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Profile of David Tennant

Updated on March 7, 2015

Born on the 18 April 1971, David John Macdonald was raised in West Lothian, Scotland, his father was Presbyterian minister. He was the youngest of three siblings; while he was growing he would watch his favourite television program Doctor Who. At school, Tennant developed an interest in drama and regularly took part in plays. He told his teacher at school that he dreamed of one day of becoming an actor and especially playing Doctor Who. Still at school he played a small role in Glasgow Health Board‘s Anti-Smoking films which featured in schools and on television.

When he was sixteen he was accepted into the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama after successfully passing the audition. For the first time in the academy’s history he the youngest actor to be accepted. He continued his studying drama at the Academy for the next four years and graduated at the age of twenty. When he tried to join the Actor’s Equity Union, he discovered that there was already an actor called David Macdonald and changed his surname to Tennant. He decided to take the surname from Neil Tennant lead singer of British Pop group, The Pet Shop Boys. His first role, when he left Drama school, was playing a manic-depressive patient in the British television series ’Taking over the Asylum‘. Returning the stage he appeared in a number of Shakespearian plays, ‘As you Like it‘, ‘Comedy of Errors’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet‘. Tennant keep persevering at his film and television career, he landed a role in Stephen Fry’s film ‘Bright Young Things‘. His next film role was in Mike Newell’s ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher got stoned‘. A high profile actor, Tennant was now becoming a household name in England as a talented young actor. Tennant’s childhood dream was about to become a reality when the BBC producers, asked Tennant to become the tenth Doctor Who. Christopher Eccleston had left after just one series after falling out with television producers. Taking over the role of an established actor like Eccleston was difficult; however Tennant brought his own personality to the role. It wasn’t long before he became one the recognisable actors on television. After five years as the Timelord, he decided not to run the risk of being type casted and passed the keys of the Tardis to another actor.

After the leaving the role that made in a household name, Tennant was more in demand than ever before. Returning once again to Shakespearian roles once again he appeared in the ‘Hamlet’ in the lead role at the RSC. In 2009, Tennant received high acclaim for his performance of Hamlet for which he won the Critics award for the Best Shakespearian performance. In 2011, he starred in the television show ‘Single Father’ which became a hit show. The same year he returned to the stage again in ‘A Much A Do About Nothing’ again receiving rave reviews for his role. In January, the same year he married his long-term partner Georgia Moffett, an actress whom he had a daughter within March. In May, 2013, it was announced that Tennant and Rosamund Pike would both star in ‘What we did on our holiday‘. Written by the writers of the BBC series ‘Outnumbered‘, filming has already begun and the film is due to be released next year.


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