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Princess Diana Death Twenty Years Ago Was Murder Or Accident As New Witnesses Emerge?

Updated on August 29, 2017

Princess Diana Shown Before Tragic 1997 Death

British Newspapers Now Claim Evidence Not Examined At Time Of Deaths

Several British newspapers recently carried banner stories that some stones may have been left unturned during the initial investigation into the violent deaths of Princess Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed during a tragic night on Aug. 31, 1997. The official investigation ruled the deaths were accidental. However, questions have recently been raised by Fleet Street newspapers in London.

According to the British press, the investigation into the stunning death of Princess Diana may have ignored powerful evidence which didn't dovetail with the official version espoused by the investigation.

London Solicitor Gary Hunter Eyewitness Account Ignored

The statement of London solicitor Gary Hunter was ignored by the original investigation, according to the London Express newspaper in an article published today Aug. 25, 2017. Hunter and his wife Theresa were reportedly staying in a Paris hotel on that fateful night when he was awakened by the sounds of two crashes, instead of only one. Although Hunter died in 2004, an affidavit containing his statement is still available today.

Hunter further stated it appeared to him there were two cars involved in the crash/crashes rather than only one. Both the vehicles reportedly fled the scene and neither has been found since.

Hunter went to the window of his hotel room and was able to see the two mystery cars fleeing the scene shortly after the collision/collisions. The London Express reported Scotland Yard has recently re-opened its investigation into the dark death of the lady so close to the English throne.

Rogue SAS Plot Involved In Deaths?

The London Express further referred to the mother-in-law of an SAS officer who reportedly confided to her the death of the once fairy princess was ordered by a particular person whose named was deleted from the story. Scotland Yard launched a probe four years ago after the ex-officer, known as Soldier N, was said to have told his wife that a special forces hit squad flashed a light to blind Diana's driver and caused her death crash...using a method employed to combat terrorists.

That soldier went missing days prior to the time he was scheduled to be interrogated by police. He later surfaced. Soldier N's claims about Diana's death were first received by police in July 2013 after the court marial of SAS sniper Danny Nightingale.

The two men were both arrested in 2011 when officers raided the house the soldiers shared. Illegal ammunition and guns were found.

Soldier N was sentenced to years' incarceration for his part. Nightingale was found guilty and given a term of two years suspended. In late 2013, the Metropolitan police claimed there was "no credible evidence" of secret service involvement and dismissed allegations SAS troops were behind Diana and Dodi's deaths.

Mohamed Al Fayed Makes Allegations

The father of Dodi Mohamed al Fayed asserted his son and Diana were murdered by an establishment fearful at the idea of a Muslim wed to a royal. A friend of the former owner of the iconic Harrod's said recently, "Mohamed remains confident that information will emerge confirming his belief that Dodi and Diana were deliberately killed by the security services.

The grief stricken father still contends, "My son was slaughtered" and he asserts that because he believes " the Establishment would not permit a Muslim to be married to the woman who would be the mother of the future king."

What Motive Exists For Murder?

Diana's death, even if unwished for, benefitted the royal family, and especially Prince Charles, according to an article in the July 29, 2017 Daily Beast. The article was written by Tom Sykes and read as follows: "It's hard to imagine Charles ever having been able to marry his long term lover Camilla Parker Bowles,, let alone make her queen, had Diana lived. Diana herself suggested in a letter that is in the public domain that Charles was planning to kill her."

The article went on to quote Diana as writing, "This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous--my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injury."

Why Did Ambulance Carrying Injured Princess Stop On Way To Hospital?

The fact the ambulance actually stopped for several minutes on its way to the hospital has always raised suspicions among many. The official version was that the hospital was stopped beecause, 'We had to find out why there was such a drop in the blood pressure. We were afraid that would lead to cardiac arrest. It's very hard to resuscitate a patient in those conditions whilst the ambulance moving."

The late writer Noel Botham argued in his book The Murder of Princess Diana, argued that medical norms would see one rushing to the hospital....just a few minutes fast as possible rather than trying to administer treatment in the back of an ambulance.

New Book Describes Cover Up Of Controversial Death

Princess Diana's tragic death was a "cover up", an insider has claimed in a book set to be released on the anniversary of her death, according to an article in the Express.

The book entitled Diana & Dodi : The Truth, says it will lift the lid on the events of August 31, 1997. The author is Michael Cole.

Cole, who was director of public affairs for the then Fayed-owned Harrods, alleges he sensed a cover up story from day one. He said after first believing it was an unfortunate accident, he was surprised when things started to happen which seemed strange.

Witness account backs up other reports

The eyewitness account of Gary Hunter includes his claim he "was watching TV in a Paris hotel when he heard an almighty crash and ran to the window," according to an article originally carried by the Sunday Times of London and later by the New York Daily News. He further was quoted as saying, "I heard the screeching of tires. I saw a small dark car turning the corner at the top of the road. I would say it was racing at 60 to 70mph. It looked quite sinister."

He said the mystery car appeared to be a Fiat Uno or a Renault. This account is consistent with two other witnesses who claimed they saw a Fiat Uno at the crash scene.

