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Pretty Little Liars -- Thoughts On The Finale Right Before The Summer Premiere

Updated on June 5, 2012

Red is the new black

I rewatched the Spring Finale, last night, and a lot of the things that bothered me the first time I saw it, still do.

I think the Pills were getting too close to the truth for the A Team's liking so they set up the hole reveal of Mona as A so they'd stop snooping and so Tyler would stop trying to decode those cell phone files. When someone is getting too close and your threats aren't stopping them, how do you stop them? Let them find what they're looking for. If they find what they're looking for they'll have no more reason to keep digging and risk uncovering the truth.

Mona had been super-smart up to this point, so some of the things she did made no sense. They were pretty dumb. Like taking Tyler to Brookhaven and telling Spencer about it and seeing Allison there. Offering Spencer the gum while she was looking through Allison's diary where a gum wrapper was used as a bookmark. It was like Mona was laying breadcrumbs down for Spencer to follow until she made all the connections and realized Mona was A.

I don't think A's lair at the Lost Woods Motel belonged to Mona. What would be the point of Mona keeping this motel room so far from home in another town. I think it was where the head of the A Team lived. The one's who identity the girls were getting perilously close to uncovering.

I think Spencer was wrong about a couple of things: 1. I think Mona did call Hanna, or why were the girls after the Black Swan from the moment she entered the party. She seemed to be a decoy to keep them busy while Mona was leading Spencer to discover who A was. And 2. I also think that flashback of Mona catching Allison spying on someone was true. I do think Mona lied about no one answering when she called the number. I think someone did and they offered to help make her popular if she did what they told her to do. I think giving Allison's Queen A's number was a way of sending a message that I know who you are and I'm the one watching you now. I'm sure Mona would have told whomever she called that Allison was watching them. It was just the type of thing Allison would have done.

Spencer also missed a couple of big things. She totally didn't latch on to Mona saying there was an A Team. It makes sense. No one person could do all that A supposedly did all on her own. And when Spencer said A always has a plan, Mona replied, "Yes, she does, " instead of, "Yes, I do."

I don't trust Dr. Sullivan as far as I can throw her. How convenient the way she shows up at the scene of the accident where Mona is unmasked. I'm sorry, but the woman is an adult professional and she let some teenage scare her out of town? She also didn't mention the money A gave her for setting the girls up. And then supposedly Toby was able to convince her to come back. The bad odor you smell is the stink coming off of Sullivan's pack of lies. And then this diagnosis she gave Mona makes no sense and as we saw Mona isn't even catatonic. She was there to put a neat little bow on things.

I think Toby may also be up to his neck in this, as well. How would he know where to find Dr. Sullivan and why would he go looking for her in the first place? And why come back to town with this so-called allegiance to Jenna? His story reeks, as well.

Was it just a coincidence that Mona's watch alarm went off at the midnight deadline to hand over the A stuff or someone gets taken out in a body bag and not long after that Maya does? I can't recall, but I don't think Emily actually spoke in person with Maya. I don't think Maya ever left town. I think she was snatched before she could leave town at the bus station.

Was it also a coincidence with the toffee thing? Melissa was going on about loving Aria's toffee frozen yogurt and Mona started going on about her toffee shaded lipstick.

I also can't get the thought out of my head the person Jenna met in the park was Ezra. It could have been Lucas, but he didn't even make any contact with any of the Pills. It was Ezra who made contact. And it appeared that Jenna was stalking Aria as she found her way to an awaiting Ezra. I know Ezra isn't the brightest bulb in the package, but kissing his under-aged student at a public dance is a good way to find himself up on statutory rape charges if the police investigate and discover he's had sex with her.

Finally, show runner L. Marlene King keeps going on about red being the new black. Who could forget Aria and that strange red and black dress she wore to the dance. Allison appeared to be dressing up like Aria as she played her spying game. And Aria was the only one of to wear that red coat. Did she ever get it back? It would be just like Allison to dress up like the person she was spying on thinking she was being cute. It would be the same reason she'd give Mona the phone number of the person she was following.

Anyway, tonight is the night the show is back. Did the Pills tell their parents about A and what they were going through? And how long will it be before they realize that this A thing goes a lot deeper than any of theme ever thought?


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    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Nice hub!

    • Stephanie Ann 8 profile image

      Stephanie Ann 8 5 years ago from Norton, Ohio

      Love this.. My favorite show and book series. although the show doesn't quite follow the book.