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Prize winning Slogans

Updated on June 10, 2011

Prizewinning slogans

I have been interested in competitions for a long time now and have subscribed to many publications aimed at helping me win "The Big One".

I have to admit that I still have not done this yet, but I have had a lot of fun with this hobby, winning smaller items which have certainly helped me out along the way, everything from Childrens toys, to Household goods.

I shall be adding prizewinning slogans as I go along to help others who may be experiencing "writer's block".

Read on and enjoy, But please remember that if you find anything here you like, please feel free to use and adapt it. (Rating this lens is also an option!!)  

You have to be in it.........

Most people are frightened to enter competitions because they don't know what to write in the tie breaker section, Constant competition winning is all about persistance and technique as there are various styles to choose from and I shall discuss them later in this lens.

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    • profile image

      PinkCoconutIce 5 years ago

      Hi. Glad I came across this Lens. Do you have a website? If so we could exchange links as my site would be a good place to put a winning competition slogan site to link to. Regards sonia.

    • Swisstoons profile image

      Thomas F. Wuthrich 7 years ago from Michigan

      The title of this lens caught my eye immediately. Years ago, before I became a cartoonist, I wrote gags for cartoonists and greeting card companies. My sister-in-law alerted me to a cartoon caption-writing contest by the now defunct Saratoga Cigarettes Company. Though the rules required merely describing the cartoon the caption was intended for, I drew a rough cartoon for each of the five captions I submitted (including three empty Saratoga wrappers along with each submission, as I recall). And six months later, a Grand Prize check for $5000 arrived at my house. That was in 1978...when $5000 was still a big deal. So, I can tell you from personal experience...these contests do pay off! (Once in a while, at least.) The experience also encouraged me to draw up my own gags and submit them to magazines. Thumbs up on this interesting lens.