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Pretty Little Liars -- Why I Love The Toby Twist

Updated on September 10, 2012

Spencer and Toby shippers are trying to spin the reveal that Toby is a member of The A Team into something positive so they can have their happy ending. They're trying to say he really loves Spencer and he's a double agent trying to help the girls. Me, I'm hoping that isn't true, because this twists totally changes everything we thought was true and makes it something else entirely. It makes you have to go back to what you though you knew and see it in an entirely new way. It's what a good twist should do.

Like I said before, I haven't trusted Toby since the whole Sullivan thing last season. What he and Sullivan were selling made no sense. Sullivan was terrorized into leaving town by some teenager and then another teenager she'd never met before showed up on her doorstep and gave her the strength to come back and face the teen that had terrorized her. And just how did Toby find her or even know to look for her?

Now that we know he's a part of the A Team, it all makes sense. It was Toby in the diner with Dr. Sullivan giving her money. It was Toby the waitress called, "Pretty Eyes." It makes more sense for the waitress to be saying that to a man instead of a woman. A waitress wouldn't say something like that generally to a woman. That's more something a waitress would say to a man hoping for a bigger tip. And the reason Toby was able to convince Sullivan to come back, is he's the one who convinced her to leave. He paid her to go somewhere and that's how he knew where she was.

Toby has played some pretty sick mind games with Spencer when you think about it. As a member of the A Team he had to know all about the dolls Spencer, Hanna and Aria received. He knew she'd been ordered to break up with him. And if my memory is correct, when Spencer went to do as she was ordered, he even told her he'd had a close call when something went wrong with his brakes. In retrospect we have to wonder if that was true, or if he just said it to make her think A had already tried to kill him because she was dragging her heels about breaking up with him. Then after she dumped him, when she got arrested, he came to the police station showing his love for her. Although, you have to wonder if he was secretly laughing over the game he was playing with her.

It had to be the same situation when he fell from the scaffolding. He had to know that the scaffolding had been tampered with and he staged his fall so he wouldn't get too hurt. As Emily told him the tale about Wren he had to know why she was doing that; so he'd give up on Spencer. After leaving a goodbye letter, Toby left town, to do God only knows what. But when he returned, it was on the arm of Jenna. He later explained he had to pretend that he hated herm but he didn't have to do it on the arm of Jenna.

He had to know how crazy it would drive Spencer to see him with Jenna and that may be why he did it. There were things Spencer should have picked up on and been suspicious of like how would Toby know to go looking for Dr. Sullivan when the liars may not have mentioned to anyone that Sullivan was missing. But on Toby's side was Sullivan singing his praises as the brave young man who convinced her to return to town to face down the Evil A, when he most likely was the one who got her to leave town in the first place.

There's also all the times Toby is so helpful and gives Spencer information that points a finger at Jenna as being the culprit behind all the liars problems. Like helpfully giving Spencer Jenna's eye drops so she'd suspect Jenna was faking her blindness. And it was also most likely Toby in Jenna's car texting Emily hoping she'd recall Jenna had her in her car the night Ali's body disappeared. And the reason A didn't fall into Spencer and Hanna's trap was because Toby went to the party with Hanna and figured out it was a trap.

Anyway, I congratulate the writers on a fantastic twist. It does what a good twist should do. It makes you have to go back and see things in an entirely different light. No Toby scene already seen can be taken at face value. This twist also changed sweet Toby into a multi-layered and possibly very twisted individual.

Again, congratulations Pretty Little Liars. This is the first time something hyped has lived up to the hype. This truly is the ultimate betrAyal.


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