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Princess for Hire 2!!! Disney Birthday Spectacular!!!

Updated on June 29, 2010

True Enchantment Entertainment Presents..........Princess Marissa Amy Kelly

The True Enchantment Entertainment (TEE) family is growing with new characters popping up left and right it was hard to decide who to feature next. However one character seems to stand out above the others and that is Marissa Amy Kelly who is the lovely young lady who has taken on the role of The Frog Princess. With The Princess and the Frog being the newest Disney Animated Feature to come sweeping into little girls tv sets it seemed perfect for TEE to cash in on the new Princess!

When I was a little girl Little Mermaid and Cinderella were hot on the movie scene but Disney has now given a new generation of little girls a princess to look up to. Frog Princess is a strong and beautiful new heroine and Marissa Amy Kelly seems to portray the new Princess perfectly! She has truly been brought to life.

The Princess at the Party!

If your child is a fan of the new Princess then I can let you in on a few things that you might expect during your Princess Visit. For birthdays she will open presents with you and teach your party guest a thing or two about the Charleston, what little girl doesn't like having a dance with their favorite princess.

Also as all of TEE Princess's come with a helper ,This Princess is no different, she has her best friend Ms.Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff tagging along to help with anything the Princess needs and to just help enhance the Birthday experience.

How to bring the Princess to your Little Girls Party

For More information about True Enchantment Entertainment and booking Princess Tiana for your Parties please check out their website


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    • profile image

      UNKNOWN 2 years ago

      DISNEY considers Mulan a princess so she is but this girl looks like


    • profile image

      UKNOWN 2 years ago

      I forgot Mulan wasn't a princess but it is disney

    • profile image

      UNKNOWN 2 years ago

      You should always stick to the character especially her complexion. This princess should really be Mulan and then they should hire a dark skinned person to represent Tianna. Why do people forget Mulan they act she never existed for parties but she fits that princess very well.

    • profile image

      keith 3 years ago this Tiana isn't "black enough?" Our society is hopeless.

    • profile image

      heather 4 years ago

      i am looking into this and need to know how much cause i want it for my daughters birthday party

    • profile image

      Taylor 5 years ago

      I have to complelty agree with the Jasmine, she's not being racist Its just the fact that Tiana is a dark skinned black girl. People that's not black don't really see what's the big deal because they're not the ones who had to look out of place when they wanted to be a princess for Halloween but notice there weren't any black ones. Or as a teen girl looking for a part time job and Is about to try to apply to be a princess entertainer but realizes that its only one black princess and its probably taken by tan people or this asain girl above. Don't get me wrong she is beautiful, but why cant she be just black. A light skin girl wouldn't be acceptable either!

    • profile image

      Jennifer/ Brittany 5 years ago

      Um I understand where everyone is coming from but we not going by how society is looking at we going by the movie! Tiana in the movie is darkskinned/Black therefore, the party character should be exactly how Tiana looks. For example when u go to disney world they make cinderella look exactly like the movie u don't see a black girl in Disney world being cinderella. Exactly!!

    • profile image

      jasmined 5 years ago

      Considering I'm about to throw a princess Tiana birthday party I wouldn't hire her. Just like someone previously said... You wouldn't get a mixed girl to play one of the white princess. So for better business I would suggest a dark skin African American to be hired.

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      This girl isn't black and Tiana is.....kinda messed up that you didn't hire a full black person.

    • profile image

      TB 5 years ago

      I love this company! All of their princesses are absolutely perfect, including this Tiana. I only wish I lived in the States! About the copyright issue do they get away with singing the princesses songs from the movies at the parties without licensing??? Those ARE copyrighted!

    • profile image

      Dee 5 years ago

      I agree with Jasmine. Princess Tiana is dark skinned. if the company wants to provide a Princess Tiana make sure they are dark skinned regardless of the ethnicity. I think some families would be highly upset if a black or even light skinned Belle or Cinderella came to their child's bday party. It's not about race, it's all about being professional and giving the customer what they asked for...Tiana, Belle, Cinderella, etc, just as they are portrayed in the movie.....that's just common sense!

