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Pretty Little Liars Tuesday! Aria Finds Out Ezra Is A!

Updated on June 17, 2014
"Freak Out! Because Aria Finds Out Tonight!!!"
"Freak Out! Because Aria Finds Out Tonight!!!" | Source

Aria Finds Out Ezra Is A!

Who is ready to see the outcome of Aria finding out that Ezra is A?! I know I am. At the end of the season 4A I was shocked to find out that Ezra was A. I didn't see it coming and was in total disbelief at the thought that he could be the person behind the torment of our four main protagonists: Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hannah Marin. At the beginning of the series we are introduced to the character of Ezra Fitz (Fitzgerald) as a random person in a bar who has a chance encounter with Aria Montgomery. From that moment on the two characters seem to have high chemistry between each other; from encounters in the bar bathroom to the many trials and tribulations that the two have gone through in the course of their relationship history. Soon after the first introduction of the character Ezra Fitz we find out that he is the new English teacher at Rosewood High School which makes the relationship aspect between the two seem extremely sketchy. However, even though I do not condone teacher/student relations, I truly thought that Ezra Fitz had deep feelings for Aria. Ezra was always there for Aria whenever she needed help or guidance and seemed like a pretty stand up guy.

At the end of season 4A it almost seems like the character of Ezra Fitz has gone and did a 360 with character development. He has seemingly changed from the timid nice guy to the person with anger issues and who lives a creepy double life. His personal interactions with the girls almost seem completely off from how he acted in the first 3 and 1/2 seasons. I personally have no idea where he gets all the energy to spend all day teaching and all night stalking and planning tortures for the 4 girls.

So far it has been revealed that Ezra Fitz is the notorious "Board Shorts." It is revealed that this nickname is most likely from the beer he would drink when he would spend time with Alison Dilaurentis (Ali). I'm going to be honest here I feel like the relationship between these two is much more creepy then the one he has with Aria. From flashbacks of the character of Alison we have been shown that she is a conniving character and will do almost anything to get her way. She doesn't care who she hurts along her path. From this it almost makes me wonder what she did to Ezra. I do not believe that he was always like this, I believe that Ali must have done something terrible to him to make him the person that he is today.

So tonight Aria finds out the truth. She finds out that Ezra is "A." How will she react to this news? Poor poor Aria. Her heart is going to be broken into a million little pieces. It has always been said that the characters Aria and Ezra are soul mates. What do you do when you find out your "soul mate" is not who you thought he was? With this knowledge of the previous history with Alison does he truly love Aria? I hope these questions will be answered in tonight's episode.

Ezra Is A!

"At Least A Looks Good Without A Shirt On!"
"At Least A Looks Good Without A Shirt On!"

Who is Ezra Fitz?!

Who is Ezra Fitz?

This is a question many viewers have been asking recently while watching episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Is he the character we were first introduced to or is he this evil man who's only goal is to get Ali? Below is a list of WHO Ezra Fitz has been in the past and possibly will be in the future!!

  • Good Looking Guy At The Bar (Episode 1X01 Pilot)
  • English Teacher As Rosewood High School (Episode 1X01 Pilot)
  • Boyfriend Of Aria Montgomery (On Going)
  • Poetry Writer (Episode 1X04 Reality Bites)
  • School Play Director
  • Ex-Fiancee Of Jackie Molina
  • Hollis College Professor
  • "Z"
  • Theater Guy
  • Is A Fitzgerald Not Just Fitz
  • Has A Wealthy Family
  • Ex Of Maggie
  • Father and Then Not Father Of Malcolm
  • "A"
  • Gas mask "A"
  • Board Shorts
  • Alison's Ex

Can all these attributes lead him to become the evil and hated "A?" From watching all the crime shows I do it leads me to the question of motive? What is Ezra's motive for doing these things? What did Alison do to him? Did she hurt him in some way? Why torture the four girls if he is only interested in getting a hold of Alison? From what we have been informed of so far regarding the relationship between Ezra and Alison I can not seem to find a motive for his actions.

Pretty Little Liars "Free Fall" 4X20

Below is a preview for tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars "Free Fall." Tonight, the big reveal to Aria happens. Is Aria going to be able to believe that Ezra is capable of doing all the things that A does? Is Spencer's new habit going to bring down her credibility on the subject? Will Aria end up joining up Ezra to form a new A-Team? Will we have more interaction with Alison? Will we learn of the possible motive that is behind Ezra being A?

So many questions have been raised from this preview!


What do you think is Ezra Fitz motive for being "A"?

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Possible Motives?!

If there is one thing that I have learned from watching crime dramas and mysteries is there always has to be MOTIVE...

When the first "A" was revealed as Mona we understood that she had motives for the things she was doing. Alison did not treat the early Mona as a very nice person. She would often taunt and treat her rudely. When you were on Alison's bad side there was no way for redemption. Through everything that Alison had put her through and basically stealing her only friend "Hannah" it lead Mona to do the things that she did. It lead her to torture the girls to try to get back on Hannah's good side. Unfortunately, this did not work and there was a bigger void that was created between the characters. Mona's minions also all had motives for doing the things they did. Whether there be secrets that were hidden or actions that occurred to them to cause the hate for Alison and her friends.

When we found out that Toby was working on the A-Team there was also motives for his actions. He was trying to protect the girls and Spencer. Protection is always a definite good motive for actions that people do. When you have a sense of protection you will go above and beyond the normal to help the people you care for. This was why he started working with Mona and helping her find answers. He felt that by helping her he would be able to protect Spencer.

However, when it comes to Ezra Fitz, at this time there is no apparent motive. We understand that there was a previous relationship between Ezra and Alison but is that motive enough for him to want to kill or hurt Alison? When someone is missing or murdered they often first look at who they are close with specifically with significant others. When this is the motive for doing these things though there is often on specific incident that occurred to cause the break and anger, which leads to negative things. However, we have not been shown this. We have been shown that Ezra does have some anger issues but is it enough to cause the hate for Alison?

Where Does Aria Find Out About Ezra?
Where Does Aria Find Out About Ezra?
The Possible Reveal?!
The Possible Reveal?!

Some Information On Ian Harding

Everybody loves to learn a little information on the man who plays their favorite "bad boy."

  • Ian Was Born In Germany
  • Ian Is Afraid Of The Ocean
  • His First Role Was A Small Role In Adventureland
  • He Attended Carnegie Mellon's School Of Drama
  • Has Two Puppies

Memorable Ezra Fitz Quotes

"People Get What They Deserve...Eventually!"

"Life Isn't Always Romantic...Sometimes, It's Realistic!"

From -A
From -A


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