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Pretty Little Liars -- Truth And Lies

Updated on February 4, 2013

Spencer was still reeling from the aftermath of learning that Toby was a member of the A Team. She had a nightmare about kissing Toby and then him suddenly starting to choke her. The other liars noticed Spencer was acting a bit odd. They were shocked when she suggested they had brought on what A had done to them and questioned why they were being loyal to Ali when she was never loyal to them. The closest Spencer admitted anything to anyone was Spencer telling Emily that she and Toby broke-up and asking her to keep it to herself.

A also hadn’t done enough to Spencer. While Spencer was still dealing with her Toby Trauma, A texted her as Aria asking Spencer to meet her at the park, because Ezra had dumped her when she told him the truth that Maggie had his son. When Spencer arrived she found Ezra, instead, and reamed him out for dumping Aria and ended up revealing that Aria knew Ezra had a son and had been keeping it from him. Afterwards A texted Aria saying she thought Aria needed a little push to tell the truth.

Spencer ended the night in what looked like her planning to rendezvous with Toby, but she really went to meet a detective to give him the A key and to instruct him to follow Toby. She ripped a picture in half of her and Toby, giving the detective the Toby half, while she ripped her own picture to bits. Strangely enough it looked like Spencer met the detective in the same place and booth that A met with Dr. Sullivan when the waitress called A, "pretty eyes."

Hanna heard Paige on the phone with Caleb and decided to follow her. However, when she did, Paige went to a same-sex bar where she was getting pretty cozy with another woman. Hanna ended up getting arrested for drinking underage when a woman bought her a drink and her partner got jealous and flung her glass all over Hanna.

Right now, Hanna’s the liar that is the least likable. Per usual she was a snotty hag to Ashley. Ashley was growing suspicious that she was keeping things from her, again, and she copped her general nasty attitude towards Ashley. If I’d have talked to my mother like that I would have gotten a good smack across the face. She also wasn’t a good friend to Emily by not telling her that Paige and Caleb are after A and she saw Paige with another woman.

Emily was the liar that picked up the slack for Spencer’s lackadaisical attitude about the whole A thing. She received a box of Ali’s stuff from Nate’s family. It featured a lot of cards Emily had given to Ali, as well as a notebook. The notebook featured some conversation between Ali and a mystery woman. Ali mentioned visiting Toby in juvie and accusing him of being the one to be sending her A notes. Toby replied that if he knew who it was he’d join up with them. She was also hot from someone she referred to as a beach hottie.

Emily discovered that the conversation in the notebook happened at Cape May between Ali and Cece. Ali thought she might be pregnant and was terrified if the beach hottie found out he would kill her. This could explain why page 5 of the autopsy was stolen if someone wanted to make sure no one saw that the autopsy report said Ali was pregnant. Emily, with Aria’s encouragement, decides to turn the notebook into the police, much to Hanna’s displeasure. While she’s at the police station, Emily spots a picture of Wilden with a big fish he caught while staying at Cape May. Is it possible Wilden could be Ali’s beach hottie and that he’s the one who would have killed Ali if he found out she was pregnant.

After Ezra found out, he decided to leave town to go meet his son. He was also a bit distant with her when he said goodbye to her. Meanwhile, Bryon is trying to make-up to Aria for being a bad father to her. He says he’ll keep Meredith out of their life for good. He also tells Aria that Meredith has always had some mental problems and was on medication that she wasn’t taking. That her father is making sure she gets treatment.

My question is how could A text Spencer from Aria’s phone supposedly, since Spencer’s phone recognized the text as being from Aria. Last week, Meredith had Aria’s phone. We never saw Aria getting the phone back [she had a phone, this week, but was it a replacement for the one Meredith took?] So is it possible Meredith had given Aria’s phone to A.

Finally, Head A [the one that wears a red coat] appears not to like Hanna, at all. Well, I did say Hanna wasn’t very likable. Maybe she’s pissed Hanna didn’t tell Emily about seeing Paige with another woman. Whatever the case, she took a blow torch to the Hanna bobble-head doll she has in her lair and melted Hanna’s face and head.

It seems Head A is into revealing the secrets the liars lovers or liars are keeping from their lover. She made sure Spencer found out the truth about Toby, and then used Spencer to reveal to Ezra that Aria was keeping the fact he has a son from him. Emily would have also learned Paige appears to be cheating on her if the biggest liar of them all, Hanna, had cooperated. Unfortunately, if it’s a choice between telling the truth and lying, Hanna always lies.

So all eyes now must settle on Detective Wilden. He may have been another of Ali’s lovers and he may have gotten her pregnant. As a cop, he could have gotten in big trouble for having sex with a minor. Maybe that explains why he’s so gung-ho about solving Ali’s murder or perhaps trying to pin it on the liars to protect himself. He also told a story to Pam about how he killed someone in self-defense and said you never get over that, and suggested to Pam that Emily would have the same problem.


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    • thebiologyofleah profile image

      Leah Kennedy-Jangraw 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      I wondered if Wilden's 'confession' to Pam about the person he killed in self-defense is Allison? He said to her it was the first time he talked about it, as if he never told anyone about it previously.

      I like this latest development about Allison being pregnant, it fits in with why she was blackmailing people because she was probably trying to raise money for an abortion. I just hope this isn't another false lead.

      Although my theory keeps changing, currently my money is on Spencer's sister Melissa being the main A, the one we saw with the red coat at the end of this episode.

      Great recap!