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Pretty Little Liars -- The Verdict Is In

Updated on March 24, 2015

And Andrew Gets Creepier And Creepier!

The liars make a last ditch attempt to save Ali and by extension, themselves. While Tanner, once the only honest cop left, appears to have gone down the path of dirty cops before her like Wilden, Garrett and Holbrook. At least, she's not into sleeping with teenage girls.

Ali tells the liars that when she was waiting in the park while Mona was being killed there may have been someone watching her. Okay, continuity police breaking in here. That was so not what Ali was wearing when she was smirking outside of Mona's house as the police announced she was believed to be dead. She had a summery dress on and the weather wasn't cold. God I hope we're not back to the Ali twin theory. One of her is already too much. Probably just the writers showing they don't care enough to care about continuity.

Toby whines because he is being asked to make photo copies and do coffee runs. It became even more laughable when he whined about how hard he worked to become a cop. Seriously? As a former felon he shouldn't even be a cop.

Aria warns Mike if he testifies at Mona's trial to keep what he knows a secret. Mona's friend Leslie trashed Mike on the stand. Mike brings in a box and he and Aria find a tongue inside. Aria says it's a warning for Mike to keep his mouth shut.

Aria tells Ezra about the tongue. He say she should take it to the police, but she refuses. She wants Ezra to take Mike up to his secret stalker cabin so he won't have to testify.

Spencer and Emily go investigate the park Ali waited in to look for the possible witness. A guy sees them snooping around. He's leading a group in cleaning up the park. He's Matt Buckler. He says he hasn't seen anyone but them at the park.

Andrew's still acting all creepy. Aria, being a dumb bunny, tells him she asked Ezra to take Mike away. Andrew says he could do the same. He whines she doesn't seem to hear him when he offers to help. Psycho Boyfriend Alert and the dude isn't even really her boyfriend, yet. And it's not helping the actor looks too old to be believable as a high school student.

Caleb wants someone to speak up for Hanna in court. He suggests Mike testify in court. She says no, since he's just a kid. He tells her he's never going to leave Hanna and Mike needs to speak up in court.

Spencer and Emily see a girl who may have seen Ali in the park. The girl lashes out at Ella for telling Aria. So what does Ella know that she's not telling? Aria claimed Ella was behind the box with the tongue in it that Mike and Aria got, too.

Ella tells Aria that Emily and Spencer had no right to corner that girl, Kendra. Ella says Kenda made a mistake and she promised to keep the girl's secret. Ella, of course, tells Aria Kendra's secret. So much for keeping a secret when daughter dear goes into shriek mode. Kendra went to a party and got high and was hanging out in the park until she sobered up.

Caleb is waiting for Ezra and Mike. Caleb says Aria gave Mike bad advice. Of course, Aria lapdog Ezra is against it. He accuses Caleb of being selfish. Dude, after what you did, you have no right to throw stones at anyone. Mike takes off in lapdog's car making all his arguments a moot point.

Kendra shows up to talk to Emily and Spencer. Emily is acting all judgy because Spencer kissed two boys and hasn't been true to Toby. She's a fine one to talk since Paige was barely gone before she was swapping spit with Talia. I guess fidelity only counts if you're not Emily.

Ali burns her hand and insists Hanna smash her hand in the dryer door. When she can't, Ali does it for her.

Lapdog and Caleb find the car and Mike missing. There's an arrow stuck in the window. Kendra verifies Ali's story, sort of. Ali's lawyer let's Kendra go and says she won't put Kendra on the stand. She says she'll be putting Ali on the stand, instead. Oh, that's a great idea. Most criminal lawyers avoid putting their clients on the stand so the prosecutor can't get a shot at them and with Ali's past behavior she's an even easier target.

Caleb and Lapdog get shot at by arrows.

Toby comes to Spencer and says he won't choose between her and the badge. He claims he's going to tell Tanner she can kick him off the force if she isn't okay with him being with Spencer. Spencer is, once again, an easy lay for Toby, when he spins BS at her. Like he was only working for A to protect her. Guess since Tanner is keeping him out of the Boy's Club he's now decided he wants to be a devoted boyfriend, again. When previously he's been a complete a-hole and putting being a cop above everything else.

Someone sprays Mike in the face with mace. Then we see blurred running around and possibly a punch in the face. Kind of reminded me of the A dance troupe surrounding the liars in the park in New York. Yeah, A stopped being a real threat and being someone to take seriously a long time ago. A is now that annoying boyfriend that won't take the hint and go away.

Aria's trying to contact Ezra. Then she calls Andrew. She asks him to drive up to Ezra's cabin to check on Mike. Ezra and Caleb find Mike tied up and Caleb takes a picture to prove what happened to Mike. He probably won't talk after what was done to him.

Ali's lawyer says because of an old injury, Ali couldn't have killed Mona because she doesn't have the physical strength to do it.

When Ezra and Caleb tell Tanner what happened, she acts like it's no big deal. Tanner, who once was a decent cop, seems to have gotten the Rosewood Dirty Cop disease.

The DA asks Ali about her archery skill on the stand in regards to her supposed weak arm that's too weak to have killed Mona. In short, he completely demolishes her lawyer's defense of her.

Tanner tells Toby it's too late for him to help Spencer or her friends. They chose to help the wrong person.

Ali waiting to hear her verdict. Ali tells her lawyer she cheated at the archery contest. Now it's too late to tell the truth.

Andrew offers to sit with Aria. Andrew is an award winning pathfinder scout. Whoop-de-doo!

The jury finds Ali guilty. She's taken away as the liars react. Aria and the liars are arrested next. With what evidence, who knows?

A is playing with dolls again. Puts all the liars in orange jump suits and a prison van and drives them to what looks like some medieval castle, and puts some of them in there. Ooh, how scary, NOT! In short, get a life, A!

I have to say I have no sense of anticipation for the supposed great big reveal in the finale. I will say this. If they bring back the played-out Mona character and make her alive after we saw he dead or pull a Mona twin, then this show has truly jumped the shark!


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