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Pretty Little Liars -- Who Will The BetrAyer Be?

Updated on August 21, 2012

Would Marlene King have the balls to make it one of the liars?

For weeks ABC Family has been promoting this big betrayal coming up on Pretty Little Liars. Since the Pills are the central characters, one has to presume the betrayal involves someone betraying them. Of course, the most shocking betrayal of all is if one of the Pills was doing the betraying. But would Marlene King really have the guts to do that? It's highly unlikely, but each Pill could potentially be the betrAyer.

Spencer -- In the last finale, as Mona was taking Spencer on that wild ride, she made Spencer an offer: to become a member of the A Team. Since Mona was working with someone who had told her what to do, could that person have approached Spencer and inducted her into the A Team? It's probably highly unlikely, but so far Spencer really hasn't been threatened by A. In fact, A has kind of been using Spencer as her partner in crime to clear Garrett of all the charges leveled against him. First she left a bread crumb trail for Spencer to follow to the antique shop to find the anklet that cleared Garrett of Ali's murder, and now Spencer has receive a video [supposedly from Noel Kahn] that proves Garrett couldn't have murdered Maya, either.

Aria -- In seasons past, Aria seemed highly suspicious as she wasn't really getting any harassment from A, while the other three Pills were getting it with both barrels. This season began with Aria looking out the window of Spencer's house. Was she looking at Ali's house next door or was she looking for someone? Recently, Mona seemed to display a strange hatred for Aria, when we saw nothing happen between them to really explain why Mona would hate Aria. In short, what could Aria have done to make Mona hate her? If it was something Aria did to Mona during her Ali Rat Pack Days, then why didn't Mona really target Aria when she was A? There was also Jenna's strange interest in Aria. At the masked ball, Jenna texted Aria and was following her when Aria found Ezra waiting for her. And when Jenna was still pretending to be blind, she wanted Aria to come over her house. Jenna claimed she was pretending to be blind to find out who tried to kill her in Jason's house. Did she suspect it was Aria? Finally, it was Aria who was encouraging Hanna to tell Caleb the truth about what was going on. I can't recall without rewatching the episode, but did any of the other Pills know Hanna was planning to tell Caleb the truth? If not, how did A know to run Caleb's mother off the road to scare Hanna into not telling Caleb the truth, after all?

Emily -- Emily has been A's primary target this season. She was the first one A texted. And things with this A didn't start up until Emily came back to town. Two big questions is how could A have managed to sneak drugs into Emily's flask when she was carrying it on her person and how did A manage to sneak that tooth necklace into Emily's purse? There's also been a couple of moments when Emily has acted a tad bit suspicious. When she learned that Hanna had told Caleb A was back she was extremely upset about it. And when they were searching Melissa's apartment, she took down a book from a bookshelf that contained a yellow sticky note inside, but instead of returning it to the bookshelf, she left it on the coffee table, while telling the other Pills to be sure to put everything back. When Melissa entered the first thing she noticed was the book on her coffee table, which she placed back in the bookshelf. Could that have been some kind of signal?

Hanna -- Despite all the Mona has done to her, she really hasn't deserted her. When Mona sent her the code that revealed Maya's website, Hanna was convinced Mona was trying to help them and she was afraid of someone. Could Hanna go so far as to betray everyone if it meant protecting Mona?

Betrayal generally suggests someone you trust turns on you or stabs you in the back. Which leads to the Pills boyfriends, who seem the next likely to be on the suspect list.

Toby -- In the last few episodes of last season Toby came off incredibly shady. First off, when he returned to town, he seemed to be devoted to Jenna. Since he left town before Jenna did, just how and when did they hook up? Then Dr. Sullivan came back to town revealing A has threatened her and that's why she left town, but Toby had found her and convinced her to come back to town. How would Toby know to go looking for Dr. Sullivan and how would he be able to find her? And if Dr. Sullivan was so afraid of A, why would she open up to Toby? Dr. Sullivan herself came off pretty shady, herself. We saw A hand Sullivan an envelope full of money, something she didn't mention in her story of why she left town. And she arrived conveniently at the scene of Mona's accident so she could give her phony-sounding diagnosis and to safely lock Mona away in a mental institution. Toby was also the one who gave Spencer the bottles of eye drops so Spencer would be clued-in that Jenna was no longer blind. When Spencer wouldn't tell him what was going on, he left town vowing to find out. However, when Spencer heard from Toby next he was supposedly doing an out-of-town construction job.

