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Pretty Little Liars -- Truth Or...Truth

Updated on August 8, 2012

A few of the more interesting supporting characters were back, this week. In particular, Jenna and Noel Kahn and when those two are around, you know there's going to be trouble.

Spencer gets a wake-up call on just what the affect this A investigation is having on her life. She forgot to apply to the college, U-Penn, that she's been dreaming of going to since she was 8. She crumbled the admissions letter in the bottom of her purse. Worse than that, Spencer's grades have also slip. That's enough for her. She's not doing this anymore. They run into CeCe who claims she's going to a party and someone from admissions from U-Penn will be there. who could help Spencer get in. Spencer begs CeCe to take her to the party and gets Aria to come with them.

Turns out the party is at Noel Kahn's place. His brother, Eric, is throwing it. The first thing that happens when they arrive is all their wrists get stamped with the same symbol Emily remembered seeing the night she got drugged. Noel challenges Aria to a game of truth and Spencer returns the favor and challenges Jenna to one. Although Jenna and Spencer's game ends in a stand-off of Jenna wanting to know where the video was and Spencer wanting to know where Ali's body was, some new information was learned. Maya was a regular at Noel's party, so when Holden said to Emily he saw her girlfriend at the parties, he was talking about Maya. And it was Noel and Jenna who were at the diner that night with Emily, not Holden.

Afterwards, CeCe claims she gave the mystical Steven Spencer's admissions when Spencer accuses CeCe of setting her up and wanting to know why she wanted Spencer to come to this party. When Spencer gets home she gets an email claiming she's been accepted to U-Penn. Is the email real or a fake? I couldn't help thinking as I watched this play out that wasn't this how Ali got her hooks into Spencer when she helped her win the school election?

The Pills have been keeping from Emily that they gained access to Maya's web site because they didn't want to ruin Emily's new found happiness with Paige. Hanna finally fesses up and gives Emily the password. Paige sees Emily watching the videos of Maya and she offers her comfort when Emily is crying.

Caleb comes up to Hanna in school and gives her the new password for Maya's site. After he walks away from her, Hanna receives a text from A demanding she meet her or Caleb will pay. Spencer makes Hanna promise not to go to the meeting, but Hanna does, anyway. When she gets there Caleb is waiting, claiming that he's A. Caleb takes Hanna somewhere private and she admits everything to him, but she refuses to get back together with him. Caleb vows that he's going to find A and put a stop to this, as she gives into his passionate kisses.

On the Wren front, she's ignoring his calls after impulsively kissing him.

I actually thought there'd be more to the scene with Caleb claiming to be A. That he'd pull some elaborate scam on her. Instead it lasted about two seconds.

Aria continues to discover how very little she knows about Ezra. She goes to his apartment and hears him arguing with someone. It turns out he has a younger brother named, Wesley. Apparently, Ezra didn't really have the right to sell the Jaguar he did to get the money Aria found in his sock drawer and now he needs to buy the car back, only the person he sold it to wants more money to sell it back. She also learns from Wesley that Ezra got a girl named Maggie pregnant and high school and Diane paid her off to disappear.

Meanwhile, Wilden is still determined to get a sample of Hanna's blood to prove that her blood is on the anklet they found. Ashley is delivered a court order when she opens the door the first thing in the morning. She goes to Veronica to stop it. After leaving Veronica's office she runs into Ted. When Hanna skips out on dinner with her, Ashley invites Ted. They're having a pleasant dinner until Wilden texts her in the middle of it. Ashley has to excuse herself to call Veronica again. Ashley tells Ted about Wilden being out to get Hanna and they share a kiss. I don't know why, but I couldn't help wonder if Ted isn't somehow involved in this A thing. Kind of coincidental he ended up dating two Pill mothers.

As the episode comes to a close we get our weekly glimpse of New A...Old A...Whatever A. Seems A has decided to put down roots and has rented an apartment. In particular, Unit A.

So far, Maya's web site has been a big dead end with just a bunch of sentimental videos posted. The one interesting video that Hanna stumbled on wasn't watched which was dumb, dumb, dumb. We now know Jenna and Noel were with Emily at the diner, the question is just what were they doing with Emily? Was it Jenna that called Emily? And will CeCe slowly get her hooks into the Pills the same way Alison did? One last thing; we know what Hanna and Aria put in Ali's coffin to be buried with her, but what did Spencer and Emily put in the casket? I guess only time will tell until it's finally revealed.


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