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Pretty Little Liars -- Was It Lucas?

Updated on January 9, 2012

I'm going to say upfront I think Lucas is a red herring. What he said and how he behaved seemed suspicious but it could have been something else entirely. The Pills are like Ana-Lucia on Lost when she shot Shannon; ready to shoot at anything that moves.

While Emily and Spencer faked their fight, Hannah and Spencer butt heads over A's phone. Spencer wants Caleb to help them with the phone, and Hannah is adamantly against it. But Caleb is brought in to download the stuff off A's phone, but kept in the dark, which he's not happy about. Unfortunately, the ever-resourceful A removes most of the stuff off the phone. The only thing Caleb is able to get access to, so far, is a creepy photo of four dolls. I believe they're the same dolls A sent to the Pills with orders on what they had to do.

Spencer goes to visit Toby and they end up necking in his truck until Garrett shows up wanting Jenna to open the door and talk to him. He calls her up on his cell phone and from what Spencer overhears it sounds like Jenna and Garrett brought someone new into their game, who may have been the person they faced off against in the greenhouse. When Garrett faces the truck, Spencer thankfully ducks out of sight and he's unaware that Spencer overheard his very incriminating phone conversation with Jenna.

Emily has to work at a telephone crisis line and the transcript the supervisor gives her to recite to practice on how to handle a caller makes her think that A called the crisis line. Spencer decides to go to work there, too, in hopes A may call back. The caller does call back and Spencer and Emily recognize the caller's voice as Lucas. They try to convince Hannah that it was Lucas, but she won't believe them.

Byron is really cracking down on Aria. He makes her change the clothes she's planning to wear to school. Ella is right along with him as she tells Aria she wants her to have limited contact with her friends and none with Ezra. Bryon also pays Ezra a visit and tells him to stay away from his daughter or he's going to the police. Aria, however, may have found a loophole in the form of an old family friend named Holden who her parents seem to be trying to play matchmaker with him and Aria. Methinks she'll be using Holden as a beard so she and Ezra can continue to sneak around together.

Jenna has blown Garrett off, perhaps now that she got what she wanted from him or because the Pills got out of trouble, once again. Garrett asks Toby if he was alone in the truck when he was talking on the phone to Jenna.

Spencer agrees to let Hannah have a surprise birthday party for Caleb at her father's lake house. While up in the attic looking for something, Spencer realizes that's where A took the doll picture, meaning A has been in her house. Just then Lucas shows up and Spencer is afraid to be alone with him and makes a hasty departure.

She tries to show Hannah what she discovered, but Hannah blows her off, too interesting in planning the party for Caleb. And when Caleb demands answers to what's going on, Hannah starts kissing him to get him off the scent.

Emily's at the teen crisis line when Lucas calls up, again. Emily is concerned when Lucas makes it clear he's about to do something and heads to Caleb's birthday party. She and Spencer try to find Hannah to warn her about Lucas, but she's gone out in rowboat on the water with him to finish up her preparations for Caleb's party.

When Lucas starts acting a bit odd, she ends up hitting him with an oar and knocking him in the water. As she tries to row back to shore someone grabs the oar and Hannah falls into the water, herself. While Hannah makes it back to shore, A is fishing a shoe out of the water.

Lucas had a thing for Hannah and he wasn't happy that Caleb had returned. The whole thing could have been about that. I'm not convinced Lucas was in cahoots with A and was the person at the greenhouse.

When Spencer was snooping around the attic I thought she would discover something that would reveal that Jason is her brother. That was one of the cliffhangers for the mid-season finale.


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