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Prince: The Hero Music Deserved

Updated on May 2, 2016

What made Prince great was his originality. There will never be anyone else like Prince, and it amazes me how many people he has influenced through the years. He inspired many careers, not just his own. He did this because he genuinely cared about the success of other people. He genuinely had empathy for those around him who were struggling and did not have the drive that he did.

I will always remember Prince for his originality. There was so much to Prince's talent that inspired me almost my entire life. My favorite album of course being Purple Rain. In my opinion it is the best album ever done. The risque nature of some of the songs is something that only Prince could get away with at that time. No matter what it was, people wanted to hear it. He was always looking for new ways to reinvent his older stuff, and still make it better. A good example of that would be his Super Bowl performance of Purple Rain. That was phenomenal. It is amazing that he could take something that was already original in its own regard, and still make it better.

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