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Hairstyles from Pretty Little Liars

Updated on August 6, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Summary

Pretty Little Liars is a teen show on ABC Family about 4 tennagers, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emiley who are friends sharing the same mystery. When their queen bee Alison disappears, they all break apart when one day they start receiving text messages which threatens to expose their secrets. All the text messages have "A" as the sender and they think that the messages were from Alison. But only when they keep receiving messages even after Alison's death, they realize that somebody else knows their mysteries. The second season would probably revolve in the girls finding who that person is.Check out the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 blog for more info.

Straight doesn't suit Spencer

Emiley 's signature hairstyle

Shaly Mitchell as Emily has a face so long that straight hair with faint curls towards the bottom makes it only more oval. My opinions on one side, it really surprises me how many others with the same face-cut as Emily's follow the same style. In a multi-protagonist show like Pretty Little Liars, creating a unique yet natural signature hairstyle is definitely a challenge.

Emily- Subtly long

Loose curls

This is better than the first one. The loose curls highlight the hair better.

Hanna- SIgnature hairstyle

Hanna- Tiny Pony


Hanna's hair

Hanna Marin played by Ashley Benson is given a peculiar hairstyle in Pretty Little Liars. Oh! What do I call her hairstyle as! Maybe a front tuft cut and a back layer cut. 

How to do Hanna's hairstyle in Pretty Little Liars

1. Comb hair to make it free from tangles which makes it easy to pull some hair whenever needed.

2. Take and hold up a strand of hair of the same size as the one which is falling down, from the border of the hairline. Once you have separated this strand of hair, pull down the next string of hair from the border of the hairline. This is the highlight of Hanna's hairdo. She doesn't bring down the outer strand. It's always the next strand which prevents her hair from falling down.

3. Now for the rest of the hair, take a part of it and put a pony.

NOTE: This hairdo looks good on curly hair too, but not for a wavy hair.

Spencer- Beautifully Braided

How to do Spencer's sided french braid

Sided french plait

This is just a conventional french plait done sideways instead of center. I read many blogs where people didn't like it much. But according to me, this is the neatest and cutest braid in the history of TV Series.

Hanna at her worst

When asked me what hairstyle I hate the most about Pretty Little Liars, it would be this. I really don't recollect in which episode she had this style, but all I can say is that it makes her look horrible. Thank goodness Hanna has a hair dense enough to cover her scalp. For those with thin hair, it will make your forehead too big. Her funny attire here needs a dedicated hub to discuss about!!

Aria at her best

Ariya-Rich curls

Beauty queen of Pretty Little Liars

Now comes the beauty queen of Pretty Little Liars! She is the only Pretty Liar with a round face and any hair style which involves a long hair will suit her. Her signature hairstyle is my favorite look. I have more of curly hair and wasn't really sure I would reach somewhere near this style. All I did was this and I got a really good look!

1. Straightening your hair helps if your hair is not really straight. A straight hair is very important to create this look.

2. Make sure you shampoo your hair the previous day. If your hair is very delicate and thin, use a volumnizing shampoo when you wash your hair.

3, Cut your hair in layers in such a way that, the layer of hair in front is long enough not to fall on your face.

4. Partition your hair in one side and use the curling iron to twist ends gently so that it creates sharp wavy twists.

5. Make sure to reproduce the same smile as Lucy's.


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