Caleb -- Caleb sent Hanna a text from A, to get her to admit A was back. Caleb has been the one who helped the Pills hack into the cell phone files and into Maya's website. If he's the betrAyer, it would indeed be a shocking betrayal. Caleb was recently seen sporting an expensive sweater and car. He said his mother gave it to him, but could he have been the one who Jason met with and gave the reward to for giving him information on Ali's death? And what about the accident Caleb's mother got in? If A wanted to stop Hanna from not telling Caleb the truth, wouldn't it have made more sense to cause Caleb to have an accident instead of his mother? A had to travel to Montecito to do it. Is it possible that the accident served two-fold? To get Hanna not to tell Caleb what was going on and to induct Caleb into the A Team? By getting Hanna to tell him the truth, it puts Caleb within the inner circle as the only boyfriend who really knows what's going on.

Ezra -- He's been acting a bit shady this season, as well. Actually, Ezra's shadiness seemed to start in the last finale when Jenna texted Aria and followed her and Ezra was waiting for Aria. Was it just a coincidence? Could there be some connection between Ezra and Jenna? He didn't want to go to Jenna's birthday party and we never heard what Jenna and Ezra had to say to each other at the party after Aria walked off. Ezra also had a drawer full of money. Could he have been the one to claim Jason's reward? Supposedly the money came from selling a car, but if that was the case, why wouldn't he put the money in the bank. And if the money came from selling the car, why did he initially lie to Aria that he had money because of some job as a copy writer that he took?

Other possible suspects:

CeCe Drake -- She showed up in town and for a moment the Pills thought it was Alison back from the dead. She's quickly ingratiated herself with Spencer and Emily. With Emily, she called up and threatened Jenna so she wouldn't go out with Nate. And with Spencer, she helped her get into the university she wanted to get accepted at. Strangely enough, CeCe has yet to meet Hanna.

Jason -- Spencer initially suspected Jason as the one to kill Ali. Since finding out he's her brother, she's bonded with him and even seems to have come to trust him a bit. When Jason got into a car accident, Spencer even protected him. Jason met with someone to pay them the reward for information on Alison's murder. He was also the one who knew how to find the antique shop where Spencer found Ali's anklet. After the accident, Jason left town. Could he be the betrayer?

Wren Kingston -- The young doctor seems to have a taste for high school girls. He was after Spencer for awhile. It seems like he's been living outside of Mona's room, since every time Hanna has come to visit Mona, he's there. And he's ingratiated himself into Hanna's life via Mona. He even tipped Hanna off when Mona was going to be sent away so they could put a stop to it. Does he know more than he seems? Is it possible he's the one who placed the Queen Of Hearts card in Mona's hand when she was restrained? Could he have even been the one to have run Caleb's mother off the road? Did he do it hoping Hanna would think it was A's doing in hopes Hanna would break-up with Caleb to protect him?

Nate -- He suddenly showed up claiming to be Maya's cousin, but there seems to be something off about him. He couldn't give Emily the address of Maya's parents when she asked for it. He seems to have memorized every last detail about Maya like he was in love with her or something. Jenna got a taste of his nasty side when he tried to force her to accept a gift from him. Before she died, Maya was being harassed by a guy who wouldn't take no for an answer. Could that be Nate and did he come to town wanting to get close to Emily, the person Maya picked over him?

Paige -- There always seems to be something a little bit off about Paige. Even though she knew Emily was involved with Maya, she kissed Emily. She also suddenly showed up at the masked ball and got Emily to agree to be friends with her, almost like she knew Maya was dead and out of the picture. Recently, when she caught Emily kissing Nate, she pretended she had to cancel and didn't confront Emily about what she's seen. She, however, was very angry, as witnessed by her playing kick the trash can as she stormed away.

Lucas, Jenna and Noel, as well as Melissa and Meredith, are people that the Pills don't really trust. And you really can't be betrayed by someone you don't really trust.

It's really hard to call who the betrayer might be since we don't know the context of the betrayal. Does it have something to do with Maya's murder? Or does the revelation of Maya's killer lead to the betrayal?

Right now, for some reason, I'm going to say it's Emily. It would truly be shocking if the one that seems to have been victimized the most is the betrayer.


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