Witness Gives Evidence To Lawyers For Dodi Al-Fayed

Hunter provided details of his witness account to lawyers for the family of Dodi Al-Fayed, who died in the crash with the princess and chauffeur Henri Paul. Al-Fayed's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones buckled his safety belt shortly before the crash, according to the London Mirror. While badly hurt, Rees Jones did survive the horrendous crash. He told investigators he couldn't remember what happened during the fatal event.

Last Second Photo Of Death Car Shows Trevor-Rees staring into blinding light.

Bodyguard Trevor-Rees, in front passenger seat, looks concerned second before the fatal crash.  He was only occupant to survive. Driver  Henri Paul (right) has a twisted grin on his face as he's blinded by flashing light.
Bodyguard Trevor-Rees, in front passenger seat, looks concerned second before the fatal crash. He was only occupant to survive. Driver Henri Paul (right) has a twisted grin on his face as he's blinded by flashing light. | Source

Butler Paul Burrell Recipient Of Letter From Princess Diana Prophesying Her Death

It was October 20, 2003 when butler Paul Burrell revealed he was the recipient of the letter Diana wrote only months before she was killed that she believed her husband was planning her death. Dodi, 42, and Diana, 36, were in the back seat of their Mercedes when it crashed in Paris. Burell said he released the letter in the hope it would lead to an inquest and a thorough investigation.

Attorney Stanley Culberth Is Another New Witness To Death

Retired lawyer Stanlee Culbreath believes emergency service delays and "other forces" were behind her tragic death. He reportedly was one of the first witnesses to the scene of the horrible deaths. His criticisms included that it took an "insurmountable time" for emergency services to reach the crash site, according to a recent article in London's The Sun newspaper.

The counselor further said he didn't speak out earlier out of respect for Princes William and Harry. He elaborated by saying it took an "insurmountable" amount of time for emergency services to reach the crash site.

Other pertinent questions he raised to the Mirror were, "Why did it take 20 minutes or so to get to her and when she was finally released from the car, why did they pass one hospital and take her to another?"

Culbreath, of Columbus, Ohio, was in Paris on August 31, 1997 with two friends. During there late night sight-seeing tour and their taxi returned them to their hotel via the death tunnel known as the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel. They were among the first on the scene.

When the three gentlemen arrived at the scene right after the crash, they weren't aware that Princess Diana, 36, her lover Dodi Fayed, 42, her driver Henri Paul, 41, and bodyguard Trevor-Rees Jones, now 49 were in the death car.

The tourists stayed in the tunnel for around 15 minutes, and there was no sign of an ambulance when they left. The lawyer said he didn't even hear the sound of a siren when he was there. One police officer was there at the car in which Diana was dying. He prevented the tourists from approaching the car of doom.

He added significantly, "After 15 to 20 minutes there was still no paramedic on the scene. I was pleading with the officer to open the looked like it could be pulled open. He wasn't doing------. He wasn't doing anything."

The American also noted that "a junkie on Main Street would have got better treatment."

Why would the officer prevent people from rendering assistance to the dying occupants of the vehicle?

Death Car Shown Where It Was Forced Into Pillar Killing Princess Diana And Others

Third New Witness Saw Crash In Tunnel

Moroccan beauty Souad Mouffakir, 33, kept silent for six years about what she saw because she was scared she would also be killed, according to Prison Planet. She was riding in another car in the tunnel that fateful night when she saw through the back window a Fiat Uno driving up very fast "to us in the outside lane. But rather than hurtle past, it slowed down so we were side by side."

She further said, "It was very strange behavior and I got frightened. The white car was only centimetres from ours. I stared over to the driver and I will never forget him. He had a very strange expression like his mind was thinking about something else. His whole manner was odd and it troubled me."

She described him as being Mediterranean, short with wiry, long and dark hair.

She explained she told her ex-husband to drive away. He did and it was then they heard the horrible crash and saw the Mercedes forced into a pillar. She had no idea it was the death car of Princess Diana. She saw the chauffeur thrown into the steering wheel and realized he was killed quickly.

Lady Diana Killed In This Tunnel Moments Before Crowd Gathers

Photo of people gathering in tunnel shortly after tragic crash which took Diana's life.
Photo of people gathering in tunnel shortly after tragic crash which took Diana's life. | Source

Witnesses Saw Bright Flash Blinding Princess Di's Driver

Several witnesses have testified to seeing a bright flash which blinded Princess Diana's driver and contributed to the fatal crash, according to articles in the London Express newspaper which has been aggressive in pursuing the case. American tourist Brian Anderson told detectives that he saw a bright flash in front of the Mercedes. Frenchman Francois Levistre also claimed he saw a bright flash which probably blinded the chauffeur.

Princess Diana's Death Still Unresolved

As more new witnesses emerge over the years, many people around the world who loved Princess Diana wonder if the truth regarding her death will ever be made public. The fate of many famous people over the years remains clouded in mystery. Will the British and French governments who originally investigated this case be willing to re-open their investigations? One would think that with new witnesses appearing on the horizon, no longer afraid of being killed, that a new investigation would be initiated. It may depend upon the will of the public to demand new investigations before anything further will be done. Only time will tell.


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