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Professional Wrestling: How to get real enjoyment out of a not so real sport

Updated on November 9, 2017

With so much fake in the world today, why does pro wrestling always seem to get the short end of the stick? Perhaps it deals with the days of the early 70's and beyond where wrestling was perceived as legitimate sporting contests, only for the truth to be brought to light many years later. Regardless of the fact, tuning in to a pro wrestling show can provide amazement to the viewer with all of the athleticism taking place. Why not start watching right now?

Find a promotion that you like

When people first think of pro wrestling, they may think of some of the few big mainstream companies out there. However, those companies are only the beginning when seeking out a promotion that you want to begin watching. Promotions all around the country are building credibility with television deals and doing everything to try and make their programming the best. Japan, Mexico, and the U.K. are all places featuring many promotions with a wide variety of talent. It would even be wise to check Facebook and upcoming events in your area to see if there's a promotion or event close by to where you live.

Once you've found a promotion, support it!

A great way to continue your fandom is to help your favorite promotion thrive. One way to do this is buy tickets to shows or special events that the promotion is holding. Watching wrestling on TV is fun, but being up close and personal to the action is an amazing experience. Some promotions are even expanding to the online world, providing paid streaming services to fans. These services usually offer live Pay-Per-View events and archives of past shows put on by the promotion. These services provide a way to catch up on things you've missed if you've just started watching. If you start to develop an interest in a wrestler, do a little research and see if they have an online store. Many wrestlers sell their own merchandise, including things like t-shirts, DVDs featuring them, and autographed 8x10s. This is a great way to connect with and show your support for your favorite wrestlers.

Use social media to your advantage

When I first started watching wrestling, I was the only one among my group of friends to find enjoyment in it. That was, until I discovered the large amount of wrestling fans on social media. Using websites like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, I was able to talk with fans just like me about all of the various aspects of pro wrestling, including some that lived in my town! I was even able to connect with some wrestlers from different promotions across the country through their Twitter pages. Many wrestlers use their Twitter accounts as a way to talk with fans who may not be able to attend shows in person.

Have fun with it!

This might seem like a given, but many long time fans tend to forget this part. Wrestling is one of the most fascinating forms of entertainment and provides a great escape from the troubles of the real world, so have fun with it. Don't worry about which matches are the best and worst of the night or complain that your favorite wrestler isn't being portrayed in the spotlight, just sit back and have fun.

Four simple steps and you're on your way to becoming a passionate wrestling fan. If you've never had experience watching professional wrestling before, it may take some getting used to, but rest assured I think you'll enjoy the payoff in the end.

Here's hoping that you enjoy watching the adventures of the squared circle!

© 2017 Ryan Moberly


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