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Could Prince's Pain Killer Overdose and Many Others Have Been Prevented?

Updated on June 5, 2016

The autopsy report regarding musician Prince's cause of death has now been released. It turns out, like other known celebrities, Prince died from an accidental overdose of prescription pain killers. The performer had been in pain for years due to previous injury, and like others he became dependent on the drugs.

If several celebrities have died from prescription drugs, how many deaths go unheard of in the US? Do we need to see a new process introduced regarding the way doctors prescribe pain killers and other addictive drugs? Do we also need to have a pain killer detox program once the body has repaired itself to stop the addiction taking over?

In the past 20 years abuse of opioid pain killers have doubled - As shown this article shown on the drug abuse website: - Many questions are still to be asked, and with the current US healthcare reforms many resolutions need to come to fast reduce this inflated abuse statistic, especially when doctors are feeling pressured to prescribing pain killers according to articles like this


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