Her sight allowed her to show up and pull Ali out of her premature burial. But after she took her to the hospital, she claims Ali disappeared. She also claims a man is following the liars trying to find Ali and suggested that maybe some of the liars aren't to be trusted.

The old dragon may have a point, as Hanna secretly swiped something from the lair without letting anyone know she did it. Spencer saw a bunch of computers and declared that's how A is able to keep track of all their movements. And A is doing it from Ravenswood, where any new person in town is immediately identified and told to leave, instead of Rosewood? A bunch of man's suits were found which made the liars now believe that A is a man. They also find financial records that show that Cece is being paid to be Red Coat. So much for her dressing up like Red Coat because Ali is dressing up like her.

After the liars leave, enter Ezra. And as the show fades to black a promo with a hash tag the name EzrA appears on screen. Good thing Ezra has an A in his name of they couldn't have made a big giant red A out of it. Sorry, but I'm not buying this for a second. All he did was walk into the lair and everyone is declaring him A without even seeing him do anything A-like. I've always thought the people who were declaring Ezra was A were smoking whacky weed. That big red A just seems like that latest red herring this show is pulling on viewers.

So, how would Ezra and Cece know Spencer had gone to magic camp as a kid? Because the magic box the liars got could only be opened by someone who knows magic. The liars didn't even seem to know about that and they're close to her, and neither Ezra or Cece are. The only one who might know that would seem to be one of Spencer's family members.

It also seems like the liars may have been sent gifts from two different A's. The magic balls and magic box are in the same theme, but the child coffin with the Mona doll inside isn't. If they were from two different A's, it seems Coffin Box A is the one we've seen doing all that stuff at the end of the show, which makes that A the real A. And that definitely isn't Ezra. It's the A who Toby gave the lair back to.

The liars end the show defying Grunwald and deciding to stay for this costume party the creepy town is hosting. In the Ravenswood A Lair, someone dons an outfit complete with gas mask to hide their identity. And in Rosewood Caleb boards a bus heading to Ravenswood to help the liars with the computers they found in the lair. Of course we all know Caleb will be staying permanently in the town as he's headlining the dreadful new show, Ravenswood with all it's B-movie creepy characters and washed-out filming technique.


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