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Pretty Little Liars -- We Now Know Who Didn't Kill Maya

Updated on August 15, 2012

Do we also know how many members of the A Team there are?

They really need to rename Rosewood Lolita Junction. If Ezra/Aria weren't enough. We also got resident teen stalker, Wren, aka The Bird Man. Seems The Bird Man was really interested in pursuing that spontaneous kiss with Hanna a little further, only to be shot down twice. What's next? Will The Bird Man dress in drag and hit on Emily next? Probably not, since he appears to like to crush on teen girls that already have boyfriends. It's really getting too creepy for words.

The episode begins with Hanna moving a large flower pot on the front porch and finding a note Maya left for Emily on the porch on the night Maya died. The rain has faded some of the note, so the Pills don't know where Maya wanted Emily to meet her at.

Now that Hanna and Caleb are back together secretly and Caleb knows about A, Hanna has become the New Spencer as she obsessively tries to get a lead on who A could be and who killed Maya. While Spencer has taken a bit of a step back on the obsessive investigating because she's freaking that her GPA had dropped from a 4.0 to a 3.0. Hanna is going over Maya's website looking for something Emily may have missed.

Apparently, either they never went back to the video of Maya saying how she was scared and was going to face her fears that the Pills said they couldn't watch without Emily or it turned out to be nothing. I've accepted the constant use of suspicious people as red herrings, but now were getting red herring videos. I think that's going a little too far.

Hanna seems to have charge of the group brain this week as she thinks of printing out all the photos of Maya from her website out and discovers that Maya was standing in front of Noel's cabin in some of the pictures.

Emily definitely wasn't in possession of the group brain when she saw Nate harassing Jenna and was on Team Nate's side and blaming it all on Jenna because Jenna was so mean to him. I guess she forgot her bud Cece threatened Jenna and that's why she cancelled the date with Nate. Nate's lucky Jenna didn't call security to get him away from her.

Anyway, Emily and Hanna sneak into Noel's cabin, unaware they're being watched on a security camera. They find a secret room where someone was staying. Since Maya's bag is found there, Emily surmises Maya must have been staying there. She also finds the birthday card she gave Ali for her birthday, and surmises again that Maya must have found it and kept it.

And I also surmise A was staying there. A few episodes back we saw A going through Maya's bag for a bottle of pills. So if the bag was in Noel's secret room where Maya was staying; ergo, A was also staying there.

Anyway, the girls are suddenly trapped in the room. Emily surmises that it's Noel who did it. They find a way out, but Hanna stabs her leg and is bleeding badly. They also see that it was A and not Noel who trapped them inside, as written on a wall in red paint is the message, "I'm Saving You For Later -- A."

Spencer has a run-in with Noel at school and he seems to scare the crap out of her when he says he likes her thinking he's capable of being a killer. Later she gets a text, I'm guessing it's from A. I couldn't see what it said, but I'm guessing it was that now was a good time to search through Noel's locker, because Spencer heads to the boy's locker room. She pops the lock on Noel's locker and takes his cell phone. Then the boys return and Spencer hides. She puts Noel's cell phone back in his locker and is caught by Noel as she's trying to leave. Noel seems to figure out she was in his locker and was messing with his cell phone.

Spencer's at home when she gets an email she believes is from Noel as well as footage from the night Maya was killed. It comes from the security camera up at Noel's cabin. It shows Maya arriving by bike and sneaking into the cabin. Then Jenna and Noel arrive and go in the cabin. Then Maya comes out and is grabbed by someone. Because of the timeline stamp it proves Garrett didn't kill Maya, and Jenna and Noel are off the hook, as well.

The night Maya was murdered was a pretty busy night in Rosewood. Garrett was watching Jenna's house, so she took Page 5 to the police, and then apparently went out on date with Noel to celebrate finally getting rid of Garrett. Can you say cold?

Between watching Jenna's house and hanging with Melissa, Garrett also picked Maya up in his car and took her somewhere before he was arrested for Ali's murder at the Hasting house.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily were off sneaking into the doll hospital where they were terrorized to the point they finally decided to go to the police with everything they had. Only to be stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Garrett being arrested.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra was off in their isolated bubble having sex, while Mona was off in Brookhaven paying off the doll hospital lady.

When Hanna won't let Emily call Ashley or Caleb to help with Hanna's bleeding leg, she decides to call up The Bird Man aka The Teen Creeper. He stitches up Hanna's leg and seems to leave his hand on Hanna's leg a little too long. He also tries to move in for a kiss.and Hanna has to tell him to go. The dude is really coming off as incredibly pervy, especially when you think of all the times he's been hanging outside of Mona's room. Makes you wonder if he's been trying to play doctor with Mona, too.

On the personal front, Ezra and Aria are still having problems over the Maggie reveal and Ezra keeping his entire life secret from her. He tells her he located Maggie in Delaware. Aria is also shocked when she comes into Ella's class and sees her having a picnic with Zach and kissing him. She's even more shocked to learn that Ella's playing the field and dating several different men at the same time. Ella figures Zach is doing the same until Aria talks to him and tells Ella otherwise. So Ella fesses up to what she's been doing and agrees to give her relationship with Zach a chance.

Emily and Paige make a date, but when she arrives she sees Nate and Emily tonguing each other and leaves. She angrily knocks over some garbage cans. Then she texts Emily to say she's ill and can't make it. In school the next day Paige doesn't confront Emily and Emily doesn't confess to Paige what she did.

And A settles into her/his new abode. We see five hangars with hoodies on them. Does that mean there's five members of the A Team?


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