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Pretty Little Liars -- Wine, Wine And More Wine

Updated on February 21, 2013

Original Airing: February 12, 2013

It was kind of a status quo in this episode. Ezra was still AWOL. Spencer was still acting out. And Emily stepped up to the plate to drive the investigation and try to figure out what was going on.

Hanna had a bug up her butt about getting Caleb together with his Uncle Daddy Jamie. She even got Ashley to talk to Ted about giving Jamie a job in Rosewood. However, she begun to have second thoughts when she put some money with a dice etched on it in the poor box at the church and later saw Jamie with it. Did Uncle Daddy already steal from the poor box?

Ezra was still MIA, so Aria spent her time with Little Fitz. He was going to move out of Ezra’s because Mommy Dearest had discovered where he was. Aria offered to let Little Fitz bunk in her bedroom. Little Fitz may have gotten the wrong idea and laid a big wet one on Aria, and afterwards he disappeared.

Cece was coming off more shifty than usual. She blew Emily off when she questioned her about Ali possibly being involved with Wilden. Then she got Aria to photograph some items for her at the store and made an excuse to leave Aria and Little Fitz together. Later she called lying that she’d lost her car when she was sitting inside her car. And Jason recalled coming to long enough the night Ali was killed to see her and Cece having a conversation together.

Even though Spencer has been blowing off all things educational, she was shocked when she got kicked off the Academic Decathlon. Spencer challenges Andrew to a strip trivia contest to try and get him to change his vote so she can stay on the team. Andrew looks close to losing since he’s nearly lost all his clothes when Emily drops by and Andrew takes the opportunity to make a hasty exit.

When Plan A doesn’t work, Spencer enacts Plan B, when Mona sends Wren over to Spencer to give her aid and comfort. [I’m sorry, but didn’t this ring any warning bells with Spencer? Isn’t she the least bit suspicious of the ties between Mona and Wren?]. Anyway, Spencer gets Wren to take her to where the Academic Decathlon is having a meet and when Mona starts taunting Spencer about having no friends, Spencer snaps and jumps Mona, trying to strangle her.

I have to say watching Mona constantly winning over Spencer isn’t interesting to watch. If it had been Jenna doing that to Spencer, I’d actually be rooting for Jenna. With Mona, I just wanted Spencer to snap her scrawny neck so we could be rid of her. She’s just a one-note character who doesn’t have any dark history with Spencer to make it even fun watching her constantly winning over Spencer.

Emily tried to do damage control over what Spencer said to Jason, but Jason wasn’t buying it and said what Spencer said didn’t shock him in the least. Emily mentioned to Jason about seeing a picture with Wilden at Cape May at the police station. And when Emily went home with Jason they found someone had set rolls upon rolls of bottles of wine all over his porch. Jason said if Ali wasn’t dead, this is exactly like something she would have done to him.

Jason also reveals to Emily that he doesn’t think Mona is his friend. That he’s using her. He thinks she’s a link to finding out who dug up Ali’s grave.

Jason tells Emily that Ali had a picture from Cape May that she used to make a photo collage for their father. They go to Mr. DiLaurentis’ office and find the photo collage and in it the photo shows Ali, Wilden and Cece.

When Emily and Jason are leaving the building in the elevator, it suddenly starts going up and then stops. Jason gets Emily out of the elevator safely, but before he can get out the elevator drops to the bottom. Jason’s fine, but suffers a neck injury. He now thinks someone is out to get the NAT Club members.

This is enough to get Spencer to join the group, but then Jason disappears from the hospital before Spencer can talk to him.

Meanwhile, two A’s have the liars pictures taped to four bottles of wine and their playing Spin The Bottle. When the bottle lands on Aria, they turn it so it’s on Spencer’s bottle and drink a toast from the Spencer bottle.

There were quite a few scenes with wine. The bottles left all over Jason’s porch. The bottle that spilled when Cece left Aria and Little Fitz alone in her shop to photograph items for her. And the ending A scene.


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    • thebiologyofleah profile image

      Leah Kennedy-Jangraw 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Nice recap, I agree with your point about why Spencer is still trusting of Wren since he is connected to Mona. At this point you'd think they wouldn't trust anyone outside of their group of four.

      The thing about Jason mentioning he was only using Mona didn't make sense. There was a scene of her tending to his wound on the side of his stomach, which the audience is led to believe was the injury Aria made with the screwdriver while she was in the box with dead Garrett. So we are supposed to believe Jason was just playing along to get info from Mona but in the process was ok with helping to dispose of Garrett and injury/potentially kill Aria as well? Then he asks all surprised when they try to take him out too?