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Pretty Little Liars -- Wilden Pushes Ashley Too Far; And She Pushes Back

Updated on February 21, 2013

Original Airing: February 19, 2013

In this episode Hanna’s big mouth gets Ashley into some very serious Wilden trouble. It’s why when you know something, you don’t blow your mouth off to the person you know it about. When Wilden’s getting in their face, Hanna tells him they know was involved with Ali. Later, Hanna and Ashley see Wilden forcing Cece to get in his car with him. Later, whatever Wilden said must have scared her, because she’s packing to leave town. Before going she says she suspected it was possible Wilden might have murdered Ali and that the night Ali disappeared she was frantic about some videos and Melissa wanted those videos more than anyone else.

Next up on Wilden’s list is Ashley. He comes to bother her while she’s out eating at a restaurant. He even tries to get her to drink some wine. When she leaves he follows her and pulls her over for driving under the influence when she didn’t touch any of the wine. Ashley seems to snap when Wilden starts threatening Hanna, and she runs him down with her car.

When Hanna finds Ashley sitting in their kitchen in a state of shock, they go back out to where the scene of the crime happened and Wilden’s body is missing. They also don’t seem to realize that Wilden’s patrol car may have caught everything that happened on tape, meaning if A gets their hands on it they’ll have both Hanna and Ashley by the throat.

Emily and Hanna strong-arm Paige to let them go with her to the costume shop while she talks to her friend Shana. While Hanna distracts Shana, Emily goes through her files and emails the records of those who rented the Queen Of Hearts costume to herself. Later, Emily confronts Paige about the truth about her relationship with Shana. Turns out while Emily was off building houses during the summer trying to deal with Maya’s murder, Paige had been dating Shana, but says it was only because she couldn’t have who she really wanted.

Ezra was back and so was his mommy. Aria didn’t mention the kiss that happened between her and his brother. She also wondered why he didn’t even contact her while he was gone. Ezra revealed that his mommy paid Maggie to keep the truth from him. Later, Mommy Dearest has her revenge on Maggie for telling Ezra when she calls up Ezra to tell her Mommy Fitz is selling her apartment out from under her and she may not have anywhere to live. Guess who’s coming to Rosewood.

I know Ezra and Aria are supposed to be this great couple, but they’re so boring not to mention a pretty bad one. And Aria and Little Fitz aren’t any better.

Spencer decides to do a do-over with Wren and they go out on a date. They even share a kiss. Melissa tries to warn Spencer that Wren is bad news. I’ve got a bad feeling that Wren is another A-Teamer who is trying to get involved with Spencer, and that’s really too cruel for them to try and do this to her twice.

Later, when Spencer is taking a sauna, she’s trapped inside as the heat keeps rising. She sees a message printed on the steam in the mirror about her getting involved with Wren and thinks this was done by Toby because she was going to hook up with Wren. Lucky for Spencer, Aria comes by saying she got her text. It sounds like the A’s sent another fake text. Apparently this is enough for Spencer and she’s finally going to tell the other girls the truth about Toby.

She should have told the truth about Toby after what happened to Emily in the elevator, since she was pretty sure Mona hadn’t done it. And that’s kind of my problem with Spencer as she’s been wallowing in her pity pool. While I feel bad for her because of what the A’s did to her, at the same time by keeping quiet about Toby she’s putting her friends lives in danger. Toby attacked Hanna in that store and probably went after Emily in that elevator and she knew it and kept quiet. She knows these girls trust Toby and by not giving them a head’s up, anything that happened to any of them because of Toby is her fault for not thinking enough of them to warn them of the potential danger they could be in from Toby. Only when she’s the one whose in danger from Toby does she finally decide to open her mouth and tell them the truth.

Hopefully, with Spencer finally outing Toby things will finally pick up. And for the love of God, I hope Emily and Hanna also warn Caleb and Paige about Toby, as well.


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