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Price of Fame

Updated on March 14, 2017

The Breakdown.

"What is the price of fame"? A question asked by many but answered by a few. The multi-media/ entertainment business is a very brutal and demanding industry with various offerings, you can either be infront or behind the camera and even theren there is just so much you can do. I myself am a new comer in this industry and i have had to learn the hard way how brutal and unforgiving this industry is, i have always had a deep routed passion and love for the entertainment business and since primary school i have always loved acting,singing,writing plays, hosting, dancing and just being "go to guy" when ever people needed the entertainment. I abandoned my love for the industry to pursue a more "appropriate" career, well atleast thats how my parents saw it, i went into marketing which was truely boring but taught me alot especially since i wanted to be an entrepreneur and have my very own company that mainly focused on the arts. Soon after graduating i followed another life passion of mine which is cooking, i registered into one of South Africas top culinary institutes where i did a 2year diploma in cookery which got me some huge success and taught me alot of life tricks and skills which i still use to this day. In the kitchen i would always entertain the chefs and scullers with my crazy impromptu performances and crazy dance moves which inturn got me the name "Chowder" which has stuck with me ever since. The kktchen staff was always amazed and they would aways tell me that i was not meant to be in the kitchen and i should be on their television screens instead, i always took this lightly until one day i had the honor of having a sit-down with one of South Africas most respected personalities Mr Tbo Touch, now for those of you who do not know who i am talking about, Tbo touch is one of South Africas most expensive radio personalities and he has gone on to partner with another wealthy radio and television personality Mr Gareth Cliff and they have started their own online radio station called Touch Central. I had the honor of meeting this legend due to a colleague of mine setting up the meeting, it came as a huge shock to me but i loved every single moment of it and his insight was really, well insightful. I decided to rethink and re-evaluate my love for the industry and i then decided to travel the road and try worm my way into the big leagues, I had no idea the rough road i was about to encounter, the road where prayer, trust, self belief and tough skin are the way of life the rules and regulations of this industry are just way to immense and the reuirments are just ridiculous. I have been told i am way too big and i need to loose weight to i have no talent but i never let those get to me because believe me i have heard alot more in the kitchens i have worked in, so instead of crying and giving up those words actually built me and i decided to open up my laptop and start sharing my encounters with those who have been told the same things as me, to those who have been declined by managers and agencies, to those who have been robbed off their self worth and belief, to those who have spent money trying to make their "big break" and yet still accomplished nothing and finally to all those who feel like quitting is the only route for them to go, i beg you dont let them win because they may have the money but money is nothing without talent and i am telling you those doors will open soon enough. I have knocked on so many doors, i have been ripped off by false agencies and i have lost alot of money chasing my dream, but at the end of the day trust in god and believe in yourself, there is no shortcut to reaching your dream, nor is there an easy way to climbing the ladder of success we all have to just take it one step at a time and wait for our turn. So what is the price of fame? Can you answer it now? Well i say The price of fame is simply Blood,Sweat, Discipline and Dedication.

I trust that this article will help motivate all those who want to pursue the multi-media/entertainment industry. This is a true story that i, myself have and currently am encountering i have knocked on over 150 doors in the media and entertainment industry of Johannesburg and none have opened but i still have not given up hope because i believe in myself and my talent and quitting is not an option.

Sibulele Vuso



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