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Prince Philip on the Road to Queen Elizabeth

Updated on November 14, 2011

Prince Philip would marry in 1947, the next Queen of England, Elizabeth II. He was a lucky guy. in fact, he WAS a totally lucky guy for most of his life. His beginning in life are bizarre in origin. His father was King George I, not of England, but of Greece. The family name was Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg, and his father took the vacant throne in Greece in the mid-19th century. He would rule Greece for 50 yrs. The Greek royal family was really Danish!

King George I was murdered in 1913. Philip's older brother, Andrea, never would become king. During the war between Greece and Turkey from 1919-1922, he fled from the battlefield, captured and court martialed. Philips immediate family were banished from Greece and they escaped to Corfu where they were rescued by the British. At that time, Philip was just only 18 mos. His mother was Princess Alice Battenberg who was near deaf and a religious zealot. As years went by, Alice began to have visions that she was Christ's bride. She was declared a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to an asylum by force. Philip would see little of her during his growing up years. Being so young, no parents, he was handed off to family members to raise on a frequent basis. His older sisters would all marry German princes and in the 1930's were part of the German SS or Brownshirts. Philip also had a Russian side, the Grand Duke Serge, who was blown up by a terrorist bomb and Aunt Ella, murdered by Bolsheviks in 1917.

By 1935, he was 14 yrs. He was attending German school. When some of the teachers were exiled to Scotland by the Nazis, Philip, simply followed them there. When World War 2 broke out, he was 19 yrs. It was at this time he declared he was English and entered into the Royal Navy even though he was of German descent. Up to WW2, his life had proven to be a non-starter as to his goals. He had turned into a young man hardened by a lack of love, no parents, and handed off from family members. He admitted to his friends that he was rude, unmannerly, abrupt, and would say things he later regretted.

WW2 gave him focus and he was a courageous officer numerous times while under enemy attack aboard ship. It was his mother's brother, Louis Dickie Mountbatten that constantly harassed the younger Philip to woo Princess Elizabeth. Philip thought he had zero chance for anything to happen in name of love. He was near broke at the time. While it was not love at first site, Elizabeth was smitten, at her end.

Because of the German ancestry in his background, none of his three sisters were invited to the wedding. Winston Churchill did not trust Philip. As they say, some finally get lucky-heck, if there is anyone who could confirm this, Prince Philip can.


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