    • profile image

      brittany 5 years ago

      first off all we finally got a black princess so y is these grls playn her (im jus sayn)

    • profile image

      Super Mom 5 years ago

      what number can I call to get Princess Tiana for my daughters B-Day in Feb

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 6 years ago from Never Never Land

      No Disney Licensing since they technically call the princesses by different names on the website and if your in the LA or San diego area please check out the website to find your favorite princess

    • profile image

      Aimee 6 years ago

      OMG TEE is Amazing!! But how are they doing this without getting sued? Do they have Disney Licensing? Would Love to hire them for my baby's 5th birthday

    • profile image

      Dee 6 years ago

      You are right. she is not African American but I am. She is Asian, she is brown toned, she is beautiful!!!! I wouldn't think twice about hiring her. She looks much better than lots of AA playing the role of Tiana.

      I believe that a person does not have to be a certain race to act a certain character. Cross-over is good. America needs it. Way to go Tiana. Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Skylar 6 years ago

      Can you please post pictures of Lottie too?

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      Thank you so much for the lovely post about our frog princess! But Jasmine, as the owner of True Enchantment, I'm sorry to tell you that the actress who plays our Frog Princess is half Black and half caucasian. Even in the 1920's, when the movie is set, there were several generations of intermixing of the races. History and genetic testing proves this. Even Chris Rock has caucasian ancestors yet he remains very dark in skin tone. Over time and genetics our skin tones can lighten, darken, appear more red, more yellow etc. Even in the movie Tiana's skin is quite a bit lighter than her parents. Regardless of that little history lesson, Nowhere in our actresses heritage is there any asian background that she knows of. That being said, I'd completely welcome ANY ethnicity to play ANY characters with us if I feel they are the right person for the job. Been to Disneyland Lately? Almost all of their Princess Jasmine's and Pocahontas's are of caucasian background. Their most popular Jack Sparrow is of Latin american descent! I welcome all types, and I choose who I feel best fits the parts. Like any job in entertaining, you must be cast first. Our Frog Princess remains the most beautiful I've seen yet, and that is my honest, un-biased opinion. Princess Love!

    • profile image

      Kristina 7 years ago

      It seems to me that "Jasmine" is exceptionally racist. Who cares what ethnicity the actress is? If the child who wanted Princess Tiana for her special day is happy, that is all that matters. There is no justification for the obscene comment you left, this is a professional business and as such, it is the company's job to hire actresses based on their capability and skill, NOT the color of their skin or ethnic background. Furthermore, the woman is obviously not "Tiana". Princess Tiana is a cartoon characterm not a real person. Way to be.

    • profile image

      jenniferveser716 7 years ago

      haha nice hub. Real cute!

    • BrennaR profile image

      BrennaR 7 years ago

      Her costume is soooo pretty! I wanna get that dress and just wear it around the house! lol

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 7 years ago from Never Never Land

      WOW jasmine ,first of all she IS half black and i think her blend of different ethnicities makes her even more beautiful . Also this isn't my company I just really support what they do and I think they do an amazing job with costumes and bringing an entire event together. Obviously you have some serious issues about it but that is your own opinion which is soooo negative you can please just keep it to yourself.

    • profile image

      Jasmine 7 years ago

      She's NOT BLACK! Princess Tiana is suppose to be the World's 1st BLACK Princess & she isn't Black..This lady is Asian, dnt put out a Princess Tiana & NOT show her TRUE COLOR HICH IS BLACK!! NO LONGER WANT YOUR SERVICE BECAUSE OF SUCH DISLIKE AGAINST BLACK PPL IT SEEMS YOU HAVE!! EITHER MAKE HER BLACK HER STOP SENDING HEr TO PArtieS. That's NOT TIANA!