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Pretty Little Liars -- Top Ten Burning Questions

Updated on July 4, 2012

After watching a bit the the July 3rd Pretty Little Liars marathon, I've got quite a few burning questions:

1.Is Aria Somehow Involved -- There's a lot of weirdness involved with Aria. She never got the A treatment as badly as the other liars did. Original A was shown wearing the same coat the liars had and the last liar to be seen with it was Aria. In the opening credit Aria is the one who goes, "Shh!" and the way Emily looks at her as the camera does a close-up of Aria, isn't what you'd call a friendly look. It was Aria's call to Spencer that allowed Spencer to show the liars Mona had her and tell them where she was heading. And it was Aria who knew a short cut to where Mona was taking Spencer. And season three started out with Aria looking out the window at a garage or maybe it was the house next door. Just why was she looking out the window when the four girls were having a party inside? Was she looking for someone?

2.Why Is Jenna So Interested In Aria -- At the masked ball, Jenna seemed to have texted Aria and she was following her. Or was it Ezra who texted Aria to come out and meet him there? Whatever the case, why was Aria the only liar Jenna was after at the masked ball? Aria was also the only liar she tried to get to come to her house. It was Hanna and Spencer who helped save her from the burning house. So just why is Jenna so interested in Aria for? Does she think Aria was the one who tried to kill her and if that's the case, why does she think that?

3.Who Did Jenna Meet In The Park -- Jenna met someone in the park, revealing to them [the only one she revealed this to] that she could see. She told this person they'd all be there. The assumption is she meant the liars. She also handed this person something. Could it be a team hoodie? Original A seemed to have been buying hoodies for her team, so is Jenna a member of the Anti-A Team?

It seems more than likely it could be Lucas that she met, since after that Lucas was at the masked ball with Jenna. And he's gotten a very dark personality since he's returned. Also both Jenna and Lucas were roaming around late at night in Rosewood the night Allison's body was taken.

However, I can't help thinking it just might have been Ezra she was meeting. It's just too coincidental that Jenna appeared to be texting Aria to go somewhere and that place led her to Ezra. And how about the way Ezra decided to finally make his relationship with Aria public right after that. Not many men would kiss their under-aged girlfriend in public.

Also, what if Jenna hadn't been talking about the liars. What if she meant someone else, when she said they'd all be there? But who could that have been?

4.Why Is Emily A's Primary Target -- She really does seem to be the primary target. Just think about how the finale ended. The liars could finally be at peace that their nightmare was finally over, and Emily comes home to be tossed into a new nightmare, so she didn't get a moment's peace. Emily was the only one A got up close and personal with and gave a massage to. When Hanna, Spencer and Aria were sent dolls that ordered them to do something or Dr. Sullivan would die, there was no doll for Emily. One was put in her car and she was lead into a trap. She also had a dream of Allison kissing her. Was it just a dream?

Original A didn't reveal her existence until Emily returned. She then left a dazed and confused Emily standing by Allison's empty grave with a shovel in her hand. She left that gross tooth necklace in Emily's purse. She outted Ella helping Emily cheat to try to get Emily into some more trouble. It was also Emily that received the first text from Original A about, "I bet you remember me." I doubt Jenna would be trying to get Emily to remember her, so it wasn't Jenna in Jenna's car and it wasn't Jenna who texted Emily. It was like Original A wanted Emily to remember she'd been in Jenna's car with Jenna and that Jenna could see.

So why is A after Emily so much?

5. Which A Has Been After Emily So Much -- According to Spencer, Mona couldn't have been the one who gave Emily the massage. Also, while A goes out of her way to make Emily's life miserable, it was Mona that helped Emily have some happiness by helping her get back on the swim team. And as previously mentioned, Mona A sent dolls to Hanna, Spencer and Aria ordering them to do something or something bad would happen to Dr. Sullivan, but she didn't send one to make Emily do something. So could Mona's boss, Bigger Badder A have been the one who did all the things to Emily and Mona had nothing to do with them?

6.Why Was Allison's Coffin Left Behind -- If Original A wasn't just after the body in the coffin but the things that were left inside the coffin, why did they leave the coffin behind and take the body? They could have missed some of the souvenirs put in the coffin. It was dark down there. Unless that's not the original coffin that was there, and a new fake coffin was placed in Allison's grave to replace the one they took.

When Original A was shown with a coffin she had it filled with ice. Since Allison was long dead, why was the coffin filled with ice like to preserve a recently killed body?

7. Is Ren A Member Of The A Team -- He claims he's volunteering at Radley, but every time we see him he seems to be stationed outside of Mona's room. He's encouraging Hanna to keep visiting Mona, while trying to run interference so Wilden can't go in and question Mona.

After Mona had her freak out or her faked freak out, she was seen lying in bed singing holding the Queen of Hearts card in her hand. Could Ren have placed that in her hand? Is he Original A's eyes and ears at Radley so Original A doesn't have to risk exposure by visiting Mona, herself?

8.Why Would A Want Jenna Distracted At The Masked Ball -- That's what Melissa claimed. She got a note and the costume telling her to wear it at the masked ball to distract Jenna. It suggests A knew Jenna could see. It's possible since Jenna did drive to meet whomever she met in the park. But the only person Jenna seemed to be after at the masked ball was Aria. It seems like Melissa was told to come to the party as the Black Swan to distract the liars so they wouldn't wonder what was going on with Mona and Spencer at the Lost Resort Motel.

9.Was It Just A Coincidence Meredith Showed Up -- You do have to wonder why Meredith suddenly showed up at the school to get a teacher's job. It's the place Ella works at. And right after she showed up lo and behold the earring is left in Aria's locker and she's ordered to confess what she did. It seems this new A while still as obsessed as ever with making Emily's life miserable, also isn't going so easy on Aria as Mona did.

Of course, just how would New A know the meaning of the earrings? It was something only Allison knew. Of course, since New A has Allison's diary it's possible she could have read about the earrings in the diary. Still the timing of Meredith's return is all rather suspicious.

Ella and Byron divorce. Meredith shows up to teach at the same school Ella does. The earring shows up and Aria's forced to tell Byron it wasn't Meredith that trashed his office. This leads to a renewal of Bryon's relationship with Meredith. It almost seems planned between A and Meredith.

10.How Does A Know Everything -- Take the whole Ella finishing up Emily's test paper. How did A know Ella would do something like that? It frankly seemed completely out of character for Ella to do something like that? Have the liars even checked to see if there are hidden cameras planted in their homes? There are times that only a hidden camera could explain how A knows something. Like how A knew Peter had a gun and just where he kept it.

There are actually a lot more unanswered questions, but these are my biggest at the moment.


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