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Pretty Little Liars -- Who Should You Trust?

Updated on June 18, 2013

Aria didn't trust her father as she pondered the possibility if he could have killed Ali. Hanna trusted Lucas even though he's been pretty shady in the past. And Spencer trusted she would easily beat Mona in a knowledge challenge.

The liars went back to retrieve Ali's diary, only to find they were too late. Not only was the diary gone, but so was Harold. However, someone was there. A hoodie wearing A-Team member. He ran out and Hanna recognized him as Lucas, but she lied to the other liars that she didn't know who it was. The sad thing is the liars could have had that diary instead of leaving it behind after Aria tore out the pages that concerned her father. This is a lesson one hopes they learn. You might not get a second chance to get your hands on valuable evidence. Take it when you've got the chance.

The girls go back to check on the diary pages that Aria snatched from the diary only to find them missing. While in the process of tearing Aria's room apart in pops Bryon and he amps up the sinister meter off the chart when he tells a little story about how Mike always used to want to steal Aria's Halloween candy, but Aria would always hide it in her boots. Byron smiles that he always thought that was a clever hiding place, before walking out the door. Once he's gone Aria is convinced Byron knows.

Things take an even more sinister turn when Aria hears Byron and Meredith arguing. She even sees Byron grab the spot on Meredith's arm where she got burned. Tracking Meredith down, she tells Aria she caught Byron searching Aria's room and produces the missing diary pages. She also reveals that Byron confronted her the night to Ali's murder and accused her of being in cahoots with Ali to blackmail him. Aria's getting pretty convinced her father may have killed Ali that night.

Unfortunately for Byron, the A's also know of the Byron/Ali connection and that the liars know, too. Last week, Toby had seen Aria grab the pages from Harold's hand. And since the A's left behind a fake diary to taunt the liars, they know the liars have the pages of Ali's diary revealing that Ali was blackmailing Byron. Even worse than that when Byron leaves his office to go off on a two-day conference, Mona is hot on his trail. Just what do the A's have in store for Byron? Does it have anything to do with the very bad way a A buried the Queen of Hearts and Marilyn mask Mona and another A was wearing on the Halloween Train? Could they be planning to use them to frame Byron somehow?

The guy's bike that an A sabotaged last week was the captain of the Academic Decathlon, which Spencer happens to be a member of. Guess who pops up to announce she's joined as a new member? Why, Miss Mona. When they learn the group needs a new captain to replace the injured old captain both Mona and Spencer decide to vie for the position. They have a knowledge face-off. Mona lulls Spencer into a false sense of security and makes her think she's about to choke, when it's Spencer that ends up choking and Mona is named the new captain. This event plus a cock-and-bull story Lucas tells her caused Hanna to tell Mona she knows she's still A and wants nothing more to do to her.

Everyone I've seen online seems to be buying the bogus tale Lucas sold to Hanna as the truth. Me, I don't believe a word he said. This dude is just too shady to be believed. Like he claimed he was the one who blew-up the shed to try and scare Mona. But how was it scaring Mona when Meredith was the one lured into the shed and the one who got hurt? What he said made no sense. He also claimed he hasn't spoken to Mona in months, yet he knows she's been sneaking out of Radley and she's been supposedly blackmailing him? He also claimed he's going to be home schooled and he's now out of the A Team and made Hanna think it was Mona who tried to run him down with a SUV.

If Lucas was lying, as I believe he was, why would he do it? Because I think the A's are worried if Hanna and Mona continued to be friends, she might turn on them for Hanna. When Mona was tipping off Hanna and Aria about Maya's website, the A's had secretly recorded every word she said to them, like they wanted to make sure they could trust her. Now that Lucas successfully helped to get Hanna to turn on Mona the A's have nothing to worry about in that regards, anymore.

Lucas also seemed to be trying to suggest some connection between Mona and Jason while making himself out to be Mona's innocent victim. I suspect it was Lucas who contacted Jason for information on Ali's death to claim the reward so he could pay off his gambling debts. But by casting a doubt on Jason being involved with Mona if Jason claims Lucas gave him info no one will believe him. That may be why Jason is suddenly hanging around Mona.

I doubt the A's would give Lucas one of their prized hoodies if Lucas had been blackmailed to do Mona's bidding like he claims. However, Lucas may have told a partial truth. Perhaps Meredith was lured to the shed to scare her into helping them set up Byron. She accused Aria of luring her there, so why would she get upset at catching Byron searching Aria's room for proof of her suspicions. And why has she suddenly become Aria's new BFF? Maybe she made a deal with the A's to prove to Byron she was innocent of trashing his office so she could have another chance with them. However, when the A's realized the liars were suspecting Byron of killing Ali they wanted her to help set-up Byron and she refused, until they lured her to the shed and blew it up. Bryon wouldn't be the first person they tried to set up. They were also trying to set up Paige for Maya's murder.

Speaking of Paige, she revealed to Emily that ever since Nate kidnapped her and what happened on the Halloween Train she's afraid to even leave her house. When she and Emily go for a walk in the woods, Toby slashes the tire on Paige's car. Emily gives chase and almost catches Toby until Paige convinces Emily not to chase him anymore. Is Paige faking being scared and did she help Toby get away or is the whole A thing becoming too much for her to handle?

I thought this was a great episode and Byron was really the MVP of the episode. He really added a sinister quality to Byron when he was trying to make nice with Aria as she was watching a movie where Rosalind Russell suspected Robert Montgomery of being a killer. Definitely parallels of their own real-life situation. Then when he benignly mentioned knowing where Aria likes to hide thing and the pages were found missing, he seemed as sinister as Robert Montgomery in that movie. Finally, there was the whole fight with Meredith. It brought to mind things both Ella and Mike had said in the past about being afraid what Byron might do. Ella didn't want Byron to know Mike hit her for fear of what Byron would do to him and Mike told Aria he punched Ezra when he told Byron he and Aria were dating because he was afraid what Byron might do to Ezra. The whole Ali/Byron thing has really added layers to the character of Byron. Good work.


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