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Fox TV Prison Break - Watch Prison Break Streaming Downloads

Updated on March 11, 2011

Since Prison Break finished its run, you can no longer officially watch the show online for free, at least not on the Fox website or on Hulu. But if you want to just download Prison Break episodes or watch Prison Break streaming, that's easy enough to do. Your best bet is to just get the episodes from either Amazon or iTunes.

Amazon's Video on Demand service has all four seasons of Prison Break streaming. You can use their service to either stream Prison Break episodes online or you can download Prison Break episodes to your Windows PC or your TiVO DVR and watch them on your television. You can check out the Prison Break store to see what's available. Individual episodes cost $1.99 each or you can just sign up for the whole season.

Now that Prison Break has finished production and aired its final episode on TV, you can also catch up with it on DVD. All four seasons of Prison Break are available on DVD or on Blu-Ray. You can pick up the multi-season box set of Seasons 1-4 for about $140.00 and free shipping.

Prison Break on DVD or Blu-Ray

Prison Break downloads & streaming

Prison Break Season 4
Prison Break Season 4

Watch Season 4 of Prison Break with Amazon's streaming video on demand service.


Prison Break Season 4

Season 4 of Prison Break debuted with a two hour season premiere on September 1st with a non-surprise returning character -- Dr. Sarah Tancredi. She was featured in all the promos for the new season so I'm sure it wasn't a surprise to anyone that she's back, but I do find it a bit surprising how quickly Michael and Sarah were reunited. I figured at least three or four episodes would be devoted to working towards a reunion.

So now the whole gang is together except T Bag and he'll be along soon to spoil Michael's plans. In the meantime, we have Lincoln, Alex, Sucre and even Bellick all working together. Yes, I'm sure this will all work out splendidly!

No More Head in a Box

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Previously on Prison Break

Previously on Prison Break, stuff happened. You can read about season three below if you need to catch up!

Prison Break season 3

I have to admit I groaned a bit during the season 2 finale of Prison Break with Michael landing right back in prison again with couple of his least favorite friends. But season 3 has been such an improvement over the crapfest of season 2, that I'm really enjoying the show again.

I'm enjoying it even more now that Alex Mahone is shooting up and has thus returned to his rightful place as the badass that Michael needs to be most wary of. The man is smart, crazy, but smart and he was one of the few saving graces of season 2.

So now that I'm having fun again, let me give a rundown of where the guys are at this season.

WARNING: There be Spoilers Below!


Michael's behind bars again, this time in Panama at the worst prison in the world. This prison's so bad, the guards don't bother entering. Michael is now on a mission to break another prisoner, Whistler, out and he's only got 7 days to do it or Sarah and Linc's son will be killed. 7 Days you say? But that will barely get us to February sweeps. Relax! This is Prison Break.

They've already failed to escape and now we're on Plan B. Also, Michael just found out that...

Hahaha! Not telling you yet! Keep reading.

Worst aspect of Michael's story arc for the season: he never takes his shirt off because they obviously didn't want to keep putting that fake tattoo on him. Damn it!


Lincoln's on the other side of the bars and has to liaise between Michael and the kidnappers. Yes. Lincoln has to help Michael. As you can imagine, this is not going well. Michael is basically screwed because Lincoln is a lunkhead. So far, he's botched his rescue attempt of Sarah and his son and oh yeah, he's been keeping crucial information from Michael. Until, of course, he was forced to reveal that...

Nope! Not telling you yet! Keep reading.

Worst aspect of Lincoln's story arc: every single thing he does.

Alex Mahone

Alex was behind bars with Michael this season and I could not be happier. Oh wait, I could be happier. I'd be happier if they hadn't spent the early part of the season having Alex walk around the prison in a haze of drug withdrawal and I'd be happier if he wasn't completely underused and I'd be happier if he wasn't completely ineffectual.

And I am happier that, thanks to T-Bag, he is now shooting heroin and therefore more like his own self. Only Alex Mahone would function better on heroin. I love this show! I love William Fichtner!

Now though, Alex is out of prison and I am creating the dead pool for his fellow FBI agents. Would anyone like to take a bet on which episode one of them dies in and which one will get it first?

Best aspect of Alex's story arc: he's out of prison and he's going through drug withdrawal and he's pissed *laughs gleefully*

Can you tell who my favorite character is?


He's in prison with Michael too. I have hated T-Bag for two full seasons and have spent most of that time wishing him dead, dead, dead. But this season he is actually useful. Who gave Alex heroin? That's right. T-Bag gave it to him. That makes up for all that, umm, other bad stuff he's done. Sorta.

So T-Bag is in prison and as T-Bag does, he's always looking for an angle so he's now the trusted sidekick of the prisoner who runs the prison, Lechero. He put T-Bag in charge of the drugs!

Brad Bellick

Also in Sona Prison. Being his usual irritating self. Michael, as smart as he is, still hasn't figured out that he should never open his damn mouth when he is within earshot of Bellick. Michael still hasn't learned either that before opening his mouth, he should check every crany and hidey spot for Bellick. Damn it!

Basically, Bellick is annoying as ever and I wish he would DIE. But as far as the plot goes, he's just there.

Time for a Wentworth Miller break



Oh Sucre, you dopey romantic. By some miracle, Sucre is not in Sona. He was planning on trying to make his way back to his girl, but now he is helping Lincoln helping Michael. This is like the blind leading the blind. He's taken a job as a grave digger. He's also been bribed already to have stuff snuck into Sona.

I fear it will end badly. Oh wait, I don't fear that at all. I hope it ends badly.



Yep, Sarah's dead. She's been dead for weeks, but Michael has only just found out. Lincoln hid the bad news from him. Michael flipped out when he found out. The repercussions are not even close to being over. Oh Prison Break, just when I think I can't take it anymore, you kill Sarah and fill me with joy!

Prison Break Season 3 Promo Photos

Prison Break on DVD


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