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Pretty Little Liars -- When Getting Jewelry Is A Bad Thing

Updated on June 13, 2012

Red A was in mood to give gifts of jewelry, but the recipients weren't made happy by receiving them. While a face from the past came back to haunt Aria. The question is could she also be a member of this A Team?

Emily is in class when she discovers a strange necklace inside her purse with a message written on it. She runs out of class and the other girls follow. They believe the necklace is made of human teeth. Aria is still for going to the police, while the other girls are against it. It becomes a moot point when the necklace gets dropped in a toilet and the automatic flush flushes it. FYI, the girls also burned all the pictures of them by Allison's empty grave. Per usual, they have no evidence of what A is doing to them.

Emily has other concerns. She needs to pass up a bunch of make-up exams or she's going to have to repeat her whole school year, all over again. Which will put her a year behind the other Pills. Aria suggests Ezra tutoring Emily, but she's really not comfortable with that idea. Aria is insistent and Emily finally agrees. Ezra suggests Emily listen to music the same way she does before a swim meet. The suggestion seems to work until she sees a student sitting in front of her adjusting her hair, which triggers a flashback. Emily remembers that Jenna was driving the car that she believes took her to the cemetery.

Spencer visits Garrett again. He's still pushing for her to get Veronica to be his lawyer. He gives her one clue. Someone's medical records lie. From that, Spencer suspects Jenna may be able to see. Especially when Jenna seems more clumsy as a blind person now than she was before. That's because she's faking being blind and hasn't gotten the knack of it, yet. The plot thickens when Toby shows that Jenna has renewed her eye drops and if the surgery wasn't a success, why would she need to do that?

Speaking of Toby, I find his how hot and cold attitude with her a bit suspicious. First, he's sticking to her like clue and being super protective of her, then he could really care less about her. I really don't trust him, especially after the whole Dr. Sullivan thing. Another of Spencer's men I don't trust is Ren. Does he have a thing for high schoolers, since he seems to have attached himself to Hanna pretty well. Also, why is he hanging out in the psych ward so much?

Hanna is continuing to visit Mona, but she's still staying moot. Hanna loses control and throws and chair and in shown to the door. In a fit of anger she threw her visitor's pass in the garbage and Mona eyed it with interest. Ren's there to offer Hanna comforting words about how even though Mona isn't dead, for Hanna it is like she's dead. He even tells her his father was mentally ill.

Caleb cottons on to the fact that Hanna's lying to him, again, when he catches her clock watching and she finally reveals she wants to visit Mona. He offers to take her there, even though he doesn't like it. She also quotes him something Ren said to her. Unfortunately, while Caleb is waiting outside for Hanna to come out, Ren shows up and says the same thing Hanna said to him and reveals that this isn't Hanna's first visit to Mona like she lead Caleb to believe.

Meanwhile, Aria gets a blast from the past when Byron's ex-lover, Meredith shows up to apply for a job at her school. If she gets the job, that means Ella will have to work side-by-side with the woman who had an affair with her husband. FYI Ella and Byron aren't just separated they're divorced. Aria gets another blast from the past; this time from Red A. Red leaves an ruby earring in Aria's locker for her to find. This causes Aria to have a flashback when she and Allison found the earrings in Byron's couch in his office and Allison said it was proof Bryon was still fooling around with Meredith. She then got Aria to trash her father's office to make him think Meredith did it.

Aria later receives a text from Red A telling her to go to Byron and confess to trashing his office and framing Meredith for it. If she doesn't, she'll send the other earring to the police. Having no choice, Aria fesses up to Byron, who insists Aria apologize to Meredith for what she did. When Aria does just that she learns Meredith and Byron are going to out together now he knows he judged her unfairly. She also tells Aria the red earring isn't hers. My guess is Little Ally D set the whole thing up to get Aria to trash her father's office.

Why would she do it? Power. It gave her something on Aria. Just like when she fixed the election and Spencer went along with it. It's like she wanted something on each other the Pills so she could control them. If they ever thought to betray her she could threaten to reveal their deepest darkest secrets much like A has.

I guess the biggest question is could Meredith be part of the A Team? It seems a little coincidental she shows up and then Aria has to admit what she did, which brings Meredith and Byron back together. Minus the blonde hair, she looked like she had the same build as the Black Swan.

Finally, a couple of the mother's of the Pills were behaving badly. Ella saw Emily had only half-finished her exam, so she finished it for Emily, so she got a passing grade. While she was helping Emily cheat, Ella acted like she felt someone watching her. And Spencer's mother Veronica ordered Spencer to never visit Garrett again. Of course, Spencer didn't obey her and when she went to see Garrett she found out Veronica was now his lawyer. As for Garrett telling Spencer what he knew, he was back to his smarmy self refusing to say a word because his attorney had told him to keep his mouth shut.

The earring Aria had, that she thought was Meredith's came into play as the Pills set a trap to prove that Jenna can see. They left the earring on the sink and watched as Jenna noticed it and picked it up. While Hanna wanted to go and slap Jenna again, Spencer says if they don't let on that they know Jenna's faking it they can set a trap for her.

Earlier, Jenna had tried to get Aria to come to her house and help her rehearse. The question is what does Jenna want from Aria? She also texted Aria at the masked ball and seemed to lead her to an awaiting Ezra.

I haven't been involved in the new mystery of who new A is. I think the five month jump in story left the story a bit disjointed. It would have been nice to see what happened in those five months. Like why the sudden divorce for Ella and Byron. Why was the Lost Wood Resorts suddenly up for sale and what happened to the wannabe Norman Bates? No crime happened at the hotel. The police weren't even aware of it's involvement in this mess. And how much did the parents find out that was being kept from them? What about why Melissa suddenly headed back to the city. I think not seeing all that played out has left me a bit detached from New A.

Speaking of New A, she was wearing her red coat. Is it the same coat Aria last had or is it a duplicate? She appeared to be mass-buying something, as the clerk asked if she was buying for a team.

I'm sorry, but every time I hear the phrase The A Team, I think of The A Team. The theme song starts playing in my head as I think of George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T and Dwight Schultz.

Here's hoping now that Caleb knows Hanna is still lying, he goes back to decoding those files he has on his computer. At this point we don't need another nebulous A doing things we have no clue why they're doing for. We need some answers to pull us into this A Team and just what their game is.


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    • profile image

      Halebfan 5 years ago

      Pretty little liars is far far far far better than the useless show tvd no wonder pretty little liars is on abc cause its really cool

    • unknown spy profile image

      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! watched every episode of it :)