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Pretty Little Liars -- Truth-Up Day

Updated on February 6, 2012

Did We Get A Clue To A?

In the aftermath of the nude pic of Kate floating around school Ashley and Hanna and Isabelle and Kate are called to the principal's office. Isabelle wants Hanna to be punished to the full extent and she's really nasty about Ashley's parenting skills. Later, the hoochie that took Ashley's husband from her will have cause to eat a big helping of crow.

It's Truth-Up Day and Ashley, Jason, Ella and Veronica are acting as chaperones and conducting workshops as the students are locked down in school for 24 hours. In a workshop Ashley is conducting, Emily expresses her anger over the way the principal is treating her.

Principal Tumberelli is a major douche, not to mention a crook. He lambasts Emily for expressing her anger at being kept off the team. Mona hears and offers to help her. Emily is paged to the principals office and Mona explains she's good at putting on different voices. Mona hacks into the principals computer, after Emily apologizes for how badly Allison treated her. She finds evidence she uses to blackmail the principal into letting Emily back on the team.

In the workshop Veronica is leading, Jenna talks about how she got attacked in the shower. Caleb knows she's talking about Hanna and reveals that Jenna was the one that threw the first punch. While in the workshop Aria gets a message from A, but Jenna isn't the one texting it.

In Ella's workshop both Kate and Noel take turns trashing Hanna. Hanna calls Noel out and when Ella won't say she knows Hanna isn't a bully, Hanna storms off. Later, she sees Kate changing her sweater and sees she has a birthmark, but there was no birthmark on the picture spread around school. Hanna realizes Kate set her up, and Aria gets Kate's confession on tape when Hanna confronts her and Kate admits it. At which point, Isabelle gets to eat crow over her nasty daughter being exposed for what she is.

Of the three moms, Veronica seems to be the wise one. She, Ella and Ashley are talking about how their daughters have changed. Ashley and Ella think it started when Ally died, but Veronica wisely declares it was when Allison came into the girls life.

Holden won't tell Aria what he's up to, but Aria sees a package of pills and questions if he's hooked or dealing drugs. Aria also decides to call off this whole fake dating thing. However, when Aria goes up on the roof looking for Caleb and gets trapped up there and Noel comes after her, Holden does a kick boxing move and saves Aria from Noel.

Finally, Spencer hears her mother and Jason going at it, and finally puts the pieces together: Jason is her brother. When she confronts Jason, she tells him Ally was the one who told her, she just didn't understand it at the time. Spencer and Ally had been studying when her father went postal because Jason kissed Melissa and Ally said a Jason/Melissa hook-up would be frowned on by the Gods. When Spencer confronts her mother, she doesn't want to go home with her, declaring this has changed everything.

On the A front, the claim check Spencer found in Ally's copy of Lolita lead to a red rain coat. Inside the coat, Aria finds a phone number and calls the number leaving a message. A man calls back asking for a meeting.

At one point, Noel and Jenna are seen looking at a banner with a lot of different phrases written on it. Two phrases stand out and one of them might be a clue to A's identity, although I'm convinced Mona is A. One was, "I know who killed Allison." The other was "I'm Afraid of my father." Only afraid was spelled AFAAID. Instead of an R there was a capital A.

And it wouldn't be an episode if A didn't do something. This time Caleb was the target as A stole his computer.

But like I said, I really think Mona is A. She was skinny-dipping in the lake when Hanna got attacked. She suddenly showed up when Spencer was investigating the blind school. And she told Emily she was good at putting on different voices and she has computer hacking skills. She's Hanna's friend, she went to Spencer for advice and she helped Emily. She's the very last person the Pills would ever suspect was A